Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Mr. Garcia thought about how he should answer before he slowly said, “I admire Ms. Daugherty’s design concept. She has implemented a brand new programming method, which breaks down traditional coding modules and combines them into a new coding rule. I think it’s very challenging.” Duke nodded, and his gaze was filled with admiration.

He was also involved in programming, and he was confident that there were less than three programmers in the world who dared to design a plan like that. Adina was indeed impressive.

He threw the proposal back “There are advantages to taking the challenge. The first draft is set for now. Continue keeping tabs on this project.” After Duke spoke, he went to the CEO’s office.

Jake patted Mr. Garcia’s shoulder. “Mr. Winters cares about this project very much. If you do well, maybe you’ll be promoted!” But Mr. Garcia chuckled in resignation.

Mr. Winters was not an IT person, so he naturally did not understand the hidden risks.

Mr. Garcia, on the other hand, had been in the IT industry for a dozen years, and he

completely understood the intelligence market. The design would not work. When expectations were high, the process of executing a plan would put people in a helpless situation.

Mr. Garcia returned to the Technical Department with a bitter expression, just in time to meet Brayden Herbert, the department’s deputy manager. “Mr. Garcia, why do you look so gloomy? What happened?” Brayden asked with concern. “Brayden, how many projects do you have right now?” Mr. Garcia stared at him and asked. Brayden stroked his chin. “I just have a server maintenance project, and it’s going to end soon. I actually wanted to ask you if there were any projects you could distribute to me.” “This is Project A-F, the smart car project for the next season in Winters Corporation. I’m handing it to you. Just ask me if you don’t understand anything.” Mr. Garcia threw the document to Brayden before he turned around and went back to his office. “Thank you, Mr. Garcia!” Brayden said happily. Once Mr. Garcia returned to his office, his assistant came forward and asked, “Mr. Winters purposely handed you the project. If you let Mr. Herbert take over, won’t it make Mr. Winters unhappy?”

“The server in Winters Corporation needs an update and upgrade. That’s the most important thing for the company,” Mr. Garcia said indifferently. “Brayden has pretty good skills, but he

doesn’t have sufficient experience. Taking charge of Project A-F will allow him to learn and approach many things. I’m giving him a chance to train himself.”

“Mr. Garcia, you’re really generous. You’re always thinking about training the subordinates,” his assistant said in a flattering manner. Mr. Garcia silently pursed his lips.

Project A-F was destined to fail. It would be better for him to use this time to do something meaningful.

Brayden was still young, and experiencing more failures would help him stand better on his own two feet.

Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office, just as Duke sat down in his chair, his phone on the table vibrated.

He glanced at the incoming call, and his cold, fierce expression became gentler. “Mom, why are you calling me at this time?”

While it was morning locally, it was noon in Ascrialia, and his mother would usually be having lunch right then.

“Have you made a decision regarding the thing I previously mentioned to you?” Mrs. Winters asked nonchalantly as she had her afternoon tea.

Duke massaged his forehead. “The children are living a good life here. If you miss them, you can move back here.”