Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 155

Chapter 155 “Ms. Daugherty, you’re already running a program designing company at this age. You’re really young and capable.” Mr. Garcia and Adina shook hands, and he greeted her with a compliment. Adina smiled and said, “It’s thanks to my friend’s help, or else it would’ve been so smooth sailing.”

Ethan had helped her find a place for her office and also introduced a few of the programming staff in the company to her.

If Ethan had not helped her, her studio would still be a mess at this point.

Mr. Garcia secretly thought that she might not have merely received help. Perhaps she was just the general manager in name.

However, Mr. Garcia was experienced in the industry, so he would not express too much emotion in front of his collaborator. He professionally said, “So, Ms. Daugherty, let’s talk about the preliminary design plans for this project–”


Adina’s phone vibrated on the table.

She cast a glance at the incoming call. It was from Flint, and she directly ended it. “I’m sorry, Mr. Garcia. Please carry on.” Mr. Garcia nodded. “I just took a look at the plan. Are you using Visual Studio Code, which puts the legacy module”


Adina’s phone vibrated again.

She looked at it, and it was still a call from Flint.

That brat did not usually call her, but he just called her two consecutive times. Did something happen? “Ms. Daugherty, you better answer the call first.” Mr. Garcia leaned back in his chair to give Adina some space.

Adina flashed him an apologetic smile before she answered the call. She lowered her voice and said, “This better be important!”

“Addy, I helped you with such an important matter, but you didn’t even call to thank me.” Flint scoffed. “I don’t care. You have to give me a gift to thank me!”

Flint had found the loophole in Daugherty Corporation’s accounts previously.

Adina had already bought him a gift, and she was about to deliver it to the Morton family. But after she answered the call, she instantly did not want to pass him the gift anymore, She scoffed and said, “Mr. Morton, you’re rich, so you might not like my gift. I better save my money and buy myself a dress.”

“Hey, if you want a dress, I can buy it for you!” Flint said jokingly. “What’s your favorite brand? I’ll get my assistant to buy it and send it to your house. It’ll be a limited design…”

His voice faintly rang out from the phone, and Mr. Garcia could roughly hear him. He did not believe that Adina could establish a company at such a young age. When he heard her conversation with the man on the phone, it proved his guess.

Mr. Winters was brilliant and resolute, but he was still a man at the end of the day.

People always said that all men would fall for beautiful women. Ms. Daugherty was gorgeous, so it was possible that Mr. Winters had lost himself due to his attraction to her.

Mr. Garcia was just worried that Project A-F might come to a halt halfway through again. When Adina heard Flint’s constant nonsense on the phone, she hung up coldly and even blocked him.