Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 154

Chapter 154

Adina drove her kids to their preschool.

On the way, she received a call from her assistant. “The staff from Winters Corporation has arrived? Please welcome him for a while. I’ll be at the company in a minute.”

After she hung up, she drove faster.

Alden frowned. “Mom, are you collaborating with Winters Corporation?”

“There’s a smart car project in Winters Corporation, and it’s considered the first of its kind on the market. I’m actually quite interested in it,” Adina casually said.

Alden lowered his head. Duke had entered his mom’s life and also collaborated with her on their work. If they spent time together frequently, would his mom fall for that man? After all, Duke was the most desired man in Sea City according to the news. “Alden, what’s wrong with you?”

Adina noticed Alden’s expression from the rear-view mirror. She felt worried as she questioned him.

It seemed that starting from yesterday, Alden had not been very happy. He appeared to be in a bad mood.

“Mom, I’m fine.” Alden tried his best to smile. “I just think that you’re too close to Uncle Duke and his family.”

Adina cast a glance at him.

He was her son. Would she not know what he was thinking about?

She parked her car in front of the preschool, turned around, and said in a low voice, “Alden, I don’t know why you dislike Uncle Duke so much. He’s actually quite nice. Most importantly, Mel likes him, and he can even get her to speak. If we get along with him more, it’ll also help improve Mel’s condition, right?”

Alden nodded. “I know, Mom.” Some secrets should just be kept to himself. He did not need to tell his mother.

His mom had suffered for so many years, so she should enjoy her life now.

Alden held Melody’s hand as they got out of the car, and they waved at Adina before they obediently walked into their preschool.

Only then did Adina drive to her company.

Recently, Ethan had hired a few programmers for her, and her studio finally looked like an office now.

As soon as she arrived, her staff members greeted her at the same time, “Ms. Daugherty.”

Adina nodded at them before she took a document and entered the meeting room.

The person whom Winters Corporation sent this time was the person in charge of Project A-F, Mr. Garcia. He had been in this business for more than ten years.

That also meant Mr. Garcia was already in the industry when the concept of smart products was just launched. He had witnessed the intelligent industry develop until it reached maturity.

Winters Corporation had initiated Project A-F two years ago, but because they could not find a suitable smart chip designer, the project was put on hold.

When the project recently resumed, Mr. Garcia thought Duke had found a large smart chip designing company for his collaboration. Unexpectedly, it was just a newly established studio. After Mr. Garcia sat in the meeting room, he had a slightly strange feeling.

He suspected that Mr. Winters had been deceived, but Mr. Winters was not the kind of idiot who would be fooled.

Therefore, he patiently read through the document. Upon careful inspection, the document did look real. “Mr. Garcia, I’m Adina Daugherty, the general manager of LaStar Technology Corporation. Nice to meet you.”

Adina walked in, smiled faintly, and extended her hand toward Mr. Garcia.

Mr. Garcia calmly sized Adina up. She seemed to just be in her twenties, and she was very pretty. She did not look like a program designer.