Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 152

Chapter 152

Harold lowered his head bashfully, and his ears turned a little red.

Duke could not help but scoff. This kid was always good at playing nice. When did he learn to be shy?

“Okay, let’s go home,” he said coldly.

Harold’s happy face instantly froze. He felt wronged as he dragged Adina’s sleeve and pitifully said, “Aunt Adina, can I not leave?” Adina stroked his head and said, “I’m going to work later, while Alden and Mel are also going to preschool. Why would you want to stay at home alone?”

Harold acted like a flattened balloon. He lowered his head and spoke absentmindedly. “Can I visit again?”

“Yes, but…” Adina cast a glance at Duke. “You have to get permission from your dad. You can’t sneak out on your own. If you can’t do that, you’re not allowed to visit.”

“I can do it! I’ll do it!” Harold patted his chest. “Don’t worry, Aunt Adina. I won’t secretly run away from home again!”

Duke was speechless.

He had scolded and punished Harold before. He had nearly beaten him too, but the brat just refused to listen to him.

Harold kept sneaking out of their home repeatedly, throwing the Winters family into chaos all the time,

However, a sentence from Adina had already given the brat the determination to change. How could Duke believe it?

“Goodbye, Aunt Adina!”

Harold waved his hand before he obediently turned around and held Duke’s hand as they walked out.

When he left, he even said, “Dad, don’t feel sad about leaving. I’ll bring you here next time.”

Duke was taken aback.

Why did this brat think he was sad about leaving?

Harold was wearing Alden’s pajamas, but Duke was still wearing the same outfit from yesterday.

He had severe mysophobia, so he could not bear to wear the same outfit for two continuous days.

He drove back to the Winters family villa. As soon as they walked into the villa, a figure approached them.

Dew walked out in a pair of high heels, and she looked anxious.

She had reached the villa at 6.00 am, but none of the Winters were at home. Mr. Brown said George had left for the office at 5.00 am, while Duke and Harold had not come home since last night. She did not live with the Winters family, but she knew that Duke was a family-oriented person. It was impossible for him to not go home without a reason.

The feeling of having no grip on the situation made her uncomfortable. A “It’s none of your business where we go!” Harold became that little devil who feared nothing again. He glared at Dew ruthlessly before he ran upstairs and went to his room. “Duke, look at Harold. He’s treating me like this again.” Dew felt wronged and bit her bottom lip.”I’m his biological mother, but he never cares about me. He always disrespects and ignores me.” Duke was fed up with hearing her whining. In the past, he would ask Harold to respect Dew.

However, when he saw Harold’s behavior in front of Adina, he realized that Harold was not the rude one. Dew just did not deserve to be treated politely by Harold. Duke glanced at Dew indifferently. “Why did you come to the Winters family villa so early?”