Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 150

Chapter 150

This man was either an idiot or a jerk. He clearly did not want to take responsibility.

Meanwhile, Duke just felt strange.

He had just been discussing the children’s education with her in a serious manner, but why did she suddenly look at him with such a gaze?

It felt like he was a smelly piece of sh*t on the street that everyone despised.

Duke fell silent.

He took a deep breath and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” Adina looked away and indifferently said, “Alden is my son, so I’ll do what’s best for him. Mr. Winters, you don’t have to worry. It’s late now. Please rest early.”

She turned around, went to her bedroom on the second floor, and gently shut the door.

Duke was so gloomy that he stroked his nose.

He was a quiet person, and this was the first time that he had spoken so much at once.

But the woman did not appreciate him.

Alden’s gaze on him was also full of animosity. Why should he care about that brat?

Duke made his move and went to the guest room on the first floor.

As soon as he went inside, he saw a pair of male slippers by the bed.

There was a male suit hanging in the closet as well. He had just wondered if there was any trace of a man living there before, and it turned out that there was. Was this guest room purposely for men who stayed overnight? How many men had stayed in this guest room before him?

Some disappointment instantly filled Duke’s heart.

He turned around and walked out of the guest room. He walked around the first floor and realized it was the only room that could accommodate him.

He emanated a cold aura as he sat on the couch. He had planned to put up with this situation for one night.

However, he was used to sleeping on a big soft bed. How could he fall asleep on the hard, narrow couch?

He tossed and turned for about three hours before he finally felt a little sleepy.


Before he fell asleep, he thought about how he would teach Harold a tough lesson when they returned to the Winters family home tomorrow!

If that brat still made him stay over again, he would beat him up. While he was falling asleep, he suddenly heard a scream.


Duke was very sensitive. As soon as he heard the scream, he sat up straight.

He frowned, raised his head, and looked in the scream’s direction.

It was coming from Adina’s room,

Before he realized it, he had already appeared in front of her room.

Just as he was about to push open the door and go inside, a small figure walked out from the corner of the corridor on the second floor.

“You can’t go in,” Alden said coldly.

Duke’s hand froze in the air. “Your mom’s crying in the room. Don’t you hear it?”

Alden’s expression was blurry in the dim light.

He lowered his voice. “Mom’s having a nightmare. That’s why she’s crying. She’ll be fine after her nightmare ends.”

Mom had asked him before why Melody always had nightmares.

He did not tell his mom that it was because Melody had inherited her habit of having nightmares.

Whenever something shocked Melody during the day, she would dream of it at night. However, their mom was shrouded in deep hopelessness and sadness. If she had a nightmare, she would not be able to recover for the whole night.

He used to try waking her up, but it turned out that his mom would end up crying even louder and more hopelessly.

So, he dared not do it again.