Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 149

Chapter 149

Adina slowly walked out of Melody’s room only after Duke had gotten bored of waiting downstairs for almost an hour.

When she saw him, she was clearly stunned. “Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

Duke was silent.

It was only 10.00 pm, and he was not a child. How could he sleep so early? “I talked to your son for a while,” he said stoically. Adina walked down the stairs and collected the toys from the floor while she asked, “What did you guys talk about?”

“Your son is very smart.” He paused for a while before he added, “Frankly speaking, he’s a child genius.” Adina stopped collecting the toys for a moment. “How did you come up with that conclusion?” In reality, before Alden turned three, he had already been extremely interested in coding. The code that he had casually written could work.

Back then, it had shocked her, so she had taken Alden to do an intelligence test the next day

In the end, Alden’s intelligence turned out to be two times higher than that of children the same age.

When Alden almost turned four, she took Alden to do the test again, and the outcome was

even more shocking.

She still remembered when she left the laboratory that day, the invigilator ran after them.” Mdm. Daugherty, your son has a very high IQ. If he stays in our base and receives training…” She turned it down at that time.

She did not want Alden to become a teen prodigy, and she did not want Alden to receive training in a secret base from a young age.

She just hoped that Alden could grow up happily without worries like other normal kids.

“He’s just four years old, yet he can understand a book about logic. That means he’s different from ordinary kids,” Duke said nonchalantly. “He shouldn’t go to a normal preschool. You could hire a teacher to teach him privately.”

Adina placed the building blocks into the box while she pursed her lips indifferently. “I think it’s pretty good for him to attend his current preschool.”

He could grow up like a normal kid, and he did not need to bear any unnecessary responsibility at this age. He could even take care of Melody.

Duke frowned.

Did this woman not know how intelligent her son was?

Perhaps Alden was on a similar level as George.

Duke paused for a while before he resumed. “I can introduce a few teachers to you…”

Adina raised her head and stared at him in a serious manner. “Mr. Winters, is Harold not attending preschool?”

Duke nodded. “Kids of the Winters family don’t need to go to preschool.” Neither he nor George attended preschool.

Harold had attended for some time, but it had not helped him improve much, so he withdrew from the preschool.

“Alden is not a child of the Winters family, so he needs to attend it.”

Adina refuted him with a straight face.

Having fun was in a child’s nature. No child was willing to be grounded in a room and study alone.

Duke frowned. “Geniuses are always lonely. If he studies in a normal preschool, he’ll feel like he can’t fit in. When George turned three, I noticed the gap between his genius and the ordinary kids. It’s a huge gap that can’t be crossed.” “George?” Adina was stunned. “Who is he to Harold?” Duke simply answered, “He’s Harold’s elder brother.” Other than those who had a good relationship with the Winters family, nobody knew about the young masters.

Duke did not expect to talk to this woman about his two sons in such a leisurely manner either.

Adina’s fingers froze. Elder brother?

Harold actually had an elder brother.

That meant the woman had given birth to two sons for Duke, but she still could not marry into the Winters family.

Adina’s gaze on Duke was filled with more contempt.

If this man had been set up to have a son once, he could have been careless.

But twice?