Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 148

Chapter 148

He took a deep breath. “Formal logical fallacies and informal logical fallacies.”

Duke was obviously surprised.

He thought that this boy was just pretending to read the book, but he really understood it.

Books on logic were dull. They were even more boring than mathematics. Regular people would not be able to read such a book and understand it.

More importantly, this boy was just four years old. Duke closed the book and casually said, “Let me ask you another question about logic.”

Alden lost his patience. “I don’t want this book now.” “If you want to study logic, you can’t be so impatient.” Duke curled his lips sternly. “The question I want to ask is related to your mother.”

At the mention of his mother, Alden could no longer stay calm.

He pursed his lips and firmly said, “You better leave my mom alone, or”

“I just want to ask a question,” Duke interrupted him. “You ask me to leave your mom alone, or else, you’ll kill me, and at least three people hear it. The next day, I die. How do you explain this from a logical perspective?”

Alden had been studying logic over the past two weeks. He was greatly interested in logic.

had the urge to answer.

He pursed his lips and calmly said, “There’s the hindsight bias, where a certain cause is affirmed because the result is seen. Normally, people will only correlate something to a single cause and effect. If this is established, they will think that I killed you. This is the most common logical error made by people…” He kept talking, and he emanated a special aura.

For some reason, Duke saw George in Alden.

George used to be interested in logic for a time, but he had put the course aside because he had become busy with work.

“How’s that? Are you happy with my answer?”

After Alden answered the question, he raised his eyebrows indifferently. He looked prideful and confident.

Duke curled his lips again.

When Adina was around, he would be an obedient and mature boy who took care of his sister.


But when Adina was not around, he showed a completely different side. He was arrogant, as well as prideful, and rebellion was hidden in his eyes. This boy was not as simple as he looked on the surface.

Kids with high intelligence could make adults feel less worried, but they could also do shocking things behind the adults.

Duke kept George in check, so he would be more reserved.

But this boy…

Did Adina know that her son had such high intelligence? Duke threw the book back to Alden. “You’re awesome. Carry on with your reading.” Alden took the book and went upstairs. After he entered his room, he locked the door. Duke sat on the couch and suddenly felt very awkward.

Adina and her kids were on the second floor, while that brat, Harold, had also gone upstairs. Why was he there alone?

He took his phone out and swiped the screen. He could not focus on reading the news like he previously could, so he stood up and walked around the house.

A family photo was hanging behind the couch in the living room.

It was a photo of Adina and her two kids. The background of the photo was a warm yellow, and it looked cozy. He looked at the other side, and another two family photos were hanging in the dining room. They were two single photos of the children.

But there was no man visible.

It did not look like a man had lived in the house before…