Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Alden stood at the side, and his gaze darkened. He clenched his fists and suppressed the urge to walk over.

This man was not qualified to be their father, but he really was their father.

When Duke was there, Melody’s autism clearly became better.

He could not be selfish and decide for Melody!

Alden turned around and did not look at the scene, which made him extremely uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Adina felt troubled and covered her face.

She walked over to lift Melody up.

However, when the girl was stubborn, she was as strong as a cow. No matter how strong Adina was, she still could not pull her away.

“Aunt Adina, can Dad and I just stay here for one night?” Harold blinked. “Mel likes my dad so much, so she doesn’t want Dad to leave. Aunt Adina, I can sleep on the floor. I really can!”

Duke nonchalantly said, “Ms. Daugherty, I’ve never slept over in another person’s home before, but I would like to make an exception for Mel today.”

Adina was speechless.

Why did he make it sound like he was being wronged by staying a night in her house?

If Mel did not like them, she would have chased them out a long time ago! She massaged her forehead and helplessly said, “Mel, let go.” The little girl shook her head hard and hugged Duke’s leg more tightly. “If you don’t let go, how can Uncle Duke wash up?” Adina sighed and spoke.

Melody’s eyes lit up. Only then did she obediently let go of her hands.

When Duke made a move, she immediately became alarmed and dragged the bottom of his pants again.

Duke subconsciously chuckled. “Don’t worry, I won’t leave tonight. I’ll keep you company here.”

Melody finally smiled.

She was already four years old, but she had never smiled sincerely.

It was the first time that Adina had seen Melody smiling so beautifully that her eyes were filled with joy.

Adina finally believed that some people were destined for each other, like Melody and Duke.

They were totally unrelated, but they had established such a connection.

Luckily, Duke was not a despicable person, or she would really be troubled. The happiest person to stay there was Harold. He was so excited that he jumped around in the

house with pride. “Mr. Winters, there’s a bed in the study on the first floor. You can stay there with Harold. Please bear with it for tonight.” Adina carried Melody and whispered, “I’ll bring you upstairs and tell you a bedtime story.” She carried the girl upstairs and locked the door. Harold was at a loss for words. Was there a difference between staying and not staying overnight at this point? He stayed with his dad on the first floor, while Aunt Adina and Mel stayed on the second floor. The distance was too far. Harold secretly cast a glance at Alden, who sat in the living room and did some reading. When he noticed that Alden was not paying attention to him, he sneaked upstairs, pushed open Melody’s bedroom door, and silently locked it. Adina looked at him hopelessly. “Why are you also here?” “I want to hear a story too.” Harold leaned on the door and stood there. He felt wronged as he lowered his head, but he dared not walk to the bed

Adina could not bear to see him looking that pitiful, so she waved at him. “Come and lie down with Mel so that you can listen to the story.” “Yay! Aunt Adina, you’re so nice to me!” Harold immediately lay on the bed, and a light flashed in his black eyes. “Mel called my dad ‘Daddy. Can I call you ‘Mommy’, since you’re Mel’s mom?”