Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 145

Chapter 145 The autumn night wind blew through the camphor tree in the courtyard, and the leaves made some rustling sounds.

The wind whistled outside, but it was silent inside the house.

It was so silent that even a pin dropping to the floor could be heard.

Since it was that quiet, they did not hear Melody wrongly. Adina had a hard time speaking “Mel, you really can speak.” She purposely ignored the word that the girl had uttered. “Mel, you’re amazing!” Alden’s black eyes were full of happiness. “Nobody can laugh at you for not knowing how to speak now!” “Wow, Mel! You’re awesome!” Harold was also ecstatic. He danced around excitedly. “Call me Brother! I want to hear you call me Brother!”

Melody’s voice was really soothing. It was so sweet, like candy melted in butter, that people were addicted to it.

Harold suddenly paused. “Mel, did you… say the wrong thing?” Duke was his dad. Why did Mel call him “Daddy”? Did he hear her wrongly or did Mel call identify him wrongly? Everyone had initially ignored it, but they could not ignore it now since Harold had brought it up.

Duke was in a daze for about twenty seconds because the girl had called him “Daddy” with a sweet voice.

He suddenly had the urge to have a daughter. He was slightly gloomy as he said, “Mel, I’m Uncle Duke, not your daddy.”

He wanted to be her daddy, but it was not his place.

He could not mislead a kid who had just learned how to speak.


Melody raised her head and spoke again.

This time, her voice did not sound dry or strained. She sounded more firm and stubborn.

Something flashed in her watery eyes, which reflected Duke’s figure. It was as if her world could only accommodate Duke at that moment.

When Adina saw it, she felt upset.

She had not even heard Mel call her “Mommy,” but her daughter had called this man “Daddy” twice.

She cleared her throat and said, “Mr. Winters, I’m really sorry. Mel is spe

the first time, so she might not know the meaning of ‘Uncle’ and ‘Daddy.’ I hope it doesn’t bother


She stood up and continued. “I’m really thankful, Mr. Winters, but it’s late now. Let me treat you to a meal tomorrow.”

This man had successfully made Melody speak.

Buying him a meal was nothing.

However, as long as Duke needed her help, she would do her best.

“We’ll talk again about the meal. You should take Mel to the hospital for treatment. She’s still very young. The earlier she’s treated, the earlier she’ll recover,” Duke said indifferently.

Adina nodded. She stood up and got ready to send the Winters to the door.

Harold took a glance at the time. It had been exactly twenty minutes. He did not have any excuse to extend his stay anymore

Even so, Mel had not called him “Brother” yet. He did not want to leave. He purposely dawdled. The door was just a few steps away, but he made it look like a long journey. Right then, Melody rushed toward Duke in her pink pajamas.

She held the man’s thigh and kept dragging him into the house. Although she did not speak, the meaning of her actions was obvious. “Dad, Mel wants us to stay here for the night!” Harold laughed excitedly. “Why don’t we just stay here tonight? Can we, Dad?”