Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Duke was standing outside the villa. He could see the living room from his angle. Under the yellowish light, three kids were sitting on the mat while playing puzzles. Adina was sitting on the couch while tapping away on her laptop. She would raise her head and take a look at the three kids from time to time, and her smile was very gentle.

The scene was so warm that Duke felt reluctant to ruin it.

Eventually, he pursed his lips and pressed the doorbell. Ding dong! Adina raised her head, put down her laptop, and came over to open the door.

When she saw the man with the cold aura, she paused for a while before she said, “Mr. Winters, this is the second time that your son has come to me.”

Duke did not answer.

If he counted carefully, this should be the eighth time.

Mr. Brown had stopped Harold a few times, and the brat had come over at other times, but there was no one at home.

However, Duke would not tell the woman about that.

He stood at the door and spoke with a straight face. “Harold Winters, get over her.” When the doorbell rang just now, Harold had already hidden under the table.

He held the foot of the table, and as though he had been wronged, he stubbornly said, “I’m not going!”

He had finally escaped and found Aunt Adina. He did not want to part with her anymore!

Even if Dad wanted to spank him angrily, he still would not surrender!

Harold was mentally prepared to be beaten up. Unexpectedly, Duke did not get angry. He just nonchalantly said, “I’ll give you another twenty minutes. We’ll head back home once the time is up.”

Twenty minutes was short, but it was better than just leaving straight away.

The boy’s chubby face finally showed some signs of joy. He came out from the bottom of the table and cautiously stared at Duke who walked inside.

“Harold, you can play with Mel and Alden for a while,” Adina said helplessly.

After she said that, she found it a little hilarious.

Alden was a few minutes older than Melody. In that case, Melody should also be older than Harold.

However, Melody had been born prematurely, and she was a girl. She looked like she was only three years old, so it was fine for her to act as a younger sister.

Adina smiled before she went to make some coffee in the kitchen. Later, she handed the coffee to Duke. “Mr. Winters, please have some coffee before you leave.”

Duke accepted it and took a sip. “It’s better than the one I drank in your studio the other day.” “I’ll bring this coffeemaker to the studio then.”

Adina sat down across from him and furrowed her eyebrows. She actually did not know what to say to this man.

She looked at the three kids who were having fun. Just as she was about to ask which month Harold was born, Duke suddenly said, “Since I’m here today, let’s try.”

Adina was stunned. “What do you want to try?”

“Try to get Mel to speak.” Duke put down the cup of coffee before he looked to the right with his sharp gaze. His voice was indifferent yet gentle. “Mel, come here.” He waved at her.

Melody, who was playing with puzzles, raised her head. Her usual gloomy eyes instantly lit up.

Her eyes appeared dazzling under the yellowish light. Melody rarely responded to the voices of outsiders, but she did not just respond now. She even had an obvious emotional shift.

Adina looked calm, but she actually felt emotional.

She held her cup tightly while she calmly looked at the little girl’s response.

“Mel, do you remember me? Come here, let me hug you.”

Duke’s voice was gentler at this point. It was like the first snowflake that melted on a mountain. Although it was cold, warmth could still be felt.

Harold stood at the side and suddenly felt jealous.