Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 14

Spring mornings were quite cold, so Adina asked Madam Xavier to take care of her children before she went to the cemetery. 

When she was about to leave, Alden called after her. “Mommy, you have to be careful outside today.” 

The boy had a frown on his face, and his eyes were full of worry. 

For some reason, he had a bad feeling. 

Adina smiled at him. “It’s fine. I’ll come back the moment I’m done.” 

She did not tell Alden that she was going to the cemetery. 

The two deceased twins were the greatest secret she kept from her children. 

She did not want Alden to know that he had two brothers who passed away right after they were born. 

Adina took the car Madam Xavier gave her and headed to the cemetery. 

It was located at the most rural suburbs in Sea City, and it took Adina more than an hour to reach it. Right after she got out of the car, she saw Dew walking toward her in a long, black dress. 

“Adina, you’re finally here…” 

The sad look on Dew’s face was absolutely fake in Adina’s eyes. 

She pursed her lips and said coldly, “Lead the way.” 

“Did you come alone, Adina?” Dew asked slowly. 

“Who else would have come with me?” Adina retorted coldly. 

After leaving Sea City for four years, she had lost all of her old connections. 

The only person who still wanted to protect her was her grandmother, but there was no way she would ask her grandmother to come to this place to be sad. 

Dew hid the scheming look in her eyes perfectly and sighed. “Oh, Adina. We really thought you were dead, which is why we also erected a tombstone for you. It’s right beside your twins’ tombstone. Ever since you left, Dad has been crying every day. When I told him yesterday that you were alive, he was ecstatic—” 

“Was he? Since he was so happy, why didn’t he come with you today to see me?” 

Adina mercilessly exposed Dew’s lies. 

Dew’s expression froze, but she quickly recovered and pretended that she still loved Adina as a sister. “Dad got so excited yesterday that his blood pressure spiked and he needed to go to the hospital this morning for a checkup. He was also worried that he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions when he saw you, which is why he didn’t come today. Once we’re done visiting the twins, I’ll bring you to the hospital to see Dad.” 

Adina showed no response to her words. She did not even bother replying. 

Even so, Dew did not find the situation awkward. She kept talking as she led the way, and soon, they entered the cemetery. 

But Dew did not linger around the main area. She turned to the side and said in a hushed voice, “Based on the rules of Sea City, premature babies are not allowed to be buried in the cemetery, but Dad pulled some strings and got the twins a good place. It’s in the corner over there. Let’s go over, Adina.” 

She walked there first, and Adina followed her with a cold expression. 

They went to a secluded area. The corner Dew led them to was covered in weeds, and with just a single glance, Adina knew that no one regularly visited it. 

But Dew just kept on walking forward, away from the main area of the cemetery. 

“Stop.” Adina stopped, and her eyes shone with an icy light. “Where are you taking me?” 

Dew turned around with a smile. “To visit the twins, of course.” 

“We’re already outside the cemetery.” Adina scoffed. “What exactly do you want? You might as well say it. I have no time to walk in circles with you.” 

“I don’t want anything… It might be because it’s been a long time since I came here, but I don’t quite remember the way anymore. Please be patient, Adina. We should look around slowly, and I’m sure we’ll find it.” 

Dew gritted her teeth. ‘Why won’t she act according to how I want her to?!’ 

Impatience burned in Adina’s eyes. 

She was no longer the naive lady of the Daugherty family, so there was no way that she wouldn’t be able to tell that Dew had an ulterior motive for bringing her there. 

She had been prancing around with Dew because she wanted to see her children’s tombstone, but it was clear that Dew had no interest in showing it to her. 

Since that was the case, there was no need for Adina to waste anymore time with her. 

She turned around and started walking away. 

“Adina, where are you going?” Dew panicked. “I remember now. The twins’ tombstone is right ahead. They’re less than one hundred meters away…” 

But Adina did not stop walking. 

She could just look for the gravekeeper or ask the Xavier family to find it for her. Why did she need to walk in circles with someone as disgusting as Dew? 

Dew was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. 

Everything was already in place. She could not let her work go to waste. 

Dew narrowed her eyes and waved her hand coldly. 

When Adina took a few more steps forward, she heard rustling nearby, as if someone was walking toward them. 

But she hadn’t seen anyone in the area earlier, so where did what sounded like more than ten people come out from? 

Did Dew call them over? 

That made a lot of sense. Four years ago, Dew had tried to kill her with fire, so it was only logical that she would try to kill her again four years later. 

Why else would Dew have been so nice as to bring her to the cemetery? 

Adina turned around, dashed a few steps back, and grabbed Dew’s thin neck.