Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 139

Chapter 139

“Aunt Adina, I miss you.” Harold cried loudly as he held Adina’s neck tightly. He leaned on her shoulder and kept sobbing

When Alden heard the cries, he walked outside. When he saw Harold, his gaze became unfriendly. “Why are you still here?” Adina carried Harold and frowned as she asked, “What happened?”

“Aunt Adina, I came to look for you, but he didn’t allow me to come in. He chased me out.” Harold sobbed as he complained. “I miss you and Mel. I just want to see you. I won’t do anything bad.” Blue veins popped up on Alden’s forehead. An hour ago, Harold had knocked on their door and insisted on rushing into the house. Alden had asked Uncle Ethan’s assistant to leave for a long time, so only he and Melody were at home. Why would he allow a stranger to enter? He closed the door strongly, and he thought Harold would sensibly leave. Unexpectedly, Harold waited at the door for an hour. What was more unexpected was that Harold complained about him to his mother.

Adina felt a headache coming.

This young master of the Winters family was really mischievous.

Why did he come to her house in the middle of the night?

Luckily, she had left two hours early, or this brat would definitely catch a cold when he hid in the flowerbed.

She sighed and helplessly said, “Okay, stop crying. Let’s go inside and wash your face.”

She carried Harold into the living room.

Harold leaned on her shoulder. He secretly stuck his tongue out and made a face at Alden.

Alden was speechless.

He knew this brat was up to no good!

He walked in and nonchalantly said, “Mom, he must have sneaked out. His family should be looking for him now.”

Harold remained silent.

He did not want to go back yet.

Adina knew that this was not the first time Harold sneaked out of his house.

She put Harold on the sofa, took out her phone, and called Duke. “Mr. Winters, I’m Adina.”

Duke was about to leave the banquet when he received a call from Adina. He thought she was calling to ask for a meeting time tomorrow.

He copped an attitude and indifferently asked, “Ms. Daugherty, what is it?”

“Mr. Winters, your son’s with me. Please send someone to come and pick him up.”

After Adina spoke, she hung up.

Duke frowned and called Mr. Brown. “Where’s Harold?”

“Sir… Young Master Harold is missing.” Mr. Brown was extremely helpless. “I’ve already sent people out to look for him. We’ll find him soon! Sir, please carry on with your work. You don’t have to worry about home.”

The young master always sneaked out, and Mr. Brown did not report it many times.

Anyway, they would find him in the end, so he did not need to tell Sir to increase more trouble.

Unexpectedly, Sir knew it! “You don’t have to look for him. I’ve found him.” Duke hung up coldly before he drove to Adina’s house. “Aunt Adina, can I stay here for the night?” Harold held Adina’s arm pitifully and acted in a cute manner. “I really like you, Aunt Adina. I want to be your son. Can I—” “No!” Alden said coldly. “My mom already has a son.” “Isn’t it good to have one more son?” Harold felt very wronged. “I’ll respect you, and I’ll also treat Mel like she’s my own sister. Aunt Adina, please…” Adina felt her head ache because of his whining.

She was not a friendly person, and she was actually not very fond of kids in general either.