Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 138

Chapter 138

Adina. “What?”

If she was not mistaken, Dew cared about a man’s appearance very much!

If Mr. Johnson looked handsome, she might have believed what Duke said.

However, according to her understanding of Dew, that woman would never be interested in bald men. Duke saw that the contempt in Adina’s eyes become more obvious. He drank some wine before he resolutely changed the subject. “How’s Melody?” he casually asked.

After she took the little girl away, she did not even call him back.

He was a little worried about Melody’s condition.

Adina initially wanted to say, “It’s none of your business”. However, it was this man who had taken Melody upstairs last time. He had helped her take a bath and change her clothes. Adina pursed her pink lips and nonchalantly said, “She’s good.” “I know a specialist who treats child autism. Do you want to send Melody over?” Duke said with a deep voice. “Melody can speak now, and that shows she’s had a breakthrough with her autism. You should take this chance to treat her –” “What did you say?” Adina looked up at him. “Mel can speak?”

Duke tightened his jaw. “Why? Didn

know your daughter could speak?”

He started to sound sarcastic again.

Adina frowned. “She has never said a w

since she was born.”

She did not look like she was lying. Even though she was busy, as the mother, it was impossible for her to not know that her daughter could speak.

In other words, it was possible that Melody had spoken for the first time yesterday.

The little girl had spoken for the first time in front of him. For some reason, Duke felt an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

He paused for a while. “When I brought her back to my office, I asked my secretary to shower for her. She said ‘No’ and she was quite loud. It’s impossible that I heard it wrongly.”

Adina’s expression became slightly stern. “Mr. Winters, you’re not lying, right?”

“Why would I lie to you when it involves kids?” Duke said indifferently. “Besides, I won’t get any advantage if I lie to you.”

Adina clenched her fists.

She suddenly lost interest in staying at the banquet.

She wanted to go back and ask Melody if she could speak.

“Autistic children are used to closing themselves, so they will not easily speak. They will let their guards down only in a specific environment and in front of certain people,” Duke resumed, “I might sound arrogant, but I’d still like to say that your daughter seems to rely on me a lot. Maybe that’s why she spoke in front of me.”

Adina wanted to deny what he said, but she decided not to after she thought about it.

Melody really liked this man for some reason, and even Adina, the mother, did not know why. “Ms. Daugherty, if you trust me, you can bring Melody to my office. We can reenact yesterday’s scene.” Duke toasted to her and did not stay any longer. Adina stared at his back and pursed her lips. She did not want to wait any longer as this was related to Melody After she informed Ethan about it, she lifted her dress slightly and left the banquet hall. Half an hour later, her car stopped in front of the villa. Adina pushed open the car door and got out. When she was about to go inside, someone suddenly rushed out from the flowerbed. She was totally shocked, so she quickly hid to the side. The figure directly fell to the ground and cried out. “Aunt Adina, why didn’t you catch me? I fell down, and it really hurts…” “Harold?” Adina quickly squatted down and lifted him up. “Why are you here?”