Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 137

Chapter 137

Duke walked around outside before he went back to the banquet hall. Then, he saw countless men surrounding a woman.

This woman had fair skin. When light shone on her face, her face looked a little rosy, and her red lips also appeared glossy. She was wearing a simple white dress. The strapless dress accentuated her waistline and the perfect curves around her hips. Her long, fair legs were planted in a pair of high heels. Her ankles were well-defined, and her toes were round as well as dainty.

Duke suddenly understood why some people were interested in women’s feet.

Some women’s feet were so pretty that people could not take their eyes off them. He took a sip of his wine, and he forcefully looked away. But he saw that Adina smiled brightly while talking happily to the men. Some unclear feelings filled his heart. When he snapped out of a daze, he was already standing in front of Adina. Duke was born with a strong imposing manner. When his expression darkened and he remained silent, his imposing manner was even stronger. People who surrounded Adina and chatted happily felt a cold shiver down their spines for some reason.

“Mr. Winters.”

Adina still smiled faintly, and she raised her glass to Duke.

“Ms. Daugherty, you’re truly the most beautiful woman in Sea City. As soon as you show up, countless men fall for you.”

Duke curled his lips into a sneer.

Those men at the side felt something was wrong. They cast a glance at each other before they took a few steps backward.

Adina chuckled, but her smile was cold.

Something flashed in her eyes before she suddenly scoffed. “Mr. Winters, don’t just mock me. Look at your back.”

Duke was puzzled as he turned around.

It was the resting lounge behind him. From his angle, he could see Dew and Adrian.

Adrian was clearly drunk, and he kind of lost control. He actually held Dew’s hand in front of everyone.

Perhaps Dew feared Adrian’s status, so she did not push his hand away. It was only after she said something that she moved her hand out of his grip.

When Duke saw this, he smiled faintly.

to LO

It looked like Dew was very happy with Mr. Johnson. In this way, he could also explain to George now.

The smile on the corners of his eyes was seen by Adina.

She frowned, and she could not understand what was going on.

Was Dew not Duke’s scandalous fiancee? Why did this man look quite happy when he saw that another man took advantage of his fiancee?

Could it be…

Adina’s eyes were filled with contempt. “Mr. Winters, you’re really generous. For a collaboration, you would actually give your woman…” She did not complete her sentence, but the implication was obvious. Duke darkened his expression. Was he that despicable? This woman actually thought that he was someone who would resort to anything for the sake of his projects! He exhaled before he said, “She’s not my woman.” “Oh,” Adina replied indifferently. Of course, this man would not admit it. She could understand.

Duke was silent.

Why did he feel like he had shot himself in the foot? He held the glass tightly before he explained, “She was interested in Mr. Johnson, so I introduced them.”