Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Duke had introduced an important client of the Winters family to her. What did that mean?

It meant Duke treated her like family!

When Dew thought about that, her smile became brighter. “Mr. Johnson, even though you have less hair, you still look quite handsome.”

She flattered Adrian softly.

When the beautiful lady complimented his looks, Adrian felt extremely happy. He humbly said, “Ms. Daugherty, you’re truly a gorgeous woman. I attended so many banquets in Sea City, but this is the first time I saw someone like you who looks more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.” Dew’s eyes crinkled when she smiled. No woman hated compliments, especially when they came from a successful man like that. She lowered her head and pursed her lips. She acted like she was a coquettish person.

Duke drank half of the wine in his glass before he indifferently said, “Ms. Daugherty has just been discharged from the hospital, so she isn’t feeling very well. Mr. Johnson, please help me look after her.”

Adrian immediately nodded. “Don’t worry, Mr. Winters. I’ll take good care of her.” Dew sensed that something was wrong, so she turned around and said, “Duke, it’s better to have you take care of me. I–” “I’m going to the washroom, so I can’t look after you.” Duke moved out of her grip before he turned around and walked away.

Dew bit her bottom lip, and the bad feeling in her heart grew stronger.

“Ms. Daugherty, let’s have a seat over there and talk.” Adrian smiled and spoke in a flattering manner. “I heard that the Daugherty family has some heavy industry business. I wonder if I have a chance to collaborate with the Daugherty family.”

When Dew heard it, she immediately suppressed her bad feeling.

If she could secure the Johnson family as their client, she might be able to salvage her bad image in the minds of Daugherty Corporation’s shareholders.

She nodded before she followed Adrian to the resting lounge at the side to talk.

Adina from the far saw everything,

“What’s the relationship between Duke and Dew?” Ethan frowned and said, “A person like Duke actually lowered his status to introduce a client to Dew. This is shocking.”

He paused for a while before he continued saying, “If Dew can secure Adrian the big client, the shareholders of Daugherty Corporation are likely to change their side again.”

The shareholders of Daugherty Corporation were a bunch of businessmen who prioritized profit over everything.

They were willing to support whoever could earn money for them. “Addy, I’ll introduce a few clients to you,” Ethan said in a deep voice. Adina smiled faintly. “Ethan, don’t panic.” Daugherty Corporation’s shareholders cared more about profits, but they knew which project, from Boyd Corporation and the Johnson family, was more profitable. Even if Dew had some kind of collaboration with the Johnson family, it did not mean anything.

Adina did not take this seriously.

But Ethan was very anxious. He directly led her to get around the guests, and he kept introducing clients to her.

Adina was gorgeous, and every move and smile from her were charming. Many men were unable to hold themselves for a long time. Ethan’s move had given them the excuse to come forward and hit on Adina.

“Ms. Daugherty, I heard that you’re the manager of Daugherty Corporation’s Sales Department now?” “Ms. Daugherty, if you need help, just let me know. I’m willing to become your client.” “I hope I also have the honor to collaborate with you.” About eight men surrounded her, and they instantly squeezed Ethan out.

Ethan frowned, and he felt something was wrong. When he looked away, he saw a pair of eyes staring at them coldly from ten meters away.