Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 134

Chapter 134 George silently sighed in relief by his side.

After Adina picked up her kids, she drove to the Xavier family’s villa.

There would be a family gathering in the Xavier family villa every Friday. As such, Adina purposely chose to go over on Thursday.

Only Mdm. Xavier and Ethan would be there. Dinner was ready in the dining room when she got there.

“Great Grandma, Uncle Ethan.”

Alden held Melody’s hand and walked inside before he greeted them obediently.

Mdm. Xavier stroked the kids’ heads and smiled at them lovingly. “Alden is looking more handsome by the day, and Mel is also getting prettier.”

“Grandma, please don’t compliment them too much,” Adina said helplessly. “Alden used to be a reserved boy. But ever since he joined preschool, his teachers, classmates, and other parents have been complimenting his good looks. He’s become very proud now.” Alden blushed. “Mommy, I’m not proud.” “Yeah, you’re not proud. You just flaunt your handsomeness more shamelessly!” Adina laughed and pinched his cheek.

Alden immediately avoided his mother’s hand.

He had to show off a little so that the girls in class would like him.

If the girls liked to play with him, his sister would not have to sit alone in the corner. But Alden would never tell Adina about that.

Mdm. Xavier was old, and she did not have a good appetite, so Adina purposely went to the kitchen and cooked some tomato soup for her.

“Addy, it’s a shame that you don’t have a restaurant with your cooking skills.” By the time Mdm. Xavier finished eating, her forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. “If you ever come around to the idea, I’ll invest in you.” Adina smiled faintly. “If you’d like, I could come over and prepare dinner for you every day.”


Mdm. Xavier held Adina’s hand. She touched the calluses on Adina’s palm and sighed discreetly.

If Adina did not live a tough life, how could she force herself to train her cooking skills?

When Ethan saw Mdm. Xavier sigh, he knew that it hit her sore spot again. So, he quickly changed the subject. “Addy, are you free tomorrow night?” Adina turned around. “Aside from picking the kids up from preschool, I don’t have anything else to do for now. Why?”

“I’ll ask my assistant to pick the kids up for you. You can attend a business banquet with me.”

Ethan took out two invitation cards. “This is the most elite banquet in Sea City, and people who attend the banquet are reputable bigwigs of Sea City. If you show up there, it’ll help your studio with future collaborations.” Adina took the invitation card, smiled faintly, and said, “Thank you, Ethan.” She had just returned to Sea City, hence she needed to expand her network so that her studio could slowly develop. “Mom, don’t worry about us. Just go. I’ll take care of Mel,” Alden said obediently. When they were overseas, Adina would often go out for work. It was Alden who would always take care of Mel on a daily basis.

Adina naturally felt more at ease since Ethan’s assistant would help look after them. After Adina finished her work on Friday night, she put on an exquisite dress and a pair of high heels before she got in Ethan’s car.

The business banquet was being held in the biggest hotel in Sea City. It could accommodate up to one thousand people.

Before the sky turned dark, many luxurious cars had already parked in front of the hotel. Men and ladies, who were dressed to the nines, walked in one after another.

People had perfume on and gorgeous clothing. They raised wine glasses and toasted each other. It was very lively. Adina held Ethan’s arm, and the two of them walked into the banquet hall.

Suddenly, there was a commotion up ahead.

Adina narrowed her eyes and looked over. Then, she saw Duke standing among the crowd.

Then, she saw the woman standing next to Duke; it was Dew.