Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 130

Chapter 130 She felt like she had seen a similar expression somewhere. She got rid of the strange thoughts from her mind before she squatted down and gently said,” Okay, go ahead and ask.”

“Why are you dealing with the Daugherty family?”

George spoke resolutely. Every word from him was as sharp as the edge of a knife.

Adina was totally stunned.

The child was her savior, so she was ecstatic when she met him.

However, her happiness faded away at that moment. Only then did she notice that his gaze was full of coldness when he looked at her.

It was not the gaze that a four-year-old kid should have.

She pursed her lips and questioned him with a straight face. “How do you know about the Daugherty family?” “Dew Daugherty is my mother.”

George’s voice was cold, and his tone was extremely distant. His gaze became much more hostile.

He was very calm, but Adina felt like she had been struck by lightning.


She was shocked.

She moved her lips, and her voice was a little hoarse. “You’re Dew’s biological son?”

George nodded. “Because of you, my mother has now been admitted to the hospital. Are you happy now?” His voice was deep.

When Adina looked at the boy, who appeared as tall as Alden, she was extremely shocked.

This boy looked about four years old.

However, Dew had not gotten pregnant four years ago!

How could she suddenly have a son?

Adina noved her lips. “How old are you?”

“I don’t need to tell you that “George’s eyes were cold and stern “You better stop what you’re doing, or i’li inake you pay the price”.

His eyes were filled with contempt when he stared at Adina.

After the ups and downs Adina had gone through, her heart had become very strong. In the last four years, she had never feared anyone’s gaze. Now, however, she felt like she had been shot by arrows, and the pain ripped her heart.

She covered her chest, and her forehead was beaded with sweat.

“I won’t stop until I take back what’s mine.” Adina frowned and spoke in a calm tone. “Boy, this is between adults. You better not interfere.”

“My mother’s business is also my business.”

George looked at her deeply before he turned around and left. Adina’s heart hurt like it had been stabbed. It was as if someone had taken something very important to her.

She stared at George’s back with complicated feelings. The boy defended Dew a lot, so he should be Dew’s biological son. If this child was about four and a half years old, she would have been grounded in the Daugherty family’s warehouse when he was born.

She would not know about Dew getting pregnant and giving birth to a son.

Even so, why had she never heard about Dew having a son when she had been back in Sea City for so long? Besides, since Dew had a son, why did the Daugherty family still want her to marry into the Winters family? Could a family like the Winters family accept a woman with a son?