Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 129

Chapter 129 When George saw Adina coming over, he casually got up and left. After he took two steps, his phone vibrated. He glanced at it, and the caller ID was (Mom). He pursed his lips like Duke before he picked up the call.

Just as he pressed the answer button, sounds of sobbing came from the other end of the line.” George, I’m doomed. I’m totally doomed.”

George frowned. “Mom, please speak slowly. I’m listening.”

“Adina set me up. I’ve been forced to resign from the position of Daugherty Corporation’s general manager, and I’ll never be able to join the Board of Directors!” Dew cried and yelled.“ I’m Daugherty Corporation’s heiress and the company’s second biggest shareholder. I don’t want to accept that. George, help me. You have to help me.”

George frowned even more. “Why would this happen?” Why had a big shareholder of the company been forced to quit the Board of Directors for no reason?

He slowly asked, “Mom, did you do anything to anger the Board of Directors?”

“L… I…” Dew mentally broke down and cried. “Last year for your birthday, in order to buy you a birthday present, I… I embezzled $100,000,000 from Daugherty Corporation’s public funds. Adina found the evidence somewhere and forced me to resign.”

“Embezzlement of money is actually unforgivable,” George said indifferently. “Please don’t cry, Mom. This really is your fault.”

“George, how can you say the same thing as those people? I made a mistake, but was Adina, right? She purposely showed the evidence to so many people and used all sorts of methods to force me to quit the Board of Directors! She is like a starving wolf that wants to take over everything of Daugherty family regardless of all! George, I end up like this because I bought a birthday present for you. You have to help me out!”

George’s eyes were full of coldness.

The birthday present he received on his birthday last year was a piece of jade. He knew a bit about jade. The jade that his mother gave him was worth at most two million dollars.

But now, his mother actually said she embezzled one hundred million dollars because of him.

His mother just put such a huge blame on him without hesitation.

This was his mother.

She was such a selfish woman.

George scoffed. “Mom, how do you want me to help you?”

“Make Adina take out everything that she has taken away!” Dew gritted her teeth and said, ” George, I know you’re smart, so you must have an idea! I’m your mother. I’m so wronged now. You have to find justice for me!”

George held his phone without answering. “George! Did you hear me?” Dew’s voice sounded slightly crazy. “If you don’t help me, I’m going to do it in my own way!” “Okay, I’ll help you.” George indifferently hung up. His mother’s methods were too profound and cruel. He did not want his mother to kill people. If someone had to deal with Adina, he would be the one. He would silently make this woman pay the price. George stopped walking, and he stood outside the restaurant to wait. Adina quickly rushed out. When she saw that he had not left, she obviously sighed in relief. She flashed a gentle smile, bent down, and softly asked, “Hello, do you remember me?” Her voice was very gentle like the rainwater dropped from the rooftop onto the green slate drop by drop and slowly scattered around. George’s irritable mood was strangely calmed. He raised his head and stared at Adina. His voice was very indifferent. “Yes.” Adina smiled more brightly. “You helped me last time, but I haven’t thanked you yet. Let me give you a present.” “You don’t have to.” George stared at her, and the corners of his lips suddenly became cold.” You just need to answer one question.”

Adina was stunned. This kid had an extremely strong imposing manner. Besides, why did his darkened expression look slightly familiar?