Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 127

Chapter 127 A dozen pairs of eyes were filled with anger as they stared at Dew.

She did not expect this to happen today. She had purposely hired professionals to prepare the accounts for the Finance Department. How did she get discovered?

It was Adina!

When this b*tch just returned, she took half of her shares, and now, she was forcing her to step down from the position of general manager! She was the one who wanted to chase that b*tch out of the shareholders’ meeting today! Yet, why was she forced to resign from the general manager position in the end? Why did that b*tch keep going against her? Dew’s fingers were shaking. Her lips turned pale, and she was trembling. “Adina purposely faked the accounts to set me up. I didn’t do this.” “Dew, since you think that I purposely set you up, fine, let the police investigate it.” Adina faked a smile. “Do you dare to call the police?”

Dew’s complexion lost all color, and she fell on her chair.

Everyone understood the situation when they saw Dew’s appearance.

The heiress of the corporation, who was also the second biggest shareholder, had been involved in faking the accounts. If they called the police, she would be arrested and investigated.

If Dew dared to call the police, everyone could still choose to believe her.

However, she fell on her chair with a pale face, and her body was shaking.

Mr. Lawson shook his head in disappointment. “Mr. Daugherty, I think Dew isn’t suitable as the general manager.”

“If Dew remains as general manager, we don’t know how many accounts she’s going to fake again,” Mr. Porter said angrily. “She has stolen $100,000,000 in a year, and each shareholder has a few million dollars less in our dividend now. Mr. Daugherty, shouldn’t you compensate us for this?”

“Mr. Daugherty, the Daugherty family has to give us an explanation.”

“Dew, you better take the initiative to resign. If we make a big fuss about this, it’s not going to look good…”

Everyone kept talking, and different voices filled Dew’s ears.

She suddenly felt suffocated, and her eyes rolled back before she promptly fainted.

The meeting room instantly became chaotic.

Adina scoffed.

She would have taken action earlier if she had known that Dew was so weak. Once Dew was kicked out of Daugherty Corporation, she would focus her attention on how to reenter the company, not always targeting Adina, They were forced to end the shareholders’ meeting because Dew had fainted.


After Adina reported to the Sales Department, she finally called Mr. Arison and invited him for a meal. “Thank you for your help, Mr. Arison.” Adina raised a glass of red wine and toasted to Mr. Arison. “If you need any help, just let me know.” Mr. Arison took a sip of wine, smiled, and said, “I’d like to ask you for a favor, Ms. Daugherty.” Adina put down her wine glass, nodded, and said, “Please, say it.” She had joined an event overseas and gotten to know Mr. Arison by chance. The two of them had interacted because of work, and they had been great business partners.

In the present, Boyd Corporation had handed over the project to Mr. Arison. When Adina mentioned it, Mr. Arison just agreed to collaborate with her.

So, no matter what he asked her to do, she would try her best.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Arison snapped his fingers,

Then, the restaurant’s waiter walked over with a big bouquet of roses.

Adina was taken aback.

Why had she not realized that Mr. Arison had a crush on her?”

“Ahem!” Mr. Arison felt frightened by her gaze, so he quickly explained , “Mr. Flint Morton asked me to send this to you on his behalf.”

Adina was speechless.