Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 124

Chapter 124

Everyone was also curious about why Boyd Corporation would choose to collaborate with the Jones family.

Adina glanced at everyone in the meeting room with her beautiful eyes before she tapped open her phone and played a recording. “Mr. Arison, the internal situation in Daugherty Corporation is actually terrible. The superiors there love to frame big clients, and they like big companies like yours. If you sign the contract with Daugherty Corporation, it will bring an unestimated loss to Boyd Corporation.”

When she played the recording, people in the meeting room were lost.

However, as it continued to play and the recording reached the part about the defamatory behavior of Daugherty Corporation’s superiors, everyone in the room looked angry. “That’s absolute nonsense!” Mr. Lawson slammed the table and got up. “Adina, where did you get that recording from?”

Adina seemed nonchalant. “You have to ask Dew.”

Everyone looked at Dew at the same time.

Dew bit her bottom lip in disbelief.

Others had no idea, but she knew that the voice in the recording belonged to her assistant.

She did not have time to think about why Adina would have a recording of her assistant and Mr. Arison because everyone in the meeting room was staring at her.

She clenched her fists tightly while she slowly said, “Adina, I’d like to know what happened regarding this recording too. Why did someone slander our image in front of Mr. Arison?”

Adina chuckled. “Dew, don’t you recognize your assistant’s voice?”

She got up, and her voice gradually became stern. “To stop Boyd Corporation from working with Daugherty Corporation, you sent your assistant to slander Daugherty Corporation in front of Mr. Arison. That’s why Boyd Corporation chose to collaborate with the Jones family in the end!”

“You’re falsely accusing me!” Dew felt wronged as she yelled. “Adina, it’s no surprise that you didn’t secure the project with Boyd Corporation because the company is already a difficult case. We didn’t blame you. But how can you blame me for your failure? I’m the Daugherty family’s heiress. I desperately want our company to be business partners with the big enterprises. Why would I interfere?

“Adina, you simply got your hands on a recording and claimed that it’s my assistant. Isn’t that a little too convenient? My assistant attended a banquet last night, so she didn’t have the time to meet Mr. Arison!” Dew’s words sounded logical and reasonable.

Everyone immediately took Dew’s side.

“Adina, you just didn’t get the contract. Why do you want to defame others?”


“Dew has worked in Daugherty Corporation for four years. Although she hasn’t made any big contributions, she would never do something so despicable.” “Isn’t she also an executive in Daugherty Corporation? Why would she let her assistant slander her?”

Everybody kept talking as if they knew for a fact that Adina had spread the rumors. Adina calmly smiled. “Dew, did you say that you and your assistant attended a banquet last night?” Dew raised her chin. “Yes.”

She and her assistant had discussed their alibi for this, so she was not afraid of being exposed.

“So, what is this about?” Adina took out her phone and tapped open an Instagram post. She pushed her phone to the center of the table. “Mr. Arison posted this on his Instagram at 8.00 pm last night. He was having dinner with your assistant.”


Dew’s expression changed, and she picked up the phone.

It was a photo of Mr. Arison and her assistant, while the background behind them included the restaurant’s clock, which showed 8.00 pm.

“The recording could have been faked, but I couldn’t have faked Mr. Arison’s Instagram post, right?” Adina’s lips curled into a sneer. “If you don’t believe me, I can call Mr. Arison right now.”