Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Her assistant became good-spirited. “Yes, Ms. Daugherty. I’ll get it done now.”

Adina took the accounts and went back to her studio. It was the accounts that Daugherty Corporation prepared for external parties, and it had been done flawlessly. Taking a brief glance, you would not spot any mistakes at all. She took a picture of the accounts and sent it to Flint. [Find the loopholes in the account in three hours.]

[Addy, I’m a Finance graduate. Isn’t it too much to ask me to look at the accounts again?]

[This isn’t an exam question. It’s Daugherty Corporation’s accounts. There will be a prize if you find the loopholes.) After Adina sent the text over, she did not pay attention to it anymore.

She turned on her computer and started writing some code.

The A-F project was actually not complicated. It just mainly consisted of several indirect points in the design. If she did not sort them out, she would fall into the mundane, and the product would overlap with current products on the market.

Adina worked until five o’clock before she was ready to head to her children’s preschool.

However, at this time, she received a call. She took a look before she smiled faintly and picked up the call. “Hello, Mr. Arison.” “Ms. Daugherty, I’ve already sent the digital contract to your mailbox. The contract is already in effect.”


“Thank you very much, Mr. Arison,” Adina said as she walked. “I’ll treat you to a meal after Daugherty Corporation’s shareholder meeting tomorrow.”

“You’re welcome, Ms. Daugherty. It’s an easy matter. You don’t have to thank me.” Mr. Arison paused for a while before he said, “An hour ago, the general manager’s assistant from your company contacted me and said that she wants to have a meal with me alone. How do you think I should handle this?”.

Daugherty Corporation’s general manager was Dew, so that also meant Dew had sent her assistant to approach Boyd Corporation.

Her purpose was clear without any explanation.

Adina scoffed. “The signature dish in Sea City is pretty good. You can give it a try tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll accept your suggestion.”

In Daugherty Corporation.

“Ms. Daugherty, Mr. Arison has agreed to the dinner!” The assistant happily rushed into the office. “It’s at 7.30 pm.”

Dew’s gloominess instantly disappeared.

She had been unlucky for so many days, and there was finally great news.

She paced back and forth in the office a few times before she pursed her lips and said, “It’s not appropriate for me to handle this personally. You need to attend the dinner alone. Bear in mind that you have to persuade Mr. Arison to turn down the collaboration with Daugherty Corporation!” “Ms. Daugherty, I’ll do my best. Please don’t worry.” Dew’s assistant then calmly attended the appointment.

Dew waited for her news the entire night. At 9.00 pm, her assistant called her, “Ms. Daugherty, I’ve spoken to Mr. Arison. He said Boyd Corporation plans to collaborate with the Jones family, and they never considered Daugherty Corporation. Ms. Adina Daugherty has lost the bet, and she will never be able to join the Board of Directors. You can rest early.” “You’ve done a great job. I’ll transfer the money to your bank account tomorrow.” After Dew hung up, she curled the corners of her lips.

Kicking Adina out of the Board of Directors was just the first step. Next, she would slowly get back the shares from Adina.

The next morning, Dew went to the company in good spirits.

It was the third day of the bet. The Board of Directors’ meeting was special today, and it was very lively in front of the meeting room.

Some people with insider news had spread it around.

“I heard that Boyd Corporation signed the contract with the Jones family.” “I told you Boyd Corporation wouldn’t collaborate with Daugherty Corporation. Only Ms. Adina Daugherty dares to have such a wilful dream!”