Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Dew had a headache due to all of Aaron’s nagging

The project did not fail because of her. Why did he let her take the blame for everything?

“Isn’t it just a client? Winters Corporation is worth ten small clients like that,” she said impatiently

“The project with Winters Corporation only starts after three years. Don’t bring it up again!” Aaron paced back and forth with his hands behind his back. He frowned and said, “Oh yeah, how’s it going with Boyd Corporation? Today is the second day. Has Adina looked for the person in charge of Boyd Corporation?” Dew massaged her forehead. “When I came to the company this morning, I heard that Adina was here too. I don’t know why she was around.”.

Aaron tapped on the table and coldly said, “If she really can secure the contract with Boyd Corporation, I might give her another chance.” When Dew heard that, she was shocked.

Give Adina another chance?

What did he mean?

Would he really let Adina work in Daugherty Corporation?

If Adina joined the company, she would need to keep her eye on Adina all the time. She would not be able to spare any attention for her own work!

Adina would also steal her status as the heiress one day.

Dew moved her mouth and wanted to say something, but she gave up.

Aaron was also Adina’s father. It was better for Dew to discuss her problems with her mother. Dew reported some things related to work before she left the CEO’s office. As soon as she arrived downstairs, she saw Adina walking out of the Finance Department.

The sisters met in the long, narrow corridor.

Adina smiled faintly. “Dew, did you not sleep well?”

Dew had spent half an hour putting on her makeup this morning, but she still could not cover her dark eye circles.

She suspected Adina of hacking her laptop last night, but she did not have any evidence.

It was alright, nonetheless. George had already begun to investigate it. As long as he found evidence, she could send Adina to jail.

Dew inhaled before she coldly asked, “What were you doing in the Finance Department?”

Adina smiled casually “I just came over to hang out and have some tea. I heard a juicy piece of gossip, by the way.”

She took a step forward, and her voice was filled with sarcasm. “A project we secured was ruined by you. If Daugherty Corporation is handed over to you, I think the company will go

bankrupt in three months.”


Dew was so angry that her features were distorted. She had always been the one who caused Adina trouble, but the b*tch had actually taken the initiative to provoke her today.

Did this b*tch really think that she could successfully secure the contract with Boyd Corporation?

Dew clenched her fists while she spoke in a hostile manner. “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see whether Daugherty Corporation will really go bankrupt.” She glared at Adina before she left. Adina tucked her hair behind her ear and swung the pendrive between her fingers.

Daugherty Corporation’s staff were used to being lazy. She had just treated them to a meal and easily gotten her hands on the Finance Department’s accounts. However, she did not study accounting, so checking the accounts might take up a lot of her time.

Dew stormed back to her office with a profound and gloomy gaze. Without any sense of warmth, she then asked her assistant to come to her office.

“Contact the person in charge of Boyd Corporation. Slander Daugherty Corporation’s reputation to him as much as possible.”

Her assistant looked confused. “Ms. Daugherty, what are you trying to do?” “Ha! I’d rather lose this big project than allow Adina to join Daugherty Corporation,” Dew viciously said. “If you do this job well, I’ll give you $1,000,000. You won’t have to worry about a day in your life anymore.”