Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Over in the Daugherty family, Dew had sprained her ankle, so she was working in the study in the afternoon.

Adina had suddenly returned, so she had begun putting all her efforts into dealing with Adina some time ago. It made her neglect a lot of work as a result.

Adina was coming for her aggressively. If she did not work hard, she would possibly be replaced by Adina. After dinner, Dew continued amending the documents.

It was Daugherty Corporation’s tender proposal. The bidding party was an old business partner that Daugherty Corporation had been working with for more than a decade. This hardcopy was just a formality, and Daugherty Corporation would get the tender in the end.

Dew had always managed such simple projects because they were easy wins. Once she succeeded, she would be the project’s biggest contributor. Dew leaned on her chair and checked the tender proposal for the last time. When she roughly read it, there was really no problem. However, she saw the document on her computer screen suddenly disappear at that moment! She worked so hard in typing the document, but it was ripped into snowflakes. Then, the whole document became blank. “What the heck? What happened?” Dew widened her eyes. She quickly took out her phone and called George. “George, please take a look at my computer. Is my computer infected with a virus?”

George was also working. He wrote a series of codes and entered Dew’s computer immediately. “Mom, your computer was forcefully planted with a trojan horse three hours ago. I already got rid of it for you. You can normally use your computer now.” Dew sighed in relief. “What about my document? Can you get it back?” “The document can be restored, but it takes at least three days,” George indifferently said.

“No way! I need to use the document in the morning tomorrow! It has to be recovered tonight!” Dew sounded like she lost control. “George, you’re a hacker expert. You should have a way to recover it, right?”

George thought for a while before he spoke, “Mom, the person is also a hacking expert. His Trojan horse virus is too powerful.”

What he meant was that it was impossible to recover the document tonight.

Adina was furious.

“George, somebody must be plotting against me! When I went out in the afternoon, a car passed by me. It was so close to me that I was nearly hit to death! The person failed to kill me,

so they hired a hacker to attack my computer! I have to use this document at 8.00 am tomorrow. Without the document, how can Daugherty Corporation participate in the tender? This is a huge project that can earn us at least $50,000,000 of profit, and it’s just ruined like that!”

Dew was so angry that her body ached.

“Mom, I’ll find out who the mastermind is. Please rest assured.”

After George finished speaking, he hung up.

After Adina sent her two kids to preschool, she drove to Daugherty Corporation. As soon as she stepped into the office, she heard many staff members gathering in the pantry and chatting.

“Ms. Daugherty is really incapable. She even managed to ruin a project that was a sure success. I admire her ability.”

“There’s a tender for this project every year, and our company gets the bid every time. But this year, wow! The shareholders should not pass her the project.”

“Ms. Daugherty is the future heiress of Daugherty Corporation. If they don’t hand it to her, should they hand it to you?” “The real heiress is Ms. Adina Daugherty, okay? Dew Daugherty just took over her position.” “Ahem!”