Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 118

Chapter 118

Forget it. They were business partners, so she had a lot of chances to make it up to the man in the future.

Adina placed Melody in the back passenger seat before she drove to the police station and dismissed the case. Then, she went to the preschool to pick Alden up. “Mdm. Daugherty, I’m really sorry! We were too careless. I’ll surely keep my eyes on Melody next time. This will never happen again!” Ms. Jones apologized with a guilty expression. Adina knew that she could not blame the preschool completely. She held the kids’ hands and softly said, “Alden, Mel, you have to listen to the teacher, okay? No matter where you want to go, you have to tell Ms. Jones. You can’t sneak out alone again. Understand?” Alden nodded. “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take care of Mel.” Melody innocently widened her eyes before she nodded. Ava’s heart melted. “Melody is really adorable. Okay, wave at me. We’ll see each other tomorrow.”

Melody obediently raised her arm and casually waved.

She was autistic, so it was great enough that she could interact like this. At the very least, it proved that she did not resist Ms. Jones. After they bade goodbye to the teacher in the preschool, Adina put the kids in the car. Alden asked in a low voice, “Mom, where did you find Mel?” “Mel went to Winters Corporation.” Adina drove while she said, “Alden, Mel usually spends the most time with you. Can you tell me how she knew Duke?” Alden clenched his fists tightly. Mel actually sneaked out to look for Duke? Did Mel know that Duke was their father?

“Mel met Uncle Duke last time when you were in the hospital. Maybe she has something to look for Uncle Duke,” Alden answered in a low voice. Adina nodded without saying anything else.

After Adina went home, she went to cook in the kitchen, and Alden sat beside Melody

“Mel, look at me.”

His voice was very deep like some kind of magic.

Melody, who focused on playing the puzzles, raised her head and stared at him in the eyes. “Do you like Duke very much?” Alden gently asked. Melody paused for a few seconds before she slowly nodded. Something flashed in the little girl’s black eyes before it disappeared again.

But Alden still noticed it.

Melody never showed such an expression when she looked at Flint.

Alden felt a little upset.

If Duke were a loyal man, he would not mind his mother being with Duke.

However, the man had made his mother pregnant while he also got another woman to give birth to his children. How could this kind of jerk be good enough to be with his mother? How could he be good enough for being Melody’s father?

Alden took a breath. He held Melody’s soft fingers and said firmly, “Duke Winters will not like you.”


Melody widened her eyes, and her eyes immediately became teary. “He has a son. You’ll never be as good as Harold to him,” Alden said cruelly. “Mel, you need to stop liking Duke. He doesn’t deserve your love.” The little girl immediately moved out of his grip. She stood up and ran away. She kicked over the block castle, and the small blocks scattered all over the floor.

Alden felt very heartbroken.


The person he wanted to hurt the least in the world was Melody. But he had to do this resolutely so that his sister would not get hurt.