Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 113

Chapter 113 After Adina talked about recruitment with Ethan, she attempted to drink some coffee.

Her phone suddenly vibrated on the table.

She cast a glance. It was from Ms. Jones.

It had been some time since the kids went to preschool, but Ms. Jones had never contacted her during school hours.

Adina put down her glass and answered the call, “Hello, Ms. Jones.”

“Mdm. Daugherty, something happened.” Ava’s voice trembled. “Melody’s missing.” “What did you say?”

Adina instantly raised her voice. She found a quieter place, tried her best to stay calm, and said, “Miss Jones, what happened? Please speak slowly.” “Alden and Melody went missing during the morning exercise time today. I checked the surveillance camera at 8.40 am, Melody left the preschool alone. Ten minutes later, Alden also sneaked out of school to look for his sister.”

Adina’s heart was hung up. “Do you mean Mel went missing for two hours?” She held the phone tightly, grabbed her car key, and walked outside. “Madam Daugherty, Alden did not allow us to inform you. He said he will find Melody. But two hours have passed, and he still hasn’t found Melody. So we have to contact you…” Ava’s voice was full of self-condemned. “I’m sorry, Madam Daugherty. It’s our responsibility. The headmaster has already called the police.”

“I got it.”

Adina just hung up and called Alden.

At this time, Alden was standing by the street where people came and left. His eyes were lost and helpless

He had been looking for Melody along the street for two hours, but he had found nothing.

He had lost his sister.


His smart watch vibrated.

He took a look, and it was his mom.

He pursed his pale lips and picked up the call. “Mom, Mel’s gone.”

“Tell me where you are.” Adina sat in the car, held the steering wheel, and started the engine.

Alden told her an address.

Adina said with a deep voice, “Wait there. I’ll be there in a minute.”

She stepped on the accelerator, and the car was driven away speedily. Eight minutes later, her car stopped right in front of Alden.

“Mom, it’s all my fault.”

Alden’s eyes turned red, and his voice was sobbing.

Adina got out of the car and stroked his hair. “It’s not your fault. Tell me, where did you last see Mel?”

Alden pointed at the opposite side of the road. “I saw her on the opposite of the road. When I wanted to go after her, a car passed by in front of me.”

It was a lively street, and there were a lot of cars.

At this time, the only thing Adina felt blessed was that Melody did not get involved in any car accident. She pursed her lips and asked, “Have you checked the surveillance of the street?” Alden seemed to have snapped out of his daze. He took a breath. “I forgot.” He was really too anxious. He just kept looking for his sister, and he forgot everything else.

Adina took out a laptop from the car and handed it to Alden.

Five minutes later, the surveillance of the street was found.

“Mom, Mel showed up here at last.” The scene came to a pause, and Alden gently spoke as he pointed at the surveillance.

Adina saw Melody stand at the lively street alone, and her gaze was lost and helpless.

Adina felt upset.

Melody had severe autism, and she was unable to communicate with the outside world. The doctor had said Melody must not be allowed to go out alone.

She was such an incompetent mother.

Adina suppressed her anxiety for a long time, but it was exposed the second she saw Melody. She stared at the screen for a few seconds before she pointed at a red car at the roadside and slowly said, “Zoom in.”