Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 110

Chapter 110 “What happened, Mr. Perez?”

Jake went downstairs to do some work and saw Mr. Perez, the tall and imposing head of the security team, lying down on the floor. He looked slightly hilarious. Mr. Perez stroked his own nose. “A little girl rushed in, and she’s hiding under the table. What do you think I should do, Mr. Wilson?” Jake cast a glance at the bottom of the table. Mr. Perez lifted the table cloth so that he could see the little girl’s wide eyes from where he was.

Her eyes were filled with vigilance, fear, and anxiety. The lighting was dim under the table, but Jake could still see that she was a fair and cute little


Jake’s heart melted a little, and he said, “It looks like this girl is just about three years old. Her guardian should be nearby. Don’t frighten the kid. Just bring her to the resting lounge and wait for her guardian to claim her.” Mr. Perez hummed before he bent down, went under the table, and retrieved the little girl. When Melody saw the hand that extended toward her, she was so scared that her eyes were filled with terror. She let go of the foot of the table, turned around, and ran.

“Hey, stop running!”.

By the time Mr. Perez came out from the bottom of the table, Melody had already disappeared from the lobby.

Jake glanced over before he went upstairs with some documents. There were too many things for him to handle every day, so a kid would not grab too much attention from him.

He then entered the CEO’s office with the documents. Just as he was about to report his work, he heard Duke speaking on a call. “He sneaked out again?

“Send more people to look for him.” When Jake heard that, he knew that the young master of the Winters family had sneaked out again. He saw Duke hang up and hold his forehead with a cold and profound expression.

That was a sign of disaster.

Jake felt flustered.

He was not about to report good news either. Mr. Winters would definitely rebuke him when he spoke later.

Even if Mr. Winters did not scold him, he would also have to bear the man’s cold aura.

He gulped, awkwardly chuckled, and said, “Mr. Winters, you don’t have to worry too much

Kids are very smart nowadays. Young Master Harold is already four years old, so he won’t get lost.”

Duke’s voice was deep and cold. “I wish he would get lost.”

Every word was cold, and Jake felt a shiver run down his spine as if he was experiencing winter. He continued to awkwardly say, “When I went downstairs to get the documents just now, I saw a little girl who had run into our building alone without the companion of an adult. The security guard was tired out…” “Can anyone simply enter our building now?” Duke’s voice became colder. “If you see any kid coming in again, just throw them out!”

Jake almost cried.

He brought the little girl up because he wanted to lighten the atmosphere, but Mr. Winters grew angrier instead.

He surrendered to his fate as he flipped open the documents and started reporting on the project. At 10.00 am, Duke wanted to go to the factory for an inspection. A group of people surrounded him while he walked out of the elevator, and they moved quickly. The security guards at the entrance of Winters Corporation stood up straight and greeted him in unison, “Mr. Winters!” Duke was expressionless . He emanated a strong imposing vibe, which made others afraid of staring straight at him. Jake quickly proceeded to open the passenger door at the back. At that moment, a little girl rushed out from the flower bed and approached Duke. She immediately held his leg. Everything became quiet for an instant. Then, Jake spoke in a hoarse voice. “Mr. Perez, quickly, take the kid away!” Mr. Perez was almost shocked to death. Had that girl not run away a long time ago? Why was she hiding in the flower bed? Besides, she was even bold enough to hug Mr. Winters’ leg!

She was totally deceptive! Mr. Perez looked fierce as he walked over and grabbed Melody by the collar.