Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 109

Chapter 109

On the street with a lot of traffic, Alden anxiously looked to the left and right before he finally saw a little girl in a pink dress.

It was Melody!

He immediately rushed toward her.

Who would have thought that a sports car would speedily approach and drive past him? By the time the car drove away, Melody had disappeared.

Alden’s head was full of sweat.

When they went to preschool that morning, he had sensed something was wrong with Melody.

He talked to her for a long time, but she did not respond. Then, he went to the toilet, and when he came back, Melody was gone.

If Mom knew that Melody had gone missing from preschool, she would lose her mind. He had to get his sister back before his mom found out! Alden took a deep breath and continued to walk along the road, looking for Melody from store to store. At the same time, Melody was getting on a bus. She was following a woman with a child. She sat beside the woman, and the boy in the woman’s arms secretly looked at her.

She stared ahead without looking away, and there was no emotion on her pretty face.

After the passengers came and left for some time, Melody finally got off at a station.

She went down alone, and the passengers on the bus hurriedly said, “Madam, your daughter went down alone. Why aren’t you going after her?” The woman holding the child was shocked. “That’s not my daughter!”

She was just wondering why the beautiful child was not accompanied by an adult. “Huh? She’s not your child? Whose is she then? Her parents are so careless to let such a pretty little girl come out alone.” “That child looks just over three years old, She’s so bold to ride the bus on her own!” “The little girl wasn’t crying or making a fuss, so maybe she actually came out alone.” “That little girl’s quite smart.” While the people on the bus talked, the bus slowly drove away. Melody stood on the street and looked to the left and right to get her bearings before she walked south for ten minutes. In the end, she stopped at the entrance of a magnificent building.

It was the Winters Corporation building, the landmark of Sea City.

The outer walls of the building were inlaid with glass, reflecting the whole city off the skyscraper. It looked majestic and inviolable.

Melody stood at the door, and when she saw the words (Winters Corporation), she went inside resolutely.

“This isn’t a playground. Children aren’t allowed to go in!”

The security guard at the door dutifully blocked the entrance. Melody looked up at the security guard and bent down to move under his arm. “Hey! I said you can’t go in!” The security guard reached out and grabbed her by the back of her collar.

Melody kept struggling hard. However, she was just a four-year-old girl. How could she move out of an adult’s grasp? “Go outside and turn right. There’s a playground fifty meters away. That’s where you should


The security guard lifted Melody and threw her out. Unexpectedly, Melody once again bent down and rushed toward the building.

The security guard was simply exhausted.

If this little girl was not pretty, he would have used violence.

He took a big step to chase after her. However, the little girl ran into a crowded area and even got under the table. “Hey, I’ll only say it one more time. Come out!” The guard leaned over the edge of the table before he stared at Melody and yelled. The little girl held onto the foot of the table and glared at him warily.