Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 106

Chapter 106

“I »

Dew grabbed her own collar. Of course she was afraid! She was afraid that Adina would discover who the two young masters in the Winters family actually were! She was afraid that the Winters family would find out what happened four years ago! She was afraid that all her beautiful dreams over the last four years would break into pieces. Dew bit her bottom lip with all her strength before she was able to suppress her anxiety. “George… I’m afraid…” She moved forward and held George’s little hands. “Adina and I are stepsisters, but the conflict between us is too strong. It can’t be resolved. She’s back now, and she won’t easily spare me. She’ll hurt you and your brother.” She looked down and continued to slowly say, “I asked you to investigate Adina’s child because I want to have something on her. That way, she’ll think twice about doing anything. Who knew that Harold would misunderstand like this? George, forget it. Don’t look into her. You and Harold are sons of the Winters family. Adina wouldn’t dare to hurt you. I was worried for nothing. I’m leaving now.” She raised her hand and stroked George’s hair before she turned back and walked out. George pursed his lips. He recalled his first gaze on Adina that day. He felt extremely surprised, like a person who was seeing snow for the first time. However, what came next was the chilly coldness.

Even he was fond of Adina, hence Harold could only like her more. Harold was a little stupid, so he would definitely fall into Adina’s trap. He had to let the woman expose her true self before Harold fell into her trap.

Adina was busy the entire day. When it was time, she went to pick her kids up from preschool. The traffic today was pretty good. There was no congestion, so she arrived at the preschool’s entrance five minutes early.

She sat in the driver seat as she waited, but she suddenly saw a sneaky person hiding behind a big tree near the entrance. She narrowed her eyes and stared for a few seconds before her gaze turned cold.

It was Dew!

Why was that woman at the preschool?

Did Dew already learn of Alden and Melody? There was a hidden glint in Adina’s eyes. She pushed open her car door and got out.

She shut it loudly, and a loud thud was heard.

Dew was already edge when she hid behind the tree. The moment she heard the loud thud, she subconsciously looked over, just in time to meet Adina’s eyes.

“Dew, what are you doing here?” Adina’s voice was gentle, but her gaze was as sharp as a knife.

Dew pretended to be calm as she walked out and flashed her a smile. “I was just passing by. I’m walking around.” “Really?” Adina scoffed. “Are you done walking around?”

Dew slowly walked closer. She flicked her red-colored nails before she sarcastically said, “No wonder you were so silent abroad and didn’t return for four years. It turns out that you’ve been raising a child. Tsk! You gave birth to a pair of dead twins, then you immediately got pregnant and seamlessly gave birth to a daughter. Adina, oh Adina, why are you so sl*tty?” Adina did not get angry. Instead, she chuckled. “Is that the purpose for your visit to the preschool today?”

“Ha! I want to let everyone see how sl*tty the most beautiful woman in Sea City is.” Dew’s face was full of mockery. If news of Adina giving birth to an illegitimate child spread out, the most beautiful woman in Sea City would definitely become the biggest joke in town.