Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 104

Chapter 104

If was fine as long as he could be in her life.

But Alden was asking him to leave now. “I’ll leave on the earliest flight tomorrow.” Flint pulled the blanket over and covered his face.” I’m tired. I want to get some sleep.” Alden silently held the basin and entered the bathroom. He felt guilty and blamed himself. His face was full of anxiety. No matter what, Uncle Flint had lent his mom a hand when she was in trouble, but he was chasing Uncle Flint away. Was he being too selfish?

The next morning, when Adina went downstairs to make breakfast, the couch was empty. There was a note on the table in the dining room. (Addy, my father’s calling for me. I’ll go back home first. See you next time.”

Adina pursed her lips. Flint came from a rich family, but he was unreliable, and his bank card had been frozen for a long time. She guessed the Morton family must have been shocked when he returned $6,000,000 to her yesterday. She had expected the Morton family to call him back as well. “Mom, did Uncle Flint leave?”

Alden held Melody’s hand and walked downstairs as he asked softly. Adina turned around and freaked out. “Alden, what happened to you? Why do you have dark circles?

Alden rubbed his eyes. “There were mosquitoes last night. They kept buzzing around and woke up.”

“I’ll go in and spray some repellent later.” Adina caressed his hair. “You two, hurry up and eat breakfast before we head to preschool.” Alden’s mind was occupied. He ate some bread while he asked, “Mom, did Uncle Flint tell you anything before he left?”

“That dude always travels around the world. It’s rare for him to stay in Sea City for three days,” Adina said casually. “If you miss him, just give him a call in a few days. He’ll fly over and visit you.”

Alden shook his head. “No, I’m just asking.”

After breakfast, Adina drove and sent the kids to their preschool. At the same time, Dew drove to Golden Sun International Bilingual Preschool.

Harold’s teacher had called her to take all of Harold’s books, clothes, and toys from the preschool.

She had initially refused to go, but to repair her relationship with the kids, she had to personally make an appearance.

She picked up the items at the teacher’s office, and just as she got in her car, she saw a red sports car stop in front of the preschool.

She also had a red sports car, so she could not help but look at it a little longer. Then, she saw Adina getting out of the car with a child in her hand. It was a girl.

She looked fair, as well as rosy, and her face was exquisite. She looked exactly the same as Adina when she was a child!

Dew instantly widened her eyes! Even without any evidence, she could conclude that the girl had to be Adina’s daughter!

The little girl looked to be about four years old. Could it be that after Adina left the country four years ago, she had immediately hooked up with another man and given birth to this little illegitimate child?

Dew’s gaze was deep and uncertain.

She was about to take a closer look when the preschool’s bus suddenly stopped at the entrance and blocked her sight. By the time the bus drove away, Adina’s figure had long disappeared. Dew even wondered if her eyes had deceived her