Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 100

Chapter 100 

“Stop talking crap then.” Eilam rolled his eyes at Trent. “Was it my fault?” Trent felt quite wronged. “The Internet said she gave birth to two stillborns, so I thought her kids died a long time ago. But she’s going to pick her kids up in preschool. What’s going on, guys?” “Two of her kids are still alive. They didn’t die. Don’t say such things again,” Duke said indifferently.
Trent appeared totally shocked before he gulped. “So, she has two kids, and you have two kids too. If you get together, there’s going to be four kids in total! Oh, my gosh, isn’t the house going to be chaotic?”
Duke cast a cold glance at him. “Who says we’ll be together?”
“Fine, just deny it!” Trent scoffed. “Adina’s so beautiful. I’m guessing a lot of men want to be her children’s stepfather. If you act too slow, don’t come complaining to us.”
Duke recalled the scenario in the hospital yesterday.

She truly did not lack a man.
He just wondered if that man was her children’s biological father or just their stepfather.
When Duke thought about it, his heart sank He stood up, pursed his lips, and said, “Let’s go to The Rock Bar. My treat.”
“How strange! Mr. Winters is actually inviting us to the bar. Did the sun rise from the west today?” Trent was surprised as he spoke. Eilam quickly pulled him over. “Can’t you see that Duke’s in a bad mood?” “Have you ever seen him in a good mood? His expression is always dark as if people owe him millions of dollars. Let’s go and get some drinks. I’ll try to drink until Duke goes bankrupt today!”
After Adina fetched her two kids home, she entered the kitchen to cook. She noticed that Flint had not come home even though she was done cooking. She frowned and said, “Alden, where’s Uncle Flint?”
“Sorry, Mommy. I forgot to tell you that in the morning, Uncle Flint said he was going to meet an important client, so he won’t be back for dinner.” Alden obediently helped her to arrange the table.
Adina nodded and asked Melody to sit at the table for dinner.. Without Flint’s gibble-gabble, the atmosphere at the dining table was extremely warm. After dinner, Adina got ready to bring the two kids out for a while, but she received a call from Flint.
She answered the call, but before she could speak, she heard some cries from the other end of
the line.
“Addy, you have to help me this time. Someone set me up…” Flint’s voice rang out from the phone. “My wallet’s been stolen, and I’ve lost all my bank cards. You’re the only one who can help me now…” Adina suppressed her urge to roll her eyes. “How much alcohol did you drink?” “Not much… About one or two bottles of red wine.” Flint sounded really drunk “They need to receive $5,000,000 before they release me, or they’ll call the police. Addy, you know how fierce my father is. If he finds me locked up because of this, he’ll kill me…” Someone suddenly grabbed the phone, and Adina heard a coarse and stern voice. “Bring $ 5,000,000 to The Rock Bar in half an hour, or we’ll call the police.” The man hung up right after he spoke. Adina’s expression became very dark
Alden raised his head with worry. “Mommy, did something happen to Uncle Flint?”
“He’s drunk. I’ll go and pick him up. You and Mel stay at home, okay? Be good.” Alden nodded before he held Melody’s hand and obediently sat on the carpet in the living room.
Adina grabbed her car keys before she quickly drove to The Rock Bar. On the way, she secretly cursed Flint nonstop.