Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 3 (The Trials)

Kevin’s POV:

Jennifer’s tone was calm, and there was a happy smile on her face.

On the other hand, felt like I was struck by thunder.

At this moment, her smile was too dazzling for me to look at.

What was she talking about? How could she be the daughter of the decreased Alpha Lewis Smith of the Rainbow Pack? Wasn’t she just a lowly slave? How could a slave be from an Alpha bloodline?

My wolf screamed painfully in my mind, “You idiot! How could you reject a mate with Alpha bloodline?”

“Rainbow Pack already has a new Alpha.This girl is just a lowly slave now.She doesn’t deserve to be my Luna at all.It was right for me to reject her,”

I stubbornly told my wolf.

But then why did I feel anger rising within me?

“You are such an idiot.You’re regretting it now, right?”my wolf taunted.

“Damn it! Shut up!”I told him.

Regretting it? I was the future Alpha.

All the she-wolves in the pack would die for a chance to be with me.Why would I regret rejecting a slave? It made no sense.

“Can I leave now?”Jennifer asked, interrupting my thoughts with a smile.

There was obvious disdain and impatience in her eyes.

I wanted to grab her and fuck her violently to punish her for her rudeness.But the mocking eyes of this bitch was too annoying to look at for even a moment longer.

“Fuck off!”I snarled.

Jennifer shrugged and walked out of the bathroom without looking back.

It seemed that she had no intention of staying at all.

In fact, she avoided me like the plague.

Despite that, looking at her slim and graceful back made my desire increase.

With no way to vent it, I roared and punched the wall.

Anger was threatening to burst out of me.