The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 91

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The door to the lobby finally opened, and Mr. Bamford walked in with twelve police officers following closely behind him.

Silence completely took over the lobby of the building and only the sound of their boots could be heard hitting the tiles as they walked over to where Elijah was.

The tears in Peach’s eyes immediately stopped, and a sense of confusion flooded every part of her mind as her eyes followed the officers until they stood in front of her husband and the other five officers.

*Chief! What are you doing here?” One of the five officers asked with worry evident in his voice. The other four looked just as confused as him, and fear started creeping its way on their faces after the chief didn’t reply immediately.

Meeting Elijah’s eyes and his bloodstained nose, Mr. Bamford frowned, dragging his gaze down to Elijah’s hands locked behind his back, and said, “Uncuff him now!”

The firmness in his tone caused Peach’s eyes to widen with a shocked expression, she opened her mouth, but no words came out because she was in disbelief, and it was surprising, a big shock for almost

everyone in the room except Elijah, Ryan, and Matt.

With trembling hands, one of the five officers took out the cuff key, reached for Elijah’s wrists, and uncuffed him without hesitation.

“Mr. Bamford,” Elmer mumbled, finally getting over his shock and staring at the chief in disbelief, “what brings you here?”

A scowl crossed the chief’s face, but when he turned to meet Elmer’s eyes, a look of raw shock instantly clouded his expression to see Elmer’s face with bloodshot red eyes and a swollen jaw. A small cut in his hairline was visible on his left eyebrow.

‘Wow!’ Mr. Bamford thought to himself, feeling more intrigued to find out what exactly happened to get Elmer messed up like that.

Looking back at Elijah, the chief drew a deep breath and asked, “What happened here exactly?

Before Elijah could move his lips to speak, Elmer penetrated the conversation and blurted out, “That savage being attacked me and ruined my face… Also, the thug behind him beat up my security! You should arrest them both for this.”

“Mr. Hayes, can you please quiet down and wait for your turn?” Mr. Bamford said, glaring at Elmer, crossing his arms over his chest.

The shock that those words brought to Elmer’s brain caused his mouth to fall open as he glanced at Elijah with wide eyes before darting his eyes around in embarrassment, not knowing why a Hayes like himself has become lesser in the sight of the law than a lowlife thug.

“Excuse me,” Ryan finally snapped out of his daze and approached Mr. Bamford.

Then he reached into his pocket, took out a card, and handed it to him, saying, “He’s my client.”

Staring at Ryan Bar Card, the chief brows knitted in surprise, and then he looked at Elijah with a sense of interest on his face, turning the card over in his hand to inspect it.

“According to the will we have, Mr. Elmer Hayes is no longer the owner of this company, and we did ask him earlier to leave nicely, but he got violent, and my client had to choose to defend himself and protect his wife by the Stand your ground laws,” Ryan explained, taking a glance at Elijah.

‘I see… you are not from here,’ Mr. Bamford thought, looking at the words written on Ryan’s bar card closely. ‘But whoever you are, I am sure there is an important reason Bryan Checks speaks of you with such high importance.’

Then he raised his gaze to meet Ryan’s eyes and asked, “Can I see the will?”

“Sure,” He responded, reaching into his briefcase for the document, and handing it over to Mr. Bamford.

A nervous look settled on Elmer’s face, and his eyes flickered anxiously between Elijah and Mr. Bamford as he flipped through the document.

After reading through the papers, the chief sighed out his frustration, eyeing Elmer, and then he met Peach’s eyes with a gentle smile and asked, “How do you want me to handle this mess… After all, the will is in your name.”

Still shocked about the entire shift in the situation, Peach said nothing, slowly turning her head to meet Elijah’s eyes, and for a while, she just stared dumbfoundedly at her husband.

“I want him gone, and he should never show his face back here, not today or ever.” Peach finally said in a strong tone, not taking her eyes off of Elijah.

Nodding, Mr. Bamford closed the file, handed it to Ryan with his card, and then said calmly. “Mr. Hayes, you heard the lady. You have to leave the premises.”

Immediately Elmer’s face etched with anger and confusion as he replied harshly. “But“

“According to the documents, they have the right to ask you to leave, so you either do it responsibly or my men can guard you away.” Mr. Bamford said curtly, his stern expression making sure Elmer got the hint

and understood that it was the last option he had to offer.

As the weight of embarrassment and anger settled in, Elmer’s brows knitted even further and his fists tightened as he let out, “Chief, you are making a grave career mistake here… My family

“Is not above the law, nor the chief constable’s authority, Elmer.” Elijah spat out with malice lacing his tone, his eyes darkening dangerously. “So do as you are told.”

Feeling a storm of anger roaming in him, Elmer met his gaze, and when he saw Elijah’s lips twitched into a half-smirk, he completely lost it, rushing for him, but Mr. Bamford was swift to grab his hand, slapping a cuff on his wrist and then locked his other hand.

“You are mocking me with that smug smile on your stupid face! You think you can intimidate me, huh?! This is not over! This is not…!” Elmer screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Okay, Mr. Hayes… I am sorry that it has come to this, but you will be escorted out here with handcuffs on because you have become a danger to yourself and those around you,” Mr. Bamford stated, keeping his grip on Elmer’s arm firmly.

The whispers grew even more louder at the sight of Elmer in cuffs, and when he finally calm down, the realization of that weighted on him like a ton of bricks.

“Thank you for your assistance with this entire mess, Chief.” Elijah said calmly, looking at Mr. Bamford.

Then his gaze darted towards Elmer, staring directly into his eyes with the same deadly glare, and said,” You are right. This is not over… It’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

For a moment. Peach stared after the police officers leaving with her uncle in cuffs until they walked out of the building, and then she turned to look at Elijah.

Even though she didn’t say a word, her intense stare told him that she had questions, but after a moment, she took her eyes off him and looked at Natalle.

“Excuse me,” Peach said in a firm voice. “You are Elmer’s secretary, right?”

A frown crossed Natalie’s face at Peach’s question, but when her gaze darted to Elijah, and she saw the coldness and darkness swirling behind his brown orbs, her expression changed, and she nodded slightly at Peach, answering, “Yes, Miss Hayes.”

“Mrs. Darius,” Peach interrupted her, “you may address me by that name.”

“Y… Yes, Mrs. Darius… Umm, what do you need of me?”

“Can you take me to where used to be Elmer’s office?”


Looking away from Natalie, Peach looked back at Ryan and Matt before focusing on Elijah and asked calmly, “Can I have a word with just you?”

For a moment, he studied her eyes, and his eyebrows rose slightly, then he mumbled, “Of course,”

The silence in the living room of the Hayes mansion was immediately ruined when Madam Jewel ringtone started blaring.

A scowl appeared on her face as she reached over the couch arm and picked up the phone off the glass table.

“Elmer, what is it?” Madam Jewel said impatiently, glancing at the clock and noticing it was almost two o’clock.

“That bastard!!” Elmer shouted angrily on the other line, causing her to flinch.

‘What’s the matter, son?!”

“The embarrassment… the audacity… the arrogance! I was put in handcuffs because off that… Th-at… th-at

“Stop speaking like a madman and talk to me properly.”

The line went silent for a few seconds, and then Elmer started again, ‘With the help of Elijah, Peach now own Investistic Co.”

“What?!” Madam Jewel shrieked, her face draining of color as she sat up straight in her seat. “What are you saying now, Elmer?!”

“She has the will.”

“But it got burnt,”

“No, she does have it…”

Another pause followed Elmer’s statement, and then he muttered, “Was the only one copy of that will?”

“No… There is more… Meeks!” Madam Jewel blurted, a pale, panicked look spreading on her face. “I need a word with you and your siblings today!”