The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Is there more to Mr. Hayes’ will?

A look of fear entered Meeks’ eyes, his expression twisting with anxiety, terror, and helplessness as he and Elijah continued to stare at each other. “Which will?” Mr. Meeks finally questioned. “The will that Mr. Hayes left Peach,” Elijah stated plainly, averting his gaze to stare straight into the old man’s eyes, daring him to try and lie.

“Whi-cho-ne…?” Mr. Meeks murmured, barely audible for anyone to hear.

Then he saw Elijah’s brows furrowing, and he knew that he was getting impatient as his eyes narrowed, and he leaned forward slightly in his chair.

“Don’t act like a dummy with me… speak louder.” Elijah uttered in a stiff tone.

Immediately, Meeks’ face turned pale, his body tensing, and then his eyes widened as he blurted out, “Oooh! Oh!! Do you mean the will Madam Jewel gave Peach the night of Mr. Hayes’s death anniversary party?!”

“Is there another will for Peach?” Elijah asked as he raised his eyebrows.

“No! No… no… I was just scared and my mind took its time to process everything.”

“Right…” “If that’s what you want, then I have another copy!!” The warehouse fell silent, and then Elijah leaned forward in his seat and stared directly into Mr. Meeks’ eyes, asking coldly, “Where is it?” “At my office, in my safe!” Mr. Meeks blurted out quickly. “Please, if you let me go free, I can go there, and I promise I can get you it.” The was a long moment of silence during which Elijah continued looking at Meeks’ eyes, searching for something in there. “Alright,” Elijah said quietly, leaning back into his chair. “But you and I are going.” “What?!” Mr. Meeks screeched, his eyes widening as they darted between Elijah and Jerome. “We are going there right now! “But… But…”

Taking his eyes off Mr. Meeks, Elijah looked up at Jerome and said in a serious tone, “If our lawyer friend here does anything funny, and I don’t walk out of that building with the will or as a free man, find him and kill him!”

Those words left Mr. Meeks frozen, staring up at both Elijah and Jerome, unable to move nor say a single word. “Yes, boss!” Jerome replied with a small nod. Silently, Elijah stood up from the chair with the knife, and as he walked toward Mr. Meeks, fear slowly crept over his face as he stared up at him. When Elijah squatted, looking him in the eyes once again, Mr. Meeks gasped, his entire body

tensing as he watched Elijah slowly raise the knife, listening to him say, “Let’s play nice from here on, so no one can get hurt, got it.”

“Okay, okay, I swear to not cause any trouble, I promise!” Mr. Meeks cried as the knife hovered above his chest, a terrified look plastered upon his face.

Slowly, Elijah lowered it towards the rope binding his hands and sliced through it in one swift motion, making Mr. Meeks flinched.

After the rope dropped on the floor, he sat there silently, watching Elijah stand up from the ground, his hands still holding the knife in his grasp.

“Let’s go,” Elijah said in a flat tone as he handed the knife to Jerome.

A moment later, Mr. Meeks and Elijah were in the backseat of his car with Dice behind the steering wheel, driving them towards the law firm.

Every now and then, Mr. Meeks would steal glances at Elijah out of the corner of his eye while trying not to make him notice him doing so.

The fifth time he stole a glance at Elijah, his breath got caught in his throat when Elijah met his gaze. They both locked eyes for a few moments, and then Elijah asked, “What?”

“Do you know what you are getting yourself into with these people?” Mr. Meeks stuttered as he glanced away. “Seems like you know more than you are saying…” Elijah whispered, causing Mr. Meeks to turn his head slightly toward Elijah once again, this time his eyes meeting Elijah’s for a second.

After a few minutes passed, Mr. Meeks cleared his throat, and when he spoke, his voice had become much clearer and stronger than it was earlier, “If I could give you one piece of advice, I would say take Peach and run…” “What are you not telling me, lawyer,” Elijah questioned in a low voice. Sighing, Mr. Meeks hesitated briefly, before shaking his head, muttering, “Nothing. It’s just… There’s nothing more I can tell you.” As silence settled between them, Elijah looked confused, but before he had a chance to say anything else, Dice stopped the car next to Mr. Meeks office building, parked the car and shut the engine off.

“We are here,” Mr. Meeks stated, reaching to open the car door, but Dice suddenly locked all the doors together, preventing them from opening.

Glancing at Elijah, Dice watched his eyes and followed his gaze to stare at the two security guards standing outside of the car, a couple of feet away.

“Boss,” Dice whispered.

“Open the doors,” Elijah stated calmly, looking back, directly at Mr. Meeks as he spoke. Sighing, Dice did as told, unlocking the doors, and Elijah got out of the car, leaving Mr. Meeks sitting still for a few inoments until Dice opened the passenger’s door for him.

Looking up at the cold expression on Dice’s face, Mr Meeks got out of the car without another word

“Mr. Meeks,” A guard said, the moment he recognized him as he, Elijah, and Dice headed up to the building’s entrance. “I thought you were gone for the day?”

“My new clients and I need to run over a few papers in my office, so here I am at work again.” Mr. Meeks said in a jovial tone with a forced smile. “Oh, then step right in, sir.” The other guard said, smiling widely as he took a step aside, opening the door wider. “Thank you,” Mr. Meeks replied sarcastically, walking past the guard who had opened the door.

As Elijah followed him in, the two guards’ gaze followed after him with a curious look on their faces, and then Dice locked eyes with them, and the coldness in his expression made them immediately avert their gaze ahead.

“Isn’t that the guy who was on all media platforms a few months ago… umm, right! Melina’s Ex-husband?” A guard whispered to his partner.

“Yeah… Elijah. And he’s with the Hayes’ family lawyer, do you think…” The other guard muttered, scratching his beard. “Nah, Mr. Meeks knows not to cross the Hayes family. Remember Madam Jewel’s last visit to him.”

“Yeah… Damn, that woman is scary… Mr. Meeks was shaking when they came out together.”

When the elevator stopped on the second floor, Mr. Meeks, Elijah, and then Dice walked down the long hallway until they came across a wooden door, with a large ‘M’ painted on the door. Unlocking the door, Mr. Meeks drew a deep breath and then pushed the door open slowly, stepping aside. “Umm… I will get the copy for you.” He paused, giving Elijah one final worried look, before turning around and heading for his safe.

Calmly, Elijah stared around the room, looking at the degrees framed on the wall and shelves of books, and then he moved to sit on a couch by one of the windows. “Is there more to Mr. Hayes’ will?” Elijah asked, not taking his eyes off the window. Immediately, the old lawyer’s eyes shot open and his heartbeat increased, his fingers clenching around the papers in his hands, even though he didn’t look at Elijah. Forcing himself to take slow, calming breaths, he tried not to look back and said, “No, there’s not. What was given to Peach that night, is exactly what her grandfather wanted her to get.” “Really?” Elijah asked, turning his head to glance at him.

Fidgeting slightly, Mr. Meeks bit his bottom lip and nodded as he slowly closed the safe door, and then he paused to calm his heart before finally turning his attention to Elijah.

“I got the Will,” Mr. Meeks stated, putting the papers on the table. Talding, the documents in his hand, Elijah started reading them. Once he finished, his gaze shifted over to Mr. Meeks

“You didn’t answer my question just now,” Elijah said after a brief silence.

“Hut I did,” Mr Meeks answered, a serious look replacing the nervous look on his face a few Necond go “This was the will Mr Hayes wanted Peach to get the company that Elmer owns, belongs to l’eachThat’s all I was told to give to hier” Those words didn’t convince Kijal, because he saw the slight hesitation in Mr Meeks’ eyes, but he stood from the couch, walked over to him and stopped

“Ir i have to meet you again concerning the question that I asked, you should know it’s going to be uply” Kijal warned, a dark glint in his eyes

“Then I have nothing to worry about because you have the will.” Mr. Mocks replied calmly, raining an eyebrow

Hugging onto the pillow lightly, Peach squeezed her eyes shut. Her body felt lense, her chest rising and falling quickly with every ragged exhale she took

Sleep had forsaken lier since Elijah left, and the more the minutes ran by, her worry and anxiety only grow

Her cars liad beci alert for hour now and she had heard countless footsteps and voices pass their door, yet somehow, none of them sounded Lammillar to her.

Should I call?” Peacli asked herself aloud, shifting slightly so she could get a little bit comfortable II’s been a couple of hours, so it’s okay to call, right?

But just as the idea entered her mind, the sound of the doorknob turning reached her cars, and Peach’s eyes snapped open and her body stiffened as she waited to see if someone would come

I took a minute, and then the door opened, her gaze rested on Elijah, walking in, and then a soft smile appeared on his face as he noticed Peach laying on the bed.

Immediately, she pushed the bed sheet off her and rushed off the bed, running into his arm, but halted when he mumbled, “Is that my sweater on you?”

with a sleepish look on her face, Peach pulled her arms behind her back and shrugged, staring: at her feet

Smirking, Elijah leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer to him, burying his nose in her hair, inhaling her scent,

“So. “Elljah began, after a short while. “Are you ready to take over a company?”

A look of confusion covered Peach’s features, and she lifted her head to look at him, tilting her head.

Pulling away from her, Elijah took the folder in his hand and handed it to Peach, and mumbled, “Take a look.”

Slowly, she took the folder and opened II, scanning the first page, then her eyes widened as she cried, “Elijah…”

A look of disbelief covered her face and she looked at him, but her expression quickly shifted into fondness as she whispered, “How did you. But how” “Il turned out Mr Mooks is a very cooperative man and lawyer” Ft)ah softly stated, chuckling Hej minile only widened from there on, and without holding bark, she wrapped her arius

dd bland pollee hun a bit lower, pressing her lips against his

She couldn’t believe it, the company was hers again, and this time, she had the right to claim it. No matter who was in charge or what the Hayes family had decided, it was hers to take.

“Thank you,” Peach whispered against Elijah’s lips.