The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Kill or let it free 

The words that Elijah said to Jerome never left Peach’s thoughts, even though the morning was now evening, and Elijah was sleeping.

Adjusting her head on his warm chest, Peach looked at him, just staring, allowing her thoughts to run wild in her head, as she listened to his heart beating, feeling his chest rise and falling, listening to his breathing.

‘What package were you talking about?’ Peach wondered as she bit her lower lip, thinking furiously.

All of a sudden, she heard his phone go off, causing Elijah to shift slightly on the bed, hugging onto her waist tightly, and burying his face deeper into her neck “Elijah, your phone,” Peach whispered, feeling reluctant to wake him and yet, also wanting an answer.

“Hmm…” He mumbled sleepily, his voice barely audible.

“Your phone…,” Peach repeated, her tone a lot louder than a few minutes ago as she tried again to shake him awake.

Finally, Elijah opened his eyes, blinking slowly for several seconds. After a few more seconds he seemed to register what Peach said, and he quickly let go of her and sat up, taking his phone off the bedside table.

“J,” Elijah said, resting his feet on the cold tiles.

“We have Mr. Meeks at the warehouse,” Jerome announced from the receiver.

A faint smile made its way to Elijah’s lips as he glanced over at Peach and then let out, “I’mon my way.”

“Okay,” Jerome’s voice flowed into his ears.

When Elijah ended the call, he walked over to the closet and took out a black shirt, and jeans, wearing them, and even though she desperately wanted to know where he was going, she said nothing as she watched him get dressed.

When Elijah got done, he turned to face Peach, and although her lips said no words, her eyes told him that she was curious and he walked over to her. His palm rested flat against her bare thighs as he leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips, squeezing her skin gently. “I will be back soon. Don’t leave the room until I get back… Bear with this rule a little until 1 gel is our house, okay?” Elijah whispered against her lips. “If everything goes smoothly, I will have a surprise lor you.” “Really?” Peach wliispered, her curtosily becoming a bit stronger. “So, be good and wall for ine to come back, okay?” “Himni,”

Silemtly, Pearh nodded, watching as he pulled away from live and grabbed his slves, putting

them on, and then he gave her a soft smile before walking out of the room.

At nine o’clock, Dice brought the car to a stop at the warehouse, parked it, and looked back at Elijah.

“Boss, we are here.” He stated, and then got out of the driver’s seat, and walked around the front of the car to open the door.

The night air hit Elijah’s face as he stepped out of the car, his hand brushing the cool metal of the vehicle.

After shutting the door behind him, Elijah stood still and took a deep breath, trying to prepare himself, and then he and Dice headed into the warehouse. Tied up in a chair with a blindfold on his eyes, Lawyer Meeks groaned in pain from the tightness of the rope around his wrists. Grabbing another chair, Elijah dragged it towards him, making him flinch as the sound got closer and closer to him. And when the sound stopped, Mr. Meek’s heartbeat grew loud inside his ears as he waited. Sitting on the chair, Elijah studied the sweat dripping on his forehead, from his temples to the corners of his eyes, and down his chin. “Let me look into his eyes,” Elijah commanded in a cold, detached manner. Immediately, Jerome walked over to Meeks and undid the knot of the blindfold from his eyes, allowing him to meet Elijah’s gaze. Speechless from shock, Mr. Meeks just stared at Elijah, not really knowing how he should react, and then like awaking from a terrible nightmare, he shouted, “You!!… it is you!!! From th-at… th -at… th-at… Peach!!! You were with her that night!! Melina’s ex-husband… The Hayes former useless son-in-law!!” “Well, it seems like the news hasn’t reached you yet… I am married to Peach now, and urm… my wife needs something from you?” Elijah replied, his tone completely indifferent.

“You… You kidnapped me!!”

“Well, I had to… Because how then were we going to have a civilized conversation with decent words and you agreeing to do exactly what I want?”.

A frown appeared on Meeks’ forehead, as he shook his head, clearly confused by Elijah’s actions

“Do you have a copy of the will?” Elijah asked with a calm, expressionless voice. “I don’t have any will!” Mr Meeks shouted, his nose llaring

Taking a deep breath, Elijah closed his eyes for a second belore opening them and saying ralmly, “Mr Meeks, I need this conversatton to go sinoothly, or clse I might lose iny dami 19191100. sure you that when my patience run thin, there’s nothing your’an say or do that woukl make or not want to hurt you.”

A nervous, Aid yr Dorking chuble Carne 110111 Mr Meeks’ up as he tried to regain composure And control, bulgow quim instantly when Jerome suddenly tossed a blade on the table and

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“The next hole I will create will be in the left side of your chest.” Elijah threatened, and with each word he spoke, Meek squirmed in his seat, unable to hide his fear. “I have people in high places…” Meeks whispered, his voice quivering, but his tone growing confident. Resting back in the chair, Elijah watched Meeks’s eyes, allowing the silence to sink into him and awakening fear inside of him. “Tied his mouth to the point that sound can’t escape,” Elijah stated simply as he pulled out the knife. Struggling in his seat, Meek tried to fight off Jerome as he stuffed his mouth with a sock and taped his lips twice to secure them. When Meeks saw the knife in Elijah’s grip, his eyes widened and he violently shook his head, tears gathering at the corner of his eyes.

Slowly, Elijah took out his phone and sliced the blade into the edge of the table repeatedly as he absentmindedly scrolled through his contact list. When he reached Mr. Bamford’s number, he dialed it, and then ended the call after the first


It didn’t take long before his phone started buzzing and he allowed it to ring for a while before excepting it and putting the call on speaker.

“I did not even get a wedding invitation… how could you make me hear about your wedding through rumors, Mr. Darius.” Mr. Bamford’s jovial voice echoed in the open air. “This old chief constable loves wedding cakes too, you know.” The moment Mr. Meeks heard, ‘chief constable,’ he froze with only one thought on his mind, Who is this guy?”

A laugh left Elijah’s mouth, and yet, he didn’t lose the coldness in his eyes as he stared into Meeks’ shaky gaze. “My apologies,” Elijah mumbled, losing the smile, even though his voice sounded


“Well, all is forgiven… After all, I learned that Bryan Checks didn’t even attend your wedding because you didn’t invite him, so, who am I to get mad at such a man like you…” Mr. Bamford chuckled as he paused for a bit. “Also… about the motel fire…”

“It was an accident.”

“Are you sure?… If you want me and my men to investigate, we will gladly oblige.”

“Thank you, but no need… The hotel fire was an accident. So there’s no need to trouble your men and you.”

A dopp sigh filled the ait on the other end of the line, and a moment later Bamford answered ” As you wish. But please let me know when you need my assistance with anything, okay?”

“Thanks Ipi’s catch mp or another day I have a stubborn rat problem that I need to either kill or let it frey, outside” Fljal slated calmuly

“Well, you should kill in. Aier mll, als afi very dangerous fiest. will only cuscute

problems for the residents of the city.” “I see… Thanks for the advice.”

After ending the call with Bamford, Elijah put his phone back in his pocket, then he looked into Mr. Meeks’s eyes and said, “You heard the chief constable’s last words.” Smirking, Elijah looked up at Jerome and commanded, “Let him speak.” With calm eyes, J ripped the tape off Meeks’ mouth, making him whine in pain, and then Jerome removed the gag from the old man’s mouth, allowing his voice to come out raspy. weak, and exhausted.

“I too have friends in high places… so you can either give me a copy of Mr. Hayes’ will for Peach, or I might take the chief constable’s advice and get rid of a rat,” Elijah said in a casual tone. “Your choice.”