The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 85

Choose your side 

Anger immediately started to rise inside of her as Peach glared at Madam Jewel with a look of pure hatred, and without even realizing it, she blurted, “Grandpa left that company for me, and you can’t just take what he gave to me away!” A faint chuckle escaped Madam Jewel’s throat as she gazed down at her granddaughter, before she replied, “Oh yes, I can… you know, I thought you were getting married to this… this human being because you want to own something in this family and be a part of us…” 1

A pause followed her words as she watched Peach’s eyes for a sign of fear and submission and when she saw a slight flicker of emotion in her step granddaughter’s eyes, she smiled, knowing that she managed to hit Peach’s weak spot. “I will not tolerate the disrespect I am seeing from you, Peach, and since that’s how you want to behave, I am taking this opportunity to let you know you aren’t fit to take over any of the family business. I don’t need an arrogant, selfish, and prideful woman who does not know who ass to kiss up to.” Madam Jewel said, shaking her head and staring deeply into Peach’s eyes.

“Okay! That is enough crap!” Elijah yelled, his face darkening as he stood from the sofa. Then he looked down at his wife and stretched his hands out to her, saying, “Let’s go…” “Peach, I am warning you as your grandma. Choose your side wisely or else you will suffer from your mistakes….” Madam Jewel warned, raising her voice while glaring at her. “If you humble your pride, I can take pity on Grace and you.”

Looking over at her, Peach glared and then put her hand in Elijah’s palm, and he gently pulled her off the sofa, lacing his fingers through hers.

“What are you depending on here, Elijah?!” Madam Jewel asked, her mind reeling from disbelief, confusion, and rage. “It would be so boring to just say it to your face, so wait for me to show you,” Elijah uttered. meeting her gaze with a smirk.

Then he turned to Peach, seeing the confusion in her gaze, but she said no word, merely nodding her head before he led her away.

When they were back in the car, Peach rested back on the seat, covering her face with both her hands, sighing loudly. “I can’t believe she actually did that,” Peach muttered, trying to suppress the anger welling up inside her and the hurt that she felt toward Madam Jewel. Silently, Flijah pulled out his phone, scrolled through his contacts, and stopped at Rookie’s number, djaling it.

Alter spursal rings, Rookie answered the phone, sounding somewhat drowsy, “Morning Buss,” “I need you and Ryan to find me “Elijah sald, pausing as die stared over at Peach.

Mowly, she slid hr palm down lier lace and inet his pyrs, wondering why he was just startng

ther with such Intensity

“What’s your grandfather’s lawyer’s full name?” Elijah asked after a few seconds, interrupting their eye contact

“William Meeks,” Peach mumbled, still confused at his question.

Focusing ahead of him, Elijah caught Dice’s face in the rearview mirror and then said,” Rookie, find out William Meeks location. Can I get it before the twenty-four hours of today is over?”

“I will get Ryan and we will do our best to make that happen, boss.” Rookie uttered in a deep, serious voice.

After hanging up his phone, Elijah glanced over at Peach, and the way she was staring at him made a smile appear on his lips, then he asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah…” Peach whispered, looking away from Elijah and staring out the window.

Then she rested her head on the glass, shutting her eyes as she mumbled in her head, ‘Rule one… How can just a few rules be so damn hard?’ “Want to grab something to eat?” Elijah asked, glancing over at her. Immediately, Peach opened her eyes and stared straight at Elijah, a smile slowly spreading across her lips as she nodded her head, making him to chuckled softly. “Dice, please take us to Emerald Grill,” Elijah said, watching her eyes lit up and widen. “Alright, boss.” Dice mumbled, his eyes locked onto his driving wheel, and the rest of the ride passed peacefully by until they arrived at Emerald Grill. “We are eating here?” Peach whispered, looking up at the tall green glass building, awed.” Isn’t this too fancy?… Maybe we should eat somewhere else… you know, somewhere that will not cost you so much.” silently, Elijah studied her eyes, the nervousness that had suddenly appeared on her features and he found it extremely amusing, which caused him to let out a small laugh. “Stop laughing,” Peach murmured, blushing slightly. “Okay,” He said in a soft voice, gazing down at her with a smirk on his lips. “We should be saving up money after all the spending you did on our wedding, and now that I lost the company…And Honestly, I love… Starbucks, and I rather we go there.”

“Really?” with a strong nod, Peach gave a big smile and replicd, “Yes. There is nothing that compares to the laste of Starbuck coffee in my mouth.”

Amazed at her response, Elijah continued to stare at her intently for several seconds, before le lauflied and asked, “Okay,”

At cleven, Elijah and Prach walked through the doors of Starbucks, her hand in his as he led het over 10mlable near the back

Altos silling down, de prabbed a menu, und scanned It briefly, before placing it next to him, And i hr raised husy Vrlo Nee Prachi, Scarlug seriously at the ment, and then ayrin formed on tott Jihr saw the determination in licu pyes.

“Mmm… there are so many options!” Peach murmured with excitement.

“You should order as much as you like,” He stated, smirking. Raising her brows, her eyes widening slightly, Peach was about to speak when the waiter approached their table, and then Elijah’s phone rang, causing him to look away from her and stare at the caller ID.

“Good morning, what would you two like?” The waiter asked when he reached their table. Picking his phone off the table, Elijah eyed the waiter and said, “My wife will be making our order,” Then he answered the call, leaving Peach staring in awe at him before focusing on the waiter, smiling at him nervously because she was a bit worried about making Elijah’s order. “Why was I not invited to your wedding?” Bryan’s voice echoed in a teasing, but a bit serious tone in his voice.

“It was not for the famous,” Elijah said sarcastically. A laugh escaped Bryan’s lips, and then the line went quiet for a moment, and then Bryan spoke again, “Are you and Peach, okay.. I got wind of what happened to the motel.” “Yeah, we are,” Elijah mumbled, watching Peach talk with the waiter with a bright smile on her face.

“Was it an accident?”


“But the Hayes was at your wedding, so who could-“ “They were playing smart.”

A faint laugh echoed from Bryan’s lips and then he muttered, “What a bunch of arrogant dumbheads.”

“Will that be all?” The waiter asked, giving Peach a friendly smile.

Eyeing Elijah, seeing that he was staring straight at her, she waited to see if he wanted to add anything, and then she looked back at the waiter, mumbling, “Yes,” Quietly, Elijah reached into his pocket, took out his credit card, and rested it on the table, listening to Bryan say. “About what we discussed the other day, I have a few guys you might like to meet and interact with to see which one of them better fit your taste in partnership”

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Thanks, Bryan. See you Friday,” After ending the call, he placed his phone back beside him, and he turned to face Peach, and asked softly, “Did you get everything you wanted off the menu!” Nodding, Peach smiled for a second before a look of worry crossed her face, and she asked shyly, “You are not allergic to anything right?” When Elijah shook his head, Peach let out a sigh, feeling relieved, and she whispered, “Good.” A moment later, the waiter returned with their orders and set them down on the table before pointing Elijah’s credit card to him, mumbling, “Here you go, sir.”

Once he left, Elijah watched as Peach grabbed her cup of Caramel Macchiato and took a long sip, pulling it away from her lips. Staring at the mustache foam left on her mouth, Elijah smirked, and then leaned across the table, licking the foam, before placing his lips on hers, kissing her gently for a few seconds. After breaking the kiss, he gazed into her sparkling eyes, smiled softly, and then a vibration from his phone interrupted their little bubble. Pulling back, Elijah grabbed his phone and stared at the text from Rookie, a look of seriousness taking over his face. Seeing the sudden shift, Peach watched silently as he scrolled on his phone, wondering if something had happened.

“],” Elijah finally said with the phone pressed against his ear. “What is it, boss?” Jerome asked in a deep, serious tone. Inmediately. Peach’s face went blank when she heard Elijah say, “I am about to send you sanie information, and I need you to pick up a package for me and deliver it to the warehouse… Colline when you have ll, and I will meet you guys there.”