The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 83

Rule three 

The dull morning light in her face with her body wrapped into Elijah’s arms, Peach just stared at him, his lashes, the details of his lips, unable to look away. Her hand rested on his cheek, and looked at his shut eyes, stroking his skin lightly as she felt her breathing become slow and steady. “I know it was just nonsense that she said, but I still can’t get her words out of my head…” Peach whispered, leaning in closer until there were no more inches between them, their breaths mingling together. “What can’t you get out of your head?” Elijah asked, his voice low and soothing as his eyelids slowly opened.

Not expecting him to even be awake, Peach froze, trying desperately to think of something, anything because she didn’t want to tell him about the conversation between Melina and her.

“Nothing,” Peach quickly replied, pulling her face back, feeling a heat rise to her cheeks. “It’s nothing. You should go back to sleep. Yesterday was hectic, and my crying kept you up late.” “Peach, what is rule two?” Elijah questioned, his brows furrowing slightly as he gave her a look, his expression telling her that he wasn’t going to take ‘no for an answer. “I’m not allowed to lie to you or hide anything from you,” Peach whispered, taking a deep breath, and closing her eyes as she tried to stop her mind from racing so fast. Watching her, Elijah’s brows furrowed as he sighed and then mumbled, “Peach, look at me.” His tone told her to open her eyes, and she held her breath until she finally looked at him. “You’re lying to me right now, right?” Elijah said, staring into her eyes with such intensity that Peach couldn’t help but feel like she was melting under his gaze. “Yes,” she breathed, her voice barely above a whisper, afraid to break the spell he had over her. “It’s just something silly Melina said.” His brows furrowed as he tilted his head to the side, and Peach could swear that he was searching for something inside her. He was silent for a few moments before asking, “How silly?” “Well…” Peach hesitated, thinking of how she wanted to phrase it, feeling a sense of embarrassment well up within her. “Forget it,”


Her eyes widened, and she held back her tongue, looking down at their hands as he continued, “It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it if it not important.” “Elijah,” Peach said softly, her voice cracking ever so slightly and hating this part because she knew she had to say something about her feelings, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Suddenly, Elijab grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer, his face hovering dangera done to hers, his eyes softened, and his body pressed against hers.

“I rather focus on something else this morning,” Elijah muttered, his fingers tracing the outline of her lips. His other hand slowly ran through her hair, sending shivers down her spine as his warm breath caressed her face,

Suddenly, he leaned in closed, his lips almost resting on hers, only a breath apart, and then he halted, making her heart race.

The warmness from his breath lingered on her lips as he said, “I want you, Peach.” She stared into his eyes, unable to speak, unable to move, her body frozen as she waited for something to happen. A tear rolled down her face, but she blinked it away, her vision starting to blur and her chest constricting Slowly, Elijah kissed the tears off her face, his lips soft and gentle, and his arms tightening around her

Then his lips made their way down her jaw and neck, and she let out a shaky breath when he reached her collarbone as his hands traveled up her pajamas shirt, grazing her sides, and her whole body tensed. “I want you 100,” Peach finally managed whispered, but the words were stuck in her throat. “I know,” Elijah said quietly, placing feather light kisses along her neck until he reached her car, and she let out a small gasp when he bit gently at the lobe. Her legs slowly raised upward, spitting open to allow him access to the rest of her body and she threw her head back when she felt his hand glide across her stomach. “Elijah,” Peach gasped, her knees shaking and her hips jerking upwards as he sucked on her neck.

Suddenly, he stopped, and she grasped deeply, trying to control her breathing as he slowly lifted his head Whion Elijah reached into the draw, her entire body stiffened, knowing what he was going to pull out before he even took out the condom.

“Rule three…’ Peach thought with a groan, letting out another shuddery breath.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered, his eyes locked onto hers as he held the packet between his thwinb and forefinger.

‘I do. But it’s clear it’s not the same for you,’ Peach thought, biting her lip and staring at him willi wide eyes.

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to happen, and then after a moment, she felt his weight above her. “Focus on me, Peach,” Elijah spoke in a low voice, his fingers gliding along her bare skin as he placed himself over her.

Slowly, Peach opened her eyes, and her gaze went straight to his, and she found herself lost in his brown eyes, unable to look away. “Tell me if you want this,” Elijah mumbled, studying her eyes. With a shaky smile, Peach nodded as he placed his forehead against hers, and she grin at him, reaching up to touch his face, “I trust you.” And after those thre simple words, she felt a tingle run through her entire body as their hips connected slowly.

It was as though electricity flowed throughout her body along with the pain, and the feelings he caused were enough to make her feel dizzy.

Hugging her tightly to him, Elijah nuzzled his face against her hair, kissing the top of her head as his hips began moving gently in a rhythm, Peach letting out a moan as the sensations increased

Elijah groaned and shifted a bit, causing Peach to moan louder, her body becoming more sensitive.

He picked his pace up, and Peach felt herself losing control and gripping the bedsheets with both her hands, trying hard not to scream at the top of her lungs. “Elijah,” she moaned as he thrust harder, her hips beginning to buck up against him. Pressing his mouth on hers, he moved his fingers through her hair and wrapped his hand around one of her wrists, pinning it against the bed as he pushed harder against her. “Elijah!!” Peach screamed as he hit a certain spot, causing her hips to jerk upwards as she felt a wave of pleasure pass through her body. Feeling her tense beneath him, Elijah slowed his movement, allowing her to catch her breath, “Are you okay?”

Panting heavily, she nodded her head, and once she caught her breath, she responded, “Yeah.”

He lowered his body, brushing his lips across her cheek before kissing her nose, then her lips, slowly moving his hips again, causing Peach to wrap her legs around his waist, holding tight onto him as his mouth captured hers hungrily, their lips moving together in sync.

Siuddenly his ring tone echoed, causing Elijah to groan, burying his face in her neck and pulling, hun lighter against him as he tried to ignore the sound

”Il’s my honeymoon, for i rying out loud,” Elijali mumbled with a sigh before kissing her skin.

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“Mmmhmm,” Elijah murmured before pecking her lips and getting up to pick up both their phone, handing Peach’s hers. When she took it from him, her mood immediately shifted as a look of hate clouded her eyes, her brows furrowing, and her mouth set into an angry frown.

“It’s Jewel… What could she possibly want?!” Peach hissed, rolling her eyes angrily. Taking his eyes off Jerome’s name on his screen, Elijah met Peach’s eyes, clearly seeing that the things she said last night weren’t in the fate of rage, but she was actually serious… he could see it in the depths of her eyes.