The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 77

I want to do you right

As Mall drove the car in silence, he looked back at Elijah, staring out the opened passenger window, and then he mumbled, “I know you don’t talk a lot about your marriage to Melina, but I think Peach is really in love with you…”

“You will think those words twice after being with a manipulative, twisted psychopath who is willing to do anytlıing to get what she wants,” Elijah mumbled, not taking his eyes off the scenery. “Women know the power that they have… They use it like a weapon. They know how to wield it, to control it. To get them what they want.”

Sighing, Matt tumed around and looked at him for a second, seeing the pain reflected in Elijah’s brown eyes as he said this before looking back at the road ahead, mumbling, “Not all of them are like that.”

“I know. And I am hoping for Peach to just be Peach… I don’t think I can handle her changing on me later because, to be honest, I am…” Elijah mumbled, pausing as he stared at a store and then blurted, “Make a stop over there.”

A couple of minutes later, he and Matt walked through the door of a jewelry store, and the inside looked highly polished with huge marble floors and glass ceilings.

When they reached the counter, Elijah looked over at a sales clerk and said, “Hey, I am looking for an engagement ring.”

A smile made its way onto the clerk’s face as she said, “We’ve got a great selection right here. The ones at the top price are twenty thousand dollars, the middle is fifty thousand dollars, the lowest is fifteen thousand dollars… What would you like?”

“Do you have anything lower than that?” Elijah asked, still looking at the clerk. “A bit cheaper?”

The smile on her face quickly faded to hear him ask for a lower price because she judged him by his good look and thought he was someone who had money.

Suddenly, another guy walked over to the counter, dressed in a fancy velvet black two-piece suit, and she immediately turned her focus on him.

“Good afternoon, sir! How can I help you?!” She called as she tried hard not to stare at Elijah.

“I want to buy an Emerald ring. Do you have one here that is decent for my fiancé?” He uttered, smiling slightly.

“Excuse me… umm, we were here first. At least give us a few options to look at before you pay attention to another customer.” Matt interrupted and he glared at the clerk.

Frowning silently, she scowled over at him and let out, “I did. And it’s not my fault that you two don’t have the means to purchase what I have shown you!”

Hearing the arrogance in her tone, another clerk looked over at Elijah and Matt with a sympathetic expression and walked over to them.

“Good afternoon, sirs. How can I be an assistant to you two gentlemen?” She asked with sweetness in her voice.

“We are looking for an affordable engagement ring,” Elijah stated bluntly, his gaze leaving


the other clerk as she scoffed and then focused on the lady.

“Okay… Umm… We have Tanzanite, 600- 1000, Aquamarine, 1000 dollars, Sapphire, 1200 2000, Fire Opal, 2300… Hmm, do you want me to go higher than that?”


“Okay, then… I will bring out a few rings in that price range”

Silently, Elijah watched her bent under the counter, and he noticed that she took out a large box, along with several others which she stacked up onto one side of the counter.

After looking through them one after another, Elijali and she settled on a beautiful Aquamarine ring, and she whispered, “Your girlfriend is going to love it… It’s so pretty.”

Seeing that she was so in love with the ring and not the price, Elijah smiled and then mumbled, “Can I speak with your manager?”

A look of worry immediately crossed her face, thinking that she had said or done something wrong, but she forced a smile and mumbled, “Sure… I’ll come back in a moment.”


Turning on her heels, she hurried to leave Matt and Elijah to themselves as she walked through a door leading to a backroom, while Matt kept quiet, watching Elijah and wondering what was going through his head.

A moment later, she returned with a fellow, walking behind her, and they stopped behind the counter.

“Hey,” The manager said, staring at Elijah, confused about what this was about, and even the other clerk seemed as confused as him, and yet, a sneer never left her lips.

“Hello, umm, because of Mariah,” Elijah uttered, looking at the lady’s name tag. “I would like to make a custom-made diamond set for my girlfriend for our upcoming wedding.” All three of the store employees’ eyes widened at Elijah’s words, and then the manager got over his shock and mumbled, “What budget are we working with?”.

“Between five million to ten,” Elijah uttered, resting his credit card on the desk.

With a smile, the manager looked over at Mariah and mumbled with happiness laced in his tone, “Well, Mariah, your wait is over for a promotion.”

“But sir… She’s just a newbie! I have been here for five years…” The clerk muttered, looking from Mariah to Elijah, who ignored her.

Staring back at her manager, he suddenly shrugged his shoulders and said, “And during that five years, we have had a good amount of complaints about you… Also, I thought you were the one handling this desk… how did Mariah end up with your customer?” 

“Well, the thing is… umm… boss… Hmm, I was serving this customer who came to buy an eighteen thousand dollars Emerald ring.” She mumbled, not able to meet his gaze.

“Wait, the ring is worth eighteen thousand?!” the guy blurted out, widening his eyes.

Then he looked over at Mariah and mumbled, “Can you show me more affordable options as you did for this fellow?” “Sure thing, sir,” Mariah responded softly, looking over at the man with a smile. “Wait… Umm, I can help you with that!” The clerk piped up, trying not to sound desperate and

They l over at lies and frowned, mumbling.”No, but no thanks Your rude silitude towards this guy for going for a cheaperuing has made me not want your assistancon this

A scowl crossed her inner’s 1. slie locked eyes with her and let out, sounding dis.ppointed, “Nina, there is such a thing as too many complaints, and I think it’s time we write you a letter of resignation.”

Staungther ceilings, l’etch pouted sollly, mumbling; to hersell, “He said he will be back soonbut it’s in the evening already and he’s still not home yet…”

Glancing at the clock, she bit down on her lip in worry, worrying that Elijah might be hurt again or had gotten himself in some serious trouble since it was only few days after that taumaticafternoon,

Suddenly, a knock on her door startled Peach out of her thoughts and she stared to her right, mumbling, “It’s opened.”

When the doorknob turned and Elijah walked in, a sense of pure relief washed over her, and vet, she couldn’t help but pout at the sight of him.

“Hey,” He whispered, watching her lay there, just looking at him. “Can you please get off your bed and stand up?”.

“What?” Peach questioned, furrowing her eyebrows as she tilted her head a little.

With his eyes boring into hers, his voice deepening as he let out, “Come here, please.”

Nervous, Peach said no words as she slowly sat up, moving away from the edge of her bed and toward him as she started to feel her heart beating fast and her palms sweaty.

When she was right in front of him, Elijah reached into his pocket and mumbled, “Umm… I want to do you right, by doing this the right way, so...”.

Immediately, Peach held her breath, watching him go down on one knee as he pulled the box from his pocket and opened it, revealing the ring.

“Peach Hayes, will you do me the honor of becoming my wise?” he asked in a whisper, taking the ring out of the box.

Her eyes immediately got wet, a shaky smile made its way onto her lips, and she stood there, sobbing softly

“It’s sbeautiful,” Peach whimpered, her hands covering her mouth.

Then she inhaled deeply, getting a grip on her rising emotions, and stretched out her hand to Elijah, blurting out in excitement, “Yes!! Haha, yes, Elijah! I will marry you!!”

Faintly, Elijah smiled as he slid the ring onto her finger, letting out a sigh of relief when he realized it fit perfectly, and then he stood up, only to have Peach rush into his arms.

“I love it,” She cried into his chest, holding tightly to him as tears began flowing down her cheeks. Chuckling faintly, Elijah lifted Peach off the floor, her legs wrapping around his waist as she buried her face into his neck.

Holding her close, hebreathed in her scent, enjoying the feeling of her warmth pressed against his body, and closed his eyes as he felt her crying like a baby while stroking her hair slowly.