The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 73

Chapter 73

You will do as I command

The glass door pushed open, and Elijah walked into the restaurant along with Matt, his hands stuck in his pockets as he advanced toward the front desk.

Like a celebrity with bad publicity, he immediately grabbed the attention of the famous faces in the restaurant, giving him many stares, which he ignored. “Hey, I’m here to meet Clyde Fangio,” Elijah told the lady sitting behind the desk as he looked down at her, a blank and uninterested look plastered on his face. Looking up to meet his eyes, she gave a small smile, and mumbled, “Right, Elijah-” “Darius,” Elijah answered simply.

Her gaze darted nervously from Elijah to Matt and back to Elijah, mumbling, “Okay, the second floor, room three.”

Nodding slightly, Elijah pulled away from the counter with Matt right behind him, ignoring the conversation between the two receptionists. “He really is good-looking… Sadly, he is that way…” The lady with the long brown hair commented. “Yeah… It’s disturbing that he is still showing his face around here, carrying himself as if he doesn’t have such a reputation.” The other receptionist added.

Frowning, Matt stared at his boss’s back, wondering what was going through his mind as they walked further away from the conversation of the two ladies behind him. A moment later, Elijah stood at a door with Matt, staring at the number three printed on it, his eyes narrowing slightly. Feeling reluctant, Elijah raised his hand to knock, but Matt grabbed his wrist, and whispered,” Let me do it,”

Without arguing, Elijah dropped his hand from the door and nodded as he glanced sideways at Matt, stepping back Quietly, Matt approached the door and knocked, listening for sounds inside, and then he heard Clyde’s voice, “Enter!”

After looking back at his boss for a moment, Matt sighed and then grabbed the door’s handle, turning it as he gently nudged it open, slipping inside the room, getting a frown from the old man.

“Who the heck are you?!” Mr. Fangio asked sternly, his eyebrows furrowed together angrily. “He’s with me,” Elijah casually uttered as he stepped in after Matt, shutting the door. “Ahh… Elijah. It’s good that you agree to my request.” Mr. Fangio murmured with a grin.” Please sit, you and your…” “He’s a friend…” Elijah uttered, pulling a chair forward and sitting down across from Mr. Fangio, crossing his legs over the other.

“I ser that you don’t trust me that much for a one-on-one meeting.”

“I don’t trust you in total.”

A tense silence filled the air and neither Elijah nor Mr. Fangio was willing to break it first. But finally, Mr. Fangio spoke up, “Would you like to order anything?”

Staring at the waiter in the room with them, Elijah hesitated, and then he picked up the menu.

With a smile, Mr. Fangio turned his head slightly, staring at Matt, saying calmly, “You should order also. The bill is on me, so make sure to ask for whatever you guys want, alright?” Not answering, Matt stared at Elijah with an unsure expression, and then picked up the menu. A moment later, their tables were filled with food and drinks, but no one had made a move yet as they all sat there silently

“Why am I here?” Elijah questioned, breaking the awkward silence, folding his hands together in front of his chest. “Everyone of my men is in the hospital, and you are the reason they are there… ” Mr. Fangio replied, keeping his gaze on Elijah’s eyes.

“The question was, ‘why am I here,’ and I don’t see your statement as an answer,” Elijah said, raising an eyebrow curiously.

For a moment, Mr. Fangio looked confused, and then he let out a quiet sigh and leaned slightly towards Elijah.

“You’re a smart guy, aren’t you? Just listen to me.” Mr. Fangio said, lowering his voice slightly. “After what happened to my men, I should be trying to end you, but I am not going to because I am an open-minded me.” “Thank… you?” Elijah uttered, his words dripping with sarcasm.

But Mr. Fangio only chuckled lightly before reaching over and grabbing a drink from the table, and then he sipped the alcohol quietly, his brow furrowing once more. “I want you to work for me, Elijah… I am willing to hire you, and also, I want to meet the leader of the…” Mr. Fangio paused, glancing at Matt briefly before continuing, “the gang you are in… I want to hire them all, but you are what I need now.”

Holding in his laugh at Clyde’s arrogance, Matt stared at Elijah and then at the Lobster

Frittata, a two thousand dollars breakfast that includes ounces of Sevruga caviar, an entire lobster, six fresh eggs, cream, chives, and lobster sauce, served over a bed of Yukon gold potatoes… even Clyde looked shocked when Elijah ordered them like his wallet had gotten hurt a little.

“You want to own me… Hmmm, I am listening.” Elijah stated slowly, placing both hands on the table, watching Mr. Fangio closely, waiting for his response. “What’s your price?” “I know how awful your status has been in this country and how people treat you, and I want to change things…” Mr. Fangio stated firmly, his deep dark eyes boring into Elijah’s. “If you carry the title of my man, that will immediately change people’s mindset about you and give you a status that most people will respect…”

Seeing Elijah yawn all of sudden, Mr. Fangio felt a sense of rage, but he masked it quickly by clearing his throat and saying, “Once you convince your boss and the other members of your fang to work for me, I will pay you handsomely, and you will not have to squat in that motel

because I will allow you to live in one of my headquarters.” “One billion dollars,” Elijah mumbled, reaching for his glass of wine and taking a sip. “What did you say?” Mr. Fangio muttered angrily, struggling to conceal the fury building within him. “I didn’t hear you.” Huffing, Elijah set the glass down and stared straight at Mr. Fangio, his face stoic as he mumbled, “A billion dollars to have me think about siding with you…” A spark of anger and frustration flickered across Mr. Fangios’ face as he slammed his hands on the table in a fit of anger, glaring at Elijah, lashing out, “Do you think that highly of yourself?!”

But he didn’t get a rise out of Elijah and he suddenly burst into laughter, looking up to stare at the ceiling while he continued to laugh hysterically, tears forming in his eyes.

“How arrogant can this bum get!” Mr. Fangio exclaimed, wiping tears from his eyes. “You’re just some nobody with a bad reputation who happens to be part of a big gang that caught my attention, but you think that makes you worth anything?!”

Lowering his head, Mr. Fangio glared at Elijah with an almost crazed look, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he took in large gulps of air, and then closer, he snarled at Elijah with a wild look in his eyes, his tone filled with venom, “Do you think anyone will even want your sorry ass for more than five thousand… your worth is.” “So you don’t have a billion dollars to hire me?” Elijah casually interrupted with a calmness that seemed far out of place in this situation. And that made Matt realize his boss was just messing with Mr. Fangio, and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing softly under his breath as he shook his head. Mr. Fangio narrowed his eyes at Elijah and lashed out at his confidence, “No I fucking don’t have that much money for myself before I will have it to give it to a piece of shit like you! And even if I wanted your worthless ass working for me, your boss is who I really want to talk to!!” Silence followed his words as Elijah focused on his breakfast, slicing the knife through the lobster meat, and then he raised an eyebrow and glanced at Mr. Fangio before picking up the lork, stabbing a few pieces, and bringing them to his mouth.

“My boss is worth a couple of billions of dollars and since you can’t even afford a billion, I don’t want to waste my boss’s time with you.” Elijah calmly stated and put the fork back on the plate.

Like his face was about to explode from anger, Mr. Fangio stood up abruptly from the table and glared at Elijah, “You will do as I command, or I will find someone else that will!” “Feel free to explore your options, but you will just be walking in a circle,” Elijah said with a blank expression, picking up his wine glass. “You.” Mr. Fanglo shouted, looking out of breath from rage and frustration as the color drained from his cheeks, as he clenched his fists tightly. “You insolent little fucker.. I need to VASO myself alter this shitshow!”

Shrugging silently, Flijah focused back on the wine glass in front of him, drinking it slowly without any pionon, his mind clearly elsewhere.

Vintahing him quietly for a second, Mr Faupio closed his eyes for a moment before opening;

them again and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him

“Wow, he is pissed…!” Matt commented with a grin, glancing toward Elijah’s smirk.

“Hmmm,” Elijah hummed quietly, finishing the rest of his glass

For a couple of minutes, the room was quiet until the door suddenly burst open and three restaurant security walked in with the waiter

“Mr. Darius, I was told you were going to pay for your dishes, and this is your bill” The waiter stated, putting the paper on the table. “Where is Mr. Fangio?” Matt asked, shocked by the sudden demand from the waiter

Quietly, Elijah stood up, and the restaurant security immediately blocked the door, glaring at Elijah threateningly “Mr. Darius, you need to pay your bills before you can leave this restaurant,” One of the security guards spoke sternly, crossing his arms in front of his broad chest. “I know, but I am not putting my credit card into any of you guys’ hands,” Elijah replied, raising his eyebrows. “So take me to the front desk,” A look of confusion crossed the waiter and security’s faces as they glanced at each other, and then one of them hesitantly opened the door, allowing Elijah to go outside with Matt. Then they escorted them closely until they arrived at the front desk, gaining everyone’s attention to see Elijah being escorted by the restaurant security guard like some kind of criminal, and Matt followed closely behind them.

“I would like to clear my bill,” Elijah mumbled as he pulled out his wallet, took out his card, and rested it on the counter.

The whispering grew louder as customers stared, wondering what was going on and what Elijah had done again, Picking up the card, the receptionist looked at the four-figure bill, eyed Elijah, and then the security before swiping the card. The transition immediately went through and her eyes widened, her body went to a standstill as she stared blankly. “My card,” Elijah uttered impatiently.

“Huh! Oh, sorry, Mr. Darius… We didn’t know…” She blurted out way louder than she intended out of nervousness.

“Hand me my card.”

“Yes, sir.”

A sense of curiosity washed over the customers in the room brause of the volume of her von and her sudden humbleness towards Elijah.

“What is going on here?” Mr. Fangio’s voice roared in the room, suddenly appearing, like soine hero ready to save the day, approar hing the desk