The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 72

Chapter 72

Come on, Elijah

The dining table of the Hayes family was completely quiet as Madam Jewel slowly sipped her tea, looking so calm and relaxed.

“Mother, it’s been days since Peach left this mansion… How can you be so calm? I mean, don’t you fear what might be going on through all of this silence with her?” Dean asked his mother, watching how she calmly savored her tea. Sighing softly, Madam Jewel placed her teacup down onto her saucer, before placing her hands together in front of her.

“Michael called me days ago. He said… Well, Elijah was bold enough to challenge him the other day, at the motel, and even claim that Peach was already taken for him to pursue her…” Madam Jewel uttered with a cocky smile, remembering the relief she felt when he told her that.

“Peach is taken… and that’s a good thing?… Taken by who?!” Dean asked, eyeing his wife, and even Martha now seemed more interested in what was being said.

“Elijah,” “Elijah?” The table fell silent and Madam Jewel picked up her cup again, taking another sip of her tea.

Her eyes drifted across the table and landed on Dean, furrowing her brows when he broke into a burst of wild laughter, almost choking on his own spit. “You are serious, mother… and you were actually right about what you said the night of the party! Peach decided to settle for that over Micheal?!” Dean laughed, wiping his eyes, before continuing, “What is wrong with that girl?!” “You should be happy that your daughter escaped that mess… instead of laughing.” Madam Jewel replied with a hint of a grin on her face. Clearing his throat aggressively, a sense of embarrassment overcame Dean, and he mumbled, “Sorry, mom, I shouldn’t have cracked up at your words… I’m just shocked that with all the options, she would go for something like-“. “Elijah!” Josh’s voice roared into the dining room as he stormed through the doorway. “That bastard!”

When Dean saw his son shaking from anger, his brows knitted deeply into a deep frown as he looked to Madam Jewel, then back to Josh.

“What happened, son?” Dean asked, concern evident in his voice and posture, but his eyes still focused on Josh.

“Elijah is a hooligan… a rotten… rotten thug! Haha! Why didn’t I realize this soon… His arrogance, his lack of manners, his… He’s just so full of egos and pride for the bum that he is!! “Josh began to ramble, gesturing wildly with his arms as he paced around the room. “He’s in some ganr.! That scum!” “Calm down and speak with sense.” Madam Jewel spoke firmly, not liking where this conversation was leading

Throwing his randmother whard look, Josh scolted and rolled his eyes, crossing his arins in

defiance and letting out, “Mr. Fangio had been up my ass this morning, mad on the phone and frustrated, blaming me for shit!!”

“Why would your wife’s father get pissed off at you?” Dean questioned further, not understanding what his son was getting at. Silently, madam Jewel watched closely as she took another drink of her tea, furrowing her brows when she noticed Josh’s expression changing drastically.

“A while ago, Iris begged her dad to bestow me twenty of his best men…” Josh muttered, rubbing the back of his head. “I needed them… because I wanted to teach Elijah a lesson…”

His last statement didn’t get any reaction from his grandmother or his parents… like none of them cared that he had gone after Elijah with such vicious intent and force. But, there was one thing that got their attention… “All twenty men are now in the intensive care unit, along with every other man that Mr. Fangio has in his employ, including his two bodyguards…!!” Josh shouted, raising his voice a little. “They were hunted down… chased, beaten, and now, I am the one getting all the heat from this shitstorm…!!”

A look of worry crossed Mr. Dean’s face, wishing his son would not have said such words before his grandmother.

“How could you make such a reckless move, Josh!!” Madam Jewel finally snapped, setting her empty cup on the saucer. “Is it worth ruining our reputation by bringing more trouble than we can handle?! Mr. Fangio is an important and influential businessman in this country… The amount of damage that could happen to our family because of this.” “How the fuck would I have known then that Elijah was in some shitty gang?!” Josh shouted louder, throwing his arms into the air.

“Watch your tone with your grandmother!!” Dean warned, his fists clenching tightly as he stared down at his son, his jaw set in anger. The atmosphere surrounding the table grew thick and heavy, no one dared say anything else while Madarn Jewel continued to glare intensely at her grandson. “How did he even manage to take down a man as powerful as Clyde Fangio’s men?” Martha whispered beneath her breath to her husband as she observed her mother-in-law and her son. “How should I know!!” Dean responded as he glanced at his wife with a scowl. “That idiot Vlad ran out of the country, and I haven’t gotten a damn thing out of him since… After all the money I had given him to investigate that scoundrel… And now, I still don’t know anything about this bum!”

The peace that once rained earlier immediately fell away, turning into a storm of chaos, and Madam Jewel’s face turned dark.

“This Elijah guy smells like serious trouble… a lot bigger than what I initially thought…” She muttered under her breath as she shook his head furiously. “We can not allow him to attach himself to this family name for the second time with the prestige that this family has. We have a reputation to maintain…”

Her words drew silence from the table, and Dean sighed deeply as he ran a hand through his hair, knowing where this conversation was going, and mumbled, “How did our fate end up in Peach’s hands so soon already?”

“I have to talk to her…” Madam Jewel grumbled quietly, her eyes fixated on nothing in particular as a feeling of uneasiness settled into her gut. “Peach can not marry Elijah… We need him as far away from our family name as possible, now that this has happened.” ‘Will she agree to that though?’ Martha wondered, looking over towards Dean who sat silently beside her, deep in thought, afraid to speak before he lashed out at her again.

The knock on his door made Elijah raise his eyelids, sleep still in his eyes as he pushed the cover off him and walked over to the door, slowly scratching his bare chest.

When he opened the door, he smiled down at Peach, only to see her standing there in her oversized t-shirt, messy hair, like she just left her bed, and with a big smile on her face. “Hey..” Elijah chuckled lightly, opening the door wider and stepping aside so she could come inside.

She quickly walked into the room, and Elijah followed her in, closing the door behind him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Peach apologized sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her neck nervously.

With a hall-smirk, Elijah grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to him, leaning in to kiss her, but she clapped her palm over her mouth, her lashes blinking rapidly. “What?” Elijah whispered in confusion.

“I haven’t washed my face yet, and that means…” Peach trailed off with a nervous laugh. But with a serious expression, Elijah grabbed her wrist, slowly pulled her hand away from her mouth, and leaned forward to whisper against her lips, “I don’t mind.”

But before Peach could reply, he claimed her mouth, kissing her softly as he held her tight against him, his lips moving in perfect rhythm against hers, making it clear that he wasn’t going to let her go anytime soon.

The room door suddenly opened, and Matt, James, Ryan, and Rookie immediately froze at the door, their eyes widening at their boss and Peach kissing

When James gave a fake cough, Peach immediately moved away from Elijah and cleared her throat embarrassedly, pulling on the hem of her shirt as she blushed furiously.

“You four might just have to write me an essay on the topic, ‘What is knocking?!” Elijah groaned, giving his men a hard stare.

Il grew silent in the room, but when Peach raised her gaze to stare at the four of them, a smile appeared on James, Matt, Ryan, and Rookie’s faces.

“Ohhhh sorry Boss… didn’t mean to interrupt you and Peach…” James said, grinning mischievously.

Fyeing, Mall, Ryan gave an evil smile and asked, “When are you going to pay my sk?” “For what?” Elijah blurted out, makdng, a nervous look surface on Ryan’s face, causing him to Snicker and rub his chin, thinking of how to answer his boss that they had been betting on liis love life

Suddenly, Elijah’s ringtone interrupted them, and Ryan along with Matt let out a sigh of relier,

Ryan mumbling, “Safe by the bell.” When Elijah took his phone off the nightstand and saw the unknown caller ID, he frowned and answered the call, saying with a serious tone in his voice, “Who is this?”

“Clyde Fangio,” An older, and yet strong voice spoke through the line. “How did you get my number?” “Iris got it from Melinda.”

A frown immediately replaced the concerned look on Elijah’s face and his grip tightened around the phone strongly. “What do you want?” Elijah spat out, his jaw clenching as he waited anxiously for Clyde to reply. “Can we meet up?” Clyde finally uttered, keeping his tone calm and collected. “No,”

“Come on, Elijah. I just want to talk… After everything that has happened, don’t you think I deserve a word or two with you?”

A line formed between Elijah’s brows, deepening when he heard Clyde’s response, and he asked, “Location?”

“The Grand Garden Restaurant on East Sixth Street in Downtown… I am already here, hoping that you would join me?” Clyde stated, waiting for Elijah to respond. 1