The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 71

I can’t wait to be your wite 

Grabbing the last unconscious thug by his leg and dragging him to the SUV, Dice smirked at Jerome and then threw him with the others in the backseat of the car.

A low groan escaped from the bruised – up thugs as they laid over each other, unable to even speak for themselves let alone try to escape or attack any of them.

“You should text the boss to come out.” Dice told his son, slamming the car door shut.

The silence in Elijah’s room broke when Elijah’s phone vibrated, causing him to look away from Miss Grace and focus on his phone screen. “Hmmm… Please excuse me. I got to head out,” Elijah said as he woke from his bed, shoving his phone into his pocket. As he was about to walk past Miss Grace, feeling disheartened, her voice stopped him, “Do not make me regret this, Elijah… regret choosing you for my daughter.” A faint smile grew across Elijah’s face, hearing her say that, knowing she wasn’t actually mad at him, just worried as any mother would be if her daughter was involved with a man like him. “Yes, ma’am…” He murmured in a humble tone before walking out of the room. When Elijah got in the lobby, Matt gave him a weird look and asked, “What’s happening out there? Why are Jerome and Dice-” “Not now, Matt.” Elijah cut him off, heading past his four men.

When he got outside the motel, he walked over to Dice and Jerome, eyeing the brown bat with red stains on it in their hands.

“Boss!” Jerome blurted out, turning to face Elijah. “Do you have them all?” Elijah asked, looking at the black cars. When Jerome nodded, he subconsciously met Dice’s gaze when he suddenly uttered, “I didn’t think the Fangio would have attacked so suddenly and in such a manner…”

“How could they underestimate you and threaten your life like that?” Jerome spat out angrily. “Is it because the Fangio believe that they can get away with it because of their power and wealth!! What a bunch of arrogant, evil, scum bags!!”

with a casual expression, Elijah raised his brows and then said, “Well, they have strike. Now, it’s our time… Make sure the Fangio has no men to command for a couple of whiles and make them write some good checks for medical bills.”

His face hardening, Elijah looked directly into his eyes and said, “Find every man that ever answered to Fangio and put them in a hospital bed before Friday… Repay his desire for me with that, just don’t kill anyone.” Elijah uttered, his tone cold.

“You got it, boss.” Dice replied, smiling lightly, his eyes glistening with excitement, “We will take care of it right away!”

The sound of a knock made Peach slowly raise her eyelids open, gazing at her bedroom door, sighing softly

“It’s not locked,” Peach called out, still laying on the bed, her eyes closed again, not wanting to leave the comfort of her sheet even though she had been there for a long while now. After a few seconds, the door slowly creaked open, and she lifted her head slightly, staring at Elijah, walking into the room.

His hands were shoved into his pockets as he approached the bed, his eyes never leaving hers. Silently, Peach forced herself to sit up, feeling hesitant to say anything because she didn’t feel like she had anything left to say to him.

When Elijah reached Peach, he sat down beside her, still looking straight into her eyes, and they stayed silent for a few seconds before Elijah uttered, “Rule number one, you can not meddle in the things that I do… I don’t want you getting involved with any aspect of my life.” Even though Peach was confused as to what he was talking about, she didn’t say anything and simply watched him, waiting to see what he would say next.

“Rule number two, you can not keep any secrets or lies from me… That includes everything someone says to you, what you’re thinking or what your intentions are. You cannot hide things from me… No matter how small or insignificant it is.” Elijah uttered, placing his hand underneath her chin to gently lift it and look into her eyes. Pressing his thumb against her lips, Peach couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by his gaze but tried not to show it.

“Thirdly, We can’t have a kid in the first two years of us being together… you can get pregnant during that time. As your husband… I will satisfy your desire if you want, but it has to be protected sex.” Elijah spoke, moving his thumb away from her mouth and cupping her cheek, rubbing it lightly. Swallowing slowly, Peach blinked a couple of times, trying to understand what he said. Her lips parted, not really expecting him to say that kind of thing to her, and yet, she knew he was dead serious about them.

“Lastly, If… If you ever fall for another man, make sure to divorce me right then and there. You can’t cheat while we are together… Please,” Elijah added in a softer voice, his thumb still caressing her cheek

His words sounded unreasonable and yet Peach didn’t find it in herself to argue with him about them, knowing he had his reasons for saying those things and she wouldn’t cross that line just yet.

“I know that I am being selfish, I know I’m pushing you too much for my own wants, but I just need you to know where I stand with you. This… This is the condition of us being together, and I am sorry, so sorry that this is something that I have to ask you for, something that I have to demand from you, but it’s necessary.” Elijah admitted as he moved his thumb from her cheek and stroked her jawline with his index finger.

“Elijah…” Peach trailed off with a sigh, closing her eyes.

Her body felt heavy as she drew into his touch and leaned towards him, resting her head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“Can I one day make you trust that I love you and will not hurt you? Can I give you enough Security to know that I will only want to stay with you.. and can I eam your complete heart

someday?” Peach asked, opening her eyes and lifting her head, looking up at him. “Honestly, I don’t doubt that you can,” Elijah assured with a small smirk A tension suddenly overcame the room as they softly stared into each other’s eyes, their breaths becoming heavier as they continued to stare into one another gazes. “Well, your mother gave us her blessings for us to be together,” Elijah whispered, resting his palm against her cheek Watching a bigger smile play on her lips, Elijah suddenly lost his control, grabbed her by the waist, pulling her closer as he pressed his lips onto hers, tasting her lips slowly and ignoring the pain from his bruised cheek as his hand slid down to the hem of her shirt. Her body froze as his warm breath brushed against her skin, her eyes shutting as Peach kissed him back, letting out a soft moan when he nipped her bottom lip, sending sparks through her entire body and making her forget about everything else except for him. As their kiss intensified with heat building between them and spreading throughout their bodies, Elijah lowered Peach’s back onto her mattress, his body pressing down on top of hers. His hand slowly slid underneath her shirt, grazing over her skin as her fingers intertwined with his hair, tugging lightly on it, urging him to continue. When Elijah finally pulled away for air, he rested his forehead against hers as he panted quietly, both of their chests rising and falling rapidly as they caught their breath. It took everything in him for him to whisper, grabbing the sheet tightly in his hands, “We should stop.” As her chest raised and fell rapidly, Peach remained silent, staring up at him, and then she raised her hand to his face, whispering, “I can’t wait to be your wife.” At eight o’clock, Matt, James, Ryan, and Rookie clustered up in Elijah’s room, making him take his gaze off the ceiling and look down at them. “What happened today?” Matt asked, his face full of concern and confusion. Sighing, Elijah sat up in bed, resting his feet on the cold tiles, looking straight at them, and answered, “The Fangio, Iris Fangio, Josh Hayes’s wife thought it would be fun to order a gang of thugs, using her father’s influence to put me in the hospital.” “What?!” Ryan exclaimed, his forehead wrinkling while his mouth dropped open as everyone else remained quiet. “Why didn’t you say something to us, boss?” Rookie muttered, frowning deeply, glaring at Elijah as he folded his arms.

“Because it was not a task for the four of you. Jerome and Dice already have this cover, so there’s no need to worry.” Elijah answered calmly, raising a brow at them.

A sense of worry overwhelmed his three men as they all glanced at each other before James spoke up, “Today was really scary, and.”

“Today was just the beginning,” Elijah said, his tone sounding dangerous. “After today, there are going to be more. More of these guys, more people who want to mess with me. So let me Ask you guys this, ‘Are you four ready to walk into tomorrow with me?”


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