The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 69

I hate you so much, Elijah

A faint smirk crossed Elijah’s face, thinking Peach was joking, as he chuckled lightly. However, seeing her expression, he stopped chuckling and said, “What?!”

“I don’t think I can go back home and have the same strength that I mustered up today to deny my mother’s request… If not now… I don’t think…” Peach trailed off, lowering her head.

“What did Miss Grace say?” Elijah asked calmly, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. “That you have a gangster tendency, and I need a man that is not as complicated as you,”


A small laugh escaped Elijah’s mouth as he glanced at her, and then he sighed quietly, shaking his head.

“I am not marrying you without your mother’s concern, Peach” Elijah muttered, his voice low and steady,

Tilting her head sideways, Peach gazed at him curiously and said, “Why are you telling me this? I thought it would be something you wanted… that you were waiting for me to tell you.”

“Yeah, but… we are going to do this the right way,” Elijah stated, looking straight ahead, still driving forward. “We are going to give that a shot first, alright?” As Peach moved her lips to speak, Elijah’s ringtone interrupted her, and Elijah cleared his throat, pulling out his phone and answering, putting it on speaker because he was driving, mumbling, “Matt?” “A bunch of street thugs is outside of the motel. We have the front door locked, and wherever you and Peach are, you guys should stay there and not come back… I will call you when they leave.” Matt’s voice sounded panicked and frantic, causing a frown to grow on both Elijah’s and Peach’s faces. “Mama,” She whispered, grabbing Elijah’s attention and causing him to meet her gaze.” What’s going on?” “I am on my way back,” Elijah uttered as he grabbed the steering wheel tightly, and circled the car in the middle of the road, driving at a full speed that made Peach grab the sides of her seat, her heart hammering heavily against her chest. “Boss,” Matt stated, sounding anxious and concerned. But Elijah ended the call, multi-tasking in between calling Jerome and focusing on the road, and finally, he got Jerome on the line. “Boss,” Jerome answered, and Peach couldn’t help but frown slightly at the fact that both Matt and Jerome were calling Elijah, ‘boss.’

“I need men at the motel. We got a bunch of disturbing thugs at the entrance to the motel. Get over there fast.” Elijah ordered Jerome. “On it Boss.” Jerome hung up and Elijah immediately began speeding towards the motel. “What’s going on Elijah… Why did Matt call you, ‘boss,’ and who was that other person you just talked to?” Peach asked worriedly, placing her hand over her heart which was beating

rapidly, the fear evident on her face.

But Elijah refused to answer her questions and instead focused on driving faster, speeding towards their destination.

Once they were reaching the motel, Elijah saw his way was blocked by a bunch of street thugs.

Pressing the accelerator, Elijah kept his eyes on them, the car’s bright lights flashing in their direction and making them flinch from the brightness of the headlights, which caused them to cover their faces with their palms.

“Elijah, what are you doing?” Peach whispered, gripping onto her seatbelt.

“Relax,” Elijah responded in a commanding tone, glancing at her, realizing that he drove back too early and Jerome along with the others was not there yet.

Staring at the faces looking back at him, Elijah counted twenty thugs, so he knew this was just a test run to see what he was made off, or they thought he was just too useless to waste manpower on.

“Who the fuck keeps flashing their headlight in our direction?!” One of them shouted, fighting to see past the brightness of the headlights.

“Shit!” One of the thugs cursed, clearly pissed, because the light reflected off his glasses, blinding him.

But when they tried to step forward, Elijah hit the accelerator, causing the tires to screech without putting the car in drive as he watched the thugs back away slowly.

“Are you okay?” Elijah asked, seeing how heavily Peach was breathing and sweat forming on her brow, a look of panic etched on her face.

“Yeah.” She replied in a shaky tone, biting her lip hard.

The one minute he took his gaze off the thugs to focus on her, a sudden loud “bang” echoed as a rock slammed into his window glass and Peach let out a scream before covering her ears.

Staring at the crack, Elijah’s brows furrowed, his eyes grew cold, and he kicked the vehicle into drive, the engine roaring as he raced towards them, causing everyone to jump aside, dropping flat on the ground, some scraping their knees, others bruising their elbows from the impact with the pavement, and the rest running, tripping, and stumbling until they managed to move out of sight. “Oh my God…” Peach gasped as the adrenaline left her system, her hands trembling as they clutched tightly to the handle above her, staring down at the road in shock.

“Don’t hold in your breath, Peach. Breathe…” Elijah instructed, watching closely, but not having time to focus on anything else except her red face.

Taking several large gulps of air, Peach nodded shakily and exhaled slowly. Then she looked at Elijah, looking like she was about to break down, but her eyes suddenly widened.

And then Elijah heard a rock hit his window glass, and he immediately turned to see a thug with a rock in his hand, repeatedly hitting the glass, yelling angrily at Elijah, “Hey, guys… it’s the prick that our boss wants us to teach a lesson to!!… Get the hell out of the damn car!”

“Elijah, don’t, please…” Peach begged, squeezing her eyes shut and shutting her fingers into fists tightly, trying to keep herself calm

Then she jumped at the sound of the thug’s voice calling out Elijah’s name again, “I said get the hell out of the fucking car! You lowlife piece of shit! Or else that pretty little thing by your side… Ha!”

Frowning, Elijah watched him get closer to the car, and then when his head attempted to rest on the cracked glass, Elijah hastily unlocked the door, and bang the shit out of his head, causing a deep cut on the skin of his forehead.

“Ahh!!!” He screamed, jumping back and holding his bloody hand to his head, cursing as he fell backward. Before Elijah could close the door, one of them leaped up and stuck a foot through, forcing the door open. Then another one grabbed the collar of Elijah’s shirt, yanking him out of the car, but he struggled to get his key out, only allowing them to win and dragged him out when he had it.

Then he intentionally kicked the door with the back of his leg, while taking a hit to the jaw from one of the thugs. Ignoring the pain from his cut, Elijah banged his back against the door to completely shut it, and then pressed the lock button on his key, and all this while, Peach’s body had shut down and she was just staring in a daze. But when she heard the car completely locked and the engine died down, that’s when she started screaming, “Elijah!!! Please don’t hurt him!!! Elijah!!” Tears trailed down her face, and she started beating the windshield, screaming at the top of her lungs, “Matt!! Help!! Someone help!!” Her body was shivering as she turned and saw Elijah taking another hit from two thugs, blood staining his white shirt and her skin.

“Stop!!! I am begging you to stop!!!” Peach yelled, her voice shaking and cracking, her chest heaving with every intake of air.

Her voice was so loud that it echoed throughout the parking lot, and the door to the motel shortly opened, and Matt, Jame, Ryan, and Rookie rushed out, but they suddenly froze, seeing a bunch of black SUVs driving slowly into the parking lot.

The thugs got distracted by the sight of such a scene, and before they could wake up from their trance, the doors opened, and the parking lot became floored with men of all heights, sizes, and races.

When the two thugs looked back at Elijah, he smirked, scoffing faintly, and then said, “It’s mine time.”

His eyes darkened, knowing that he didn’t have to use himself anymore as a distraction for Peach to remain safe, and his knuckles turned whitish, his fingernails digging into his palm as rage consumed him like a wildfire, and his breathing quickened as his nostrils flared with fury.

Before both men could react, Elijah grabbed both of the thugs by their necks and slammed their heads into each other, knocking them unconscious, their bodies falling against the pavement and landing in a heap.

Dice and Jerome led a bunch of men toward the thugs, and before long, a battle commenced between the men, Jerome using the bat in his hand like a professional baseball player.

1 hate you ) much, Flijah

Turning his sight off the scene, Elijah looked back into the car, and the state Peach was in, shivering and crying, his chest felt heavy and warm and he rushed over to her side of the door, opening it. “Come here,” He ordered in a soft voice, gently grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards him, and then he scooped her out of the car seat, lifting her in his arms. Immediately, she buried her face into his chest, sobbing loudly as she gripped Elijah’s shirt, her heart racing As he walked away from the scene, carrying her into the motel, walking passed his men, who were still in shock at what they were watching before turning on their heels and following him

into the motel. “What’s wrong with my daughter…!” Miss Grace cried, watching Elijah approach her with bloodstains on his clothes and face. “Nothing. She’s just a bit shaking and has had a bit of a shock.” Elijah murmured, walking up to her.

Anger spiked in Miss Grace’s eyes as a sense of worry overwhelmed her heart as she lashed out at Elijah, “What is the chaos out there?! What did you do? Who did you offend now?!”

“Josh Hayes,” Elijah uttered calmly, meeting her eyes with a soft stare. Those two words immediately humble Miss Grace as her face softened, and she speechlessly watched him walk past her, carrying Peach into the hallway. “Poor Elijah,” James cried, feeling heartbroken, and his words got to Miss Grace, but she felt more convinced that them being apart was best for the two, especially after what was happening right now. When Elijah got into Peach’s room, he walked her over to the bed, placing her in it gently before sitting down next to her. “Peach, look at me,” Elijah instructed softly, stroking her cheek with his fingertips, smiling as tears streamed down her cheeks. Gently, she sniffled and looked up at him, wiping at her wet cheeks before she frowned and spoke up, “I hate you… I hate you so much, Elijah.”


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