The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 67

Chapter 67


The door to Elijah’s room opened, and Ryan stopped a distance away from the doorway, after shutting it, staring at Elijah, wearing a white shirt, dark brown pants, and monk strap dress shoes.

“Bryan’s driver is here to pick you up.” Ryan’s voice came out hoarse. “Thanks. I am almost done here.” Elijah let out, turning back around towards his desk and picking up his watch.

A brief silence settled over them for a moment as Elijah fastened his watch on his wrist before Ryan spoke up again. “Thanks, boss,” “For what?” Elijah looked up from his watch, meeting Ryan’s eyes. A spark of gratitude flashed across Ryan’s face when he answered. “For standing up for me,” “Ryan, If a man wants people around him that are willing to fight for him, he should also prove to them that he’s ready to fight for their life in return,” Elijah uttered as he picked up his keys. “You can’t get loyalty from others by not showing them you are loyal towards them.”

To hear his boss’s humble words made Matt want to hug him or something, but he had to restrain himself and just give an understanding nod.

After shoving his phone into his pocket, Elijah walked over to Ryan and tapped him on his shoulder, and Ryan turned around to see Elijah looking down at him with a small smile on his face.

Then he gave Elijah a slight grin before his boss walked past him, heading out the room, but Ryan was right on his tail.

When Elijah reached Peach’s door, he stopped in his steps, gazing at the wooden frame for a moment, and raised his knuckles to knock, but he froze halfway through and lowered his hand.

“Not even her mother could get her to open the door a moment ago,” Ryan whispered, sighing softly. “Maybe we should give her time and space to cool off?’ “Yeah. I think so too…” Elijah muttered, nodding slightly as he stepped back and turned away from the door. When they got into the lobby, Matt was already ready to leave with Elijah, but as they approached the door, Elijah turned looked at Ryan, and said, “Let’s go,” “Me?” Ryan asked surprised because Elijah didn’t make any mention of him coming along until now.

“I will need a lawyer by my side for this one,” “Sure thing,”

For a second, he gave a glance over at James and Rookie before following Elijah and Matt out the motel door

“Good afternoon to you, sir.” Bryan’s driver uttered, opening the back door for Elijah with a bow as he passed by him, as Elijah nodded slightly, and entered the car without a word.

Once they were all inside, Ryan sat in the front passenger seat next to the driver while Elijah and Matt were sitting in the backseat, and once everything was set, the driver turned on the engine and drove off, leaving Peach watching them from her window with a pout on her lips.

They rode in comfortable silence for about half an hour before Elijah began seeing the beach side, waves splashing on the shoreline, and the sound of the wind blowing hard. The beach house in front of them was three floors high, painted in a soft light blue, and the car rode slowly through the gate leading to the property. As soon as the car was parked, two robust guys, wearing black suits, walked toward it and opened the door, causing Matt to tense up to his bones. “Good afternoon, Mr. Darius. Our boss is inside, awaiting you.” One of the men stated before bowing politely as Elijah and Matt stepped out.

Soon Ryan joined them, and then they were escorted inside by the two men, Matt paying close attention to every movement of their surroundings, making sure he stayed one step ahead of Elijah to cover him. When they got through the door into a fancy hallway, Bryan was standing right there, smiling as Elijah approached him, extending his right hand when they got closer. “Mr. Checks, it’s good to see you in good health,” Elijah uttered, accepting his hand and giving it a firm shake. “Thank you, Mr. Darius,” Bryan replied, still smiling despite the serious tone. “I could say the same about you, chief.” “Then he looked over at Matt, and then at Ryan before looking back at Elijah, asking, ” You got Ryan Katz as your lawyer…” A look of confusion settled on Elijah’s face, just the same as Matt and Ryan appeared as they stared at Bryan like he grew two heads. “Only those who don’t have the finances to hire an exceptional law firm wouldn’t know who Ryan Katz is… Also, I’m not too blind to what goes on in Bordoria, business-wise and socially… “Bryan paused as if trying to find the perfect phrasing, but instead ended up saying, “It feels illegal seeing powerful men look so humble.”

Then he met Elijah’s eyes, studying his gaze, waiting for some sign of disapproval. And when none came, he continued, “Seeing that such a talented lawyer is by your side, I guess we are going in-depth about serious business negotiation…” “Well, that’s the plan,” Elijah replied, still keeping eye contact with Bryan. A smile made its way to Checks’ lips as he nodded and then said, “Then please walk me this way.”

As he turned around, everyone followed him, and soon they reached another large room with an oval table in the middle of it surrounded by chairs.

The three took their seat, and Bryan intentionally left the head of the table empty, signaling Elijah to sit there.

As soon as both men were seated, Bryan gazed his way and said, “Straight to the point…

What’s your intention business-wise?”

There was a brief moment of silence between them as Elijah tapped his hand on the table, contemplating how to phrase what he wanted to say, and then he began speaking, “What is the leading business in the country?” “Technology, Oil and gas, and Insurance…” Bryan listed off, raising a single eyebrow.

“Hmm…” “These businesses have great potential in expanding and high profits to be expected if managed properly.” The room grew silent, and only the sound of Elijah tapping his fingers on the table could be heard.

“For starters, I want my hands in all of these areas,” Elijah announced, looking up from the table to check if Bryan understood. “I need a partner in each of these businesses that are worth investing in… as long as they don’t have any link with the Hayes.”

Another beat of silence fell upon the four men and Bryan rested back in his seat, a smirk playing on his lips as he studied Elijah’s expression. “There are rumors recently in the business circle about your display last night at the Hayes mansion… Ignorant people are whispering and it’s… Well, just know that they don’t see you as someone they would want to hire.” Bryan remarked, leaning forwards in his chair.

Then a faint chuckle left his lips as he remembered the words people said about Elijah earlier that day, feeling them humorous, and then he mumbled, “Like you need them to hire you in the first place…”

Just for a second, a slight smirk made its way to the corner of Elijah’s lips, and then his expression changed back to seriousness. Immediately, Bryan sat up straight, clearing his throat, his face flushed red, and then he muttered under his breath, “That’s not.” He cut himself off, clearing his throat again as he searched his thoughts, and then said, “I know five people that don’t fuck with the Hayes, and the Hayes know not to mess with them, knowing what kind of power they possess.” When Elijah and Bryan locked eyes again, he rested back in his seat and said, “These are godfathers in the corporate world, and if you are riding with them, you’re riding in the big yacht…”

With a smile on his lips, Elijah nodded at Bryan before he looked up at the ceiling, muttering,” I am down with anyone who doesn’t eat at the same table as my enemies…”

“Well then, I can gladly aid you in meeting these men, even though it’s not going to be simple getting them to accept you.” Bryan declared, his voice full of confidence. “But I’ll try my best to help you meet with all of them at least. The rest is up to you, Mr. Darius.” Silently, Elijah eyed Matt and Ryan, who stared at Bryan nervously, their expressions showing their uncertainty about the whole situation.

“I don’t even have closeness with these five because of how high-profile and dangerous they are. But with your real last name, you can get yourself a seat around their table if you play your cards right…” Bryan said as he leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms across his chest,

looking relaxed, and with a satisfied look on his face.

“You want to use me to get in with them,” Elijah said, narrowing his eyes at Bryan. “I am your way to have a seat at their table too, right?” A look of surprise flashed across Bryan’s features at first, as he looked like he wasn’t expecting Elijah’s words.

But soon he started chuckling softly and nodded his head, replying, “Well, to be successful, it depends on who you have in your corners. Don’t count this as me using you, but us benefiting from each other. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.”

Both men exchanged smiles, Elijah still eyeing Bryan suspiciously, which eventually got him to nod, and then he replied, “Deal… but if you try to play me a fool on this, I will make sure you regret it… So let’s keep that clear, Bryan.”

“Crystal clear, Mr. Maxwell… Darius,” Bryan assured, standing up from his chair. He offered his hand out for another handshake, which Elijah accepted and gave him a firm grip.