The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Dislocate it

With a tiny black shopping bag that had a gold handle in his hand, Michael stared at Ryan and Rookie, who stood to watch over him without saying a word. “Why are none of you speaking?! Are both of you deaf or stupid? I have already told you guys my name and who I am here to see, so why the hell is the other one of you staying so damn long?” Michael lashed out in a low tone, watching the volume of his voice so Peach can not think of him as someone rude and entitled.

With an unamused expression, Ryan looked over at Rookie, clearly pissed, but he didn’t want to act before Elijah got there because he wasn’t sure how his boss wanted to handle this douche.

“Who are you guys, Huh?” Michael

asked again with more force as if he was hoping they would answer.

But the two only seem more aggravated, like the mere sight of him was causing them annoyance and they wanted to be anywhere but with him.

Michael huffed at them with an indignant scowl and then he looked Ryan in the eyes, stabbing his finger against his chest and giving him the most intimidating look he could muster.

“Hey, dummy!! Is anyone upstairs, huh?! Or are you just a piece of annoying shit that doesn’t know how to respond properly?!” Michael uttered in a low, but clear voice with enough volume to draw attention from Rookie, who clenched his fist tightly in anger while he glared in Michael’s direction.

Ryan felt his heart pounding fast against his ribcage and his blood rushing through his ears as he watched Michael’s finger stab into his chest repeatedly while trying to intimidate him. “Get your hand off him!” Elijah’s voice roared into the lobby as he walked towards them with Matt and James.

Immediately, Michael flinched back, startled by Elijah’s sudden arrival, but Elijah’s tone only made him more egotistical and he stabbed his finger against Ryan’s chest and asked, “Or else what?”

Not even giving his decision a second thought, Elijah looked at Matt and commanded,” Dislocate it,” Without a slight hesitation, Matt moved for Michael, and at first, he thought this was a bluff, but when Matt suddenly grabbed his index finger and pulled on it harshly, Michael yelped loudly. Yet, Matt didn’t care as he quickly twisted the finger until he heard it pop from the joint, and Michael let out a high-pitched scream, unable to control himself as Matt released his finger and stepped away from him. “You fucking bastard! You are dead meat!” Micheal cried, tears gathering in his eyes as he clutched at his now aching wrist. Walking over to him, Elijah looked him dead in his eyes and said, “I have people that I tolerate and asses that I don’t have time to deal with, so if you ever do a shit like this again, you will wish you were never born,”

For a second, a look of fear settled in Michael’s eyes when Elijah spoke, but it disappeared just as fast and he simply smirked defiantly and spat out, “Do you know who I am?” “Do I look like I give a shit about who your entitled ass is?” Elijah asked in a deadpan voice.” What I do care about is you not touching my men because whatever body part you use to touch them, Matt will break it until there’s no bone in your body left to break, got it?”

“Elijah?” Peach whispered, her eyes wide

open, and her jaw dropped at his words as she stood at the lobby entrance, staring at them. Calmly, he looked at her and then darted his gaze on the look of fear in Miss Grace’s eyes and her clenched fist.

“He started it,” Elijah said casually, backing away from Michael who was still clutching his now broken fingers with a pained face and a red tint across his cheekbones. Still, in a daze, Peach’s mind was trying to get over his husky voice and deadly words, feeling shocked and yet oddly allured at his response. Peach shook her head and took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down, feeling frozen to her spot, unable to take her eyes off Elijah. Snapping out of her trance, Miss Grace walked up to Michael slowly and gently touched his arm.

“Are you alright?” She inquired softly. He flinched at her touch, and Miss Grace immediately removed her hand, feeling awkward, knowing she might have hurt him. “Yeah…I’m okay,” He replied hesitantly in a humble tone. “Thank you for caring, Ma’am.” Trying to save his boss’s face and not make Miss Grace totally displease with him, Matt scratched his neck and mumbled, “It’s not broken, just dislocated… I can pop it back in easily,”

One look Miss Grace gave him made Matt super uneasy by her scowl, but he still uttered, “Hey, you! Do you want my help or not?” Seeing that Peach and Miss Grace were there, Michael forced a smile, holding in his rude response, and said, “Please do,” But as Matt was about to walk over to him, Elijah grabbed his attention with a harsh stare and said, “I told you to break it, not fix him up.” A cold silence descended upon the entire lobby and everyone looked at Elijah, but he kept his same glare focused on Michael and said calmly, “Apologize to Ryan and Rookie if you want your fingers back intact, understand?”

Michael’s ego was bruised beyond repair by the remark, but to keep up an appearance with Peach and Miss Grace, he gritted his teeth and turned around and nodded towards Ryan and Rookie, saying, “Sorry…” The atmosphere in the room was tense once Michael apologized to Ryan and Rookie, and Matt hesitated, looking at Elijah, and when he nodded slightly, Matt walked over to Michael. The two men exchanged a brief heated glance before Matt took his hand and placed his fingers carefully against Michael’s index finger and bent it back into place, making him yelp in pain.

But soon the pain was gone, leaving him feeling embarrassed and self-conscious, but it was all replaced by a fake smile as Michael stared at Peach and said, “Good Morning, Peach.”

“How do you know my daughter?” Miss Grace blurted out a bit in shock at his sudden words.

She thought he was a stranger, but hearing him talk so informally at Peach made her a bit suspicious as to who he really was. “Well…” Michael trailed off, looking a little uncertain, but then he cleared his throat and replied boldly, “I only got to see her last night, but I am interested in knowing her further if you and Peach can let me.”

Then he drew his eyes back to Peach and said, “I thought it would be rude to come empty handed, so I stopped by at O’Neil and got you a little gift… I heard Diamond is a girl’s best


A prideful smile made its way to Michael’s face as his ego inflated and he couldn’t help but think that he’d finally gotten a rise out of Peach.

But she simply raised a brow and crossed her arms again, not taking her eyes off him, and asked, “Do I know you?”

An awkward laugh escaped Michael’s lips. His ego deflated immediately at the lack of response from Peach, and he shook his head as he said, “I don’t think so… My name is Michael Whitlock Remember last night?”

A sense of worry and confusion took over Peach as she glared at him, wondering if this was Madam Jewel’s handwork, and the more she thought about it, the more convinced she became that it was.

A sense of confusion washed over Miss Grace as she looked at her daughter wondering what Michael meant until she heard Michael say, “I didn’t only agree to madam Jewel’s marriage proposal of contract marriage for us because of her, but I am interested in having you as mine woman.”

Feeling uncomfortable by his words, Peach

lowered her eyes to the ground and frowned angrily as she tried to find her footing as she wondered how many other things Madam Jewel had planned behind her back.

“What is he talking about Peach?” Miss Grace murmured in a low tone, keeping an eye on her daughter’s expression and seeing how tense she seemed and how she refused to look in his direction.

“Oh, I didn’t know that you haven’t talked to your mother about this,” Michael commented dryly, watching Peach’s reaction closely. “Yes, I didn’t because it’s useless to do so, since I am never marrying you,” Peach declared firmly as she turned her head to look at Michael and continued, “So it’s useless for me to mention anything about you to my mother.”

A dumbfounded look passed Michael’s face as he stared blankly at Peach, not expecting her to speak back to him, much less in that kind of manner.

Then she stormed out of the lobby, leaving everyone stunned except for Elijah as a faint smirk made its way to his lips.

It took Michael a while to accept that she was gone. Realizing that he should probably say something, he looked at Miss Grace and said, “Honestly, I honestly like your daughter and want to get to know her, hopefully, marry her.” His words left Miss Grace deep in thought and then she smiled softly at him and said, “Give me time to talk to her.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Michael took out a small black paper with gold writing on it from his pocket and said, “Here’s my call card, ma’am, so if you ever need me for any reason or want me to drop by whenever, I will drop by.” As he was moving from miss Grace, Elijah suddenly stood in his way, both men locked gazes, and the room grew completely quiet, the tension palpable between them.