The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Two birds, one stone

The hall was quiet until Melina suddenly burst into achuckle that vibrated throughout the ballroom and caused quite a few people to frown in annoyance at the sound of such amusement coming out of Melina The other guests glanced at her with confused expressions, not being able to understand what the problem was.

The laughter finally died down, as Melina wiped the corners of her eyes from cracking up, and said in a soft tone, “Peach, I’m sorry if my reaction upset you, but why do you look so horrified like Grandmother is not doing you a big favor… Is it that you don’t want to settle down because of my ex-husband, huh, my dear cousin?”

‘What is this troublesome child doing now… Madam Jewel thought as she raised a brow in diper

“Your daughter is going to go against Mother’s wish for tonight. Why haven’t you taught her some serise!” Tommy lashed out at Martha in a low tone.

And a look of worry crossed Martha’s features as she watched her daughter walk over to where Elijah and Peach were

Knowing the past between these two, Elijali grabbed Peach’s hand and pulled her behind him, lacing Melina as she stopped in front of him with a smirk plastered on her lace

His promise to Miss Grace was to carry Peach home untouched, and if these two get into acat right, things would get messy fast, and the odds of him leaving this place unscathed would become very slimn. “You are protecting her now.. against me! What are you afraid that I would beat her up?” Melina spickered, walking closer to Elijah,

“No, I’m afraid that she will jump your ass.’ Elijah retorted in silence, his face showing no emotion.

“What kind of game are you two playing, huh? Showing up here with her acting so protective of her is this how messed up you are, using my own cousin to get your revenge on me?” Melina

continued her rant, pointing a singer in Elijah’s face. ller words settled the dilemma he had been struggling with for a while, and knowing that Peachas a Hayes give hinn full access to the fainily, their history, their homes, and any information about them, Elijah drew a derp breath and said, “I don’t think after a divorce, WT still luve a night to question each other’s relationship” “Hons, what are you saying now. Damnit, it looks like Ryan will be getting that five thousand frarn the way things are going . Mati thought, sinirking faintly at Peach and Elljah This words c d Peach’s eyes to widen, looldng at the back of Elijah’s head and wondering wtiy he would sty Komething like that, and she pinched his coal, pulling it gently sa’lim ol nervousness rose within her, as she felt her heartbeat quicken “What?” Melina scorted in disbellel, looking into his eyes “Each other’s relationship

“I didn’t interfere when you walked out of our marital home with another man, did I?” Elijah ultered coldly, not even blinking

His words aroused whispering in the room among the guests, shocked at Elijah’s accusations of Melina being the one who cheated in their marriage, and a lot of them were contemplating on who to believe.

The sound of the murnbling made Melina’s anger boil and before she knew what she was doing, she raised her hand to slap his face, but Elijah caught her wrist and said, “Just because I’m not like your father who can raise his hand on a woman, that doesn’t mean you should keep taking advantage of that.”

And just like that, the guests were reminded about Dean’s assault on Peach, and the whispering was growing louder, people gossiping about the chaos within the walls of the Hayes filansion.

“This bastard!” Dean cursed in a low and raspy voice as he glased at Elijah, clenching his teeth with fury.

Tightening his sist, Josh took a step for Elijah, but Iris grabbed his arm and said, “Babe, a fight now would only make this matter worse.”

“Did you hear the shit that pathetic fool said about my father and my sister? I will destroy him! I swear…” Josh hissed through clenched teclh as huis wile’s grip lightened around his arm.

“Yes, but not now, okay? We need a plan, or else your grandmother will not forgive either at us. My father has a lot of men to his name, you know that, remember those thugs I told you about earlier…” Realizing what his wife was saying, Josh sighed heavily, running his fingers through his hair as he looked at his wife and then the floor, and finally said, “Yeah, I see what you’re saying.”

Their family reputation was now on the line, and Madam Jewel grew furious, but loo many cyes were on them, judging them, for hier to ask Terry and the other guards to drag Elljah outside and teach him a lesson.

When Elijah let go of Melina’s hand, Madam Jewel glared at her, and then looked over al Martha, saying, “Come carry your daughter out of here she has drink too much and talking foolishness.”

Sacrificing my daughter’s reputation to save the family some facc.,’ Martha thought in annayance as she slicok her head and started to walk toward Melina

After getting a hold of her daughter, Martha glared at Elijah before gently leading Melina out of the hall

when the door closed behind them, Madam Jewel focused on elljah, scowled, and said, “Just because my Cranddaughter is not in her right mind, that doesn’t incan you should use her drurkennas to stirrad lies about her!

Just with those words, the guests were pursued to believe that Elijah was just a liar, Trying to fran Maling for cheating, and is a dupa who’s beeching off the lamily’s nue

And elijah rould feel every pair of piercing eyes burning holes through him, as he heard the whispy surrounding them, bullir stood there with a stoic expression and didn’t bother

piirip to Madern Jewel, knowing that his words only would not change the line they tad

with a heavy sih, Maclan rwrl turned to Peach, softened her gaze, and wild, “Peach, I’m not Loiring you on marrying a stranger but you.ind Michael should “If that’s the colse, then I will get married at my own time and to the person of choice!” Peach blurte with allery place at Melina

Nothing was going as Madam Jewelliad wanted yet she wasn’t able to do anything against those words since Prsch serie deterinindd todely her wishes

Frowning slightly, Mawam Jewelpazed into her granddaughter’s cyes and uw a clint of thadness in her paze The old lady’s lipsquivered slightly before she spokr, “Peach, please Tic Circlully Your Frandfather_”

“I re. the papers id I understood clearly what my grandfather wanted.” Prach interrupted imputently “And I will fulfill his wish, but for now, please, Tatum, allow me to light a Cindle for iny rand.ather and go home to my sick mother”

Dukly. in.

d ewelpazed into her Trachy, sering the stubbombers in them, and she laww she wouldn’t budge, she sighed deeply in modo indefeat, “I hope whoever it is, you will inform the

Altergente nad, Peach walkni.w.ty,pproaching the large picture frame of her

dalier, starinjilita lusinya’s

laring at leal with

“We understand her.” Eli whispe ring Tycol, who w. bilteness in s ryo’s, knowing she woulil inherit from his father

All the members of the Laye’s wire teise as they watched Pekeli pick up a lighter and light the Last Candle placed around the photo frame

‘I want to wait for him, rundp until he’s really ready to give love a Second chance I am sorry that I have to make you wait. bit longer to see me marty’ Pech sklly vidto her Ernatter’s Studim: picture, d she plan a kiss on his forehrbefore luming around

when the rebel Elatid Maite, she smiled weakly.and asked, “Are you Puys ready to leave

Wuddenly, Lucing his fingers with less, Eljali smiled softly and nodkled as he led Prach out ol The man with Mall, lookinpathe laces starinj at them, murking irry lock in their P or bakatilem, knowing that his future with these prople was going to be

Ash r followed Elijah and Prach out of the room was of anger spiked from his brused to in Milul thought. Who does this chick think she is tuning me down in front of such influentropie Well, if I have to prove a point then I will get you, Pekhanke

alement out of you!

Wakuuvrlohis inather with a Crown on his face, Dean stopped right lry het, and white ‘Tonight didn’t go as planned how can she turn down such a good offerAre we

lo let her go like that Wu W ed Bryan” ” I wrong or calculation was off berane w miund this Pach mun lucru İn tulus in Irve with ano man Madarn Jewel said softly, Aitting her con el Another Clean’s face telorr lir nitond his yes and murtud, “Who

“Elijah Darius… Two birds, one stone. This should be interesting.” Madam Jewel mumbled, smirking at hier son