The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Why is the will? 

Seeing how Madam Jewells grip on Peach’s hand was not causing her any pain, Elijah held back his desire to interfere, knowing that the situation wasn’t that threatening.

“There is more to tonight, so I am hoping that you can stay a bit longer,” Madam Jewel said calmly, her hand loosening its grip against Peach’s wrist, allowing Peach to pull her hand away as she lowered her head slightly to avoid anyone noticing how uncomfortable she was. A frown settled on Elijah’s face because he could tell from Madam Jewel’s words that she had something up her sleeve, her tone and expression had him suspicious of what exactly she meant

“But,” Peach whispered, darting her gaze to meet Elijah’s eyes, feeling hesitant to agree

Trust wasn’t something she wanted to give to Madam Jewel and her family, knowing too well the danger of doing so since Madam Jewel had always been crafty and manipulative with whatever she did, and she had never hesitated to use whatever means available to her.

“I would love to_but we both knowalter uncle Tommy’s last visit, my mother’s health has been declining” Peach replied softly, fiddling with her fingers and trying hard not to break character. “I had to leave her home to come to pay my respect to grandpa… but I can’t stay long, after all, we only have each other to rely on.”

Her words woke faint mumbling among some of the guests. It’s not like it was a secret about how Albert Hayes descended from power after his father’s death and the way he and his family were treated terribly by the Hayeses over the years.

A nervous look settled on Madam sewel’s face as she tried not to scoff at Peach and say something insensitive in front of so many people when she gave her a half smile.

Becoming a bit of a nuisance to the Hayes so that they would allow her to leave this suffocating party was Peach’s first motive because she didn’t want to stay for whatever reason Madam Jewel was planning

Suddenly, Madam Jewel gently rested her palms on Peach’s cheeks, causing her to stiffen in fear, and said softly in an almost pleading tone, “You poor thing.- Growing up must have been hard on you, hasn’t it?”

What the heck is going on?!’ Matt thought in disbelief as his eyes widened, watching what verted like a scene straight out of the dramas he watched. looling away from Peach and Madam Jewel, Patricia smirked at her husband and whispered.” Your mother is such a good actress.”

“Mother is going to get what she wants one way or another, and she isn’t going to let Peach leave until she gets whatever she wants,” Tommy replied, raising the champagne glass to his lipa he vnnd

The look of concern in Madan Jewel’s eyes disgust Peach since she knew full well Maulain lewvl was hateful and spitalul towards her for as long as slie could remember, and although Madar wel weted sweet and loving right now, h air tretter

Shakiny trt head, Penh rowired slightly and vald, “I’m glad u finally took you ten years to realu ihal Aller high ing the candle, Elijah and I will be leaving.”

Slowly. M.dan Jewel withdrew her hands from Peach’s cheekbones and nodded, smiling Warmly, wild then turned hier gaze to the right, calling out, “Mr. Meeks!”

“What is she up to now?’ Elijah thought, furrowing his brows in confusion.

His suspicion deepened further when an elderly man entered through the door, a moment later, stopping a few distances away from them “Come closer,” Madam level uttered softly. gesturing the old lawyer forward, and Elijah noticed the way the man hesitated and knew something was off about what was happening. yet be kept his mouth shut When the old man finally approached ther, Peach’s eyes widened slightly as she met luis gaze and bluried out in a low tone. “You are grandpa’s lawyer.”

Tears began forming in her eyes and she looked away, wiping them quickly, remembering her Cather’s last visit with Mr Mecks, begging him to have access to her grandfather’s will, so that liis desire can be fulfilled.

Adrop of tear slowly rolle from her night eye and into the corner of her mouth when the memory of her father’s devastating expression when Mr Mreks denied his request surfaced in her mind, causing her to cholo an her sob, not wanting to cry in front of all these people Noticing, her pain, Elijah held in his desire la cantort her as he knew the last thing Peach needed right now was to leel vulnerable before strangers, and if he pushed her right now, her fragile mental state would most likely shalter

So tie stoved both hands into his pockets, watching the scene unfold with interest as he wondered whal Madan lewel had planned next.

Within a couple of minutes of silent observation, he had learned way more about the layes than his years of marriage with Melina had given him the people that were involved with them, memonzing the quest’s faces with each dart his eyes maxle around the room

Since he was about to enter the business world, he needed to know who to rust and whom tu Trgate so that he wouldn’t make mistakes and reveal himself to people with ulterior notives

-Stop the inusic!” Madam sewel ordered loudly to which the musicians halted and turned their attentions toward the direction where Madam Jewel was standing immediately, she had everyone stop talking and listen carefully, curious about what she Wanted to STY

“I know, after everything that has happened the fall apart with your father and us, you will mal believe a word that I way, so I brought someone that your grandfather trusted wohartedly with every piece of information about hus and his plans for his

Irundhililren to tell you this,’ Madam Towel said firmly for everyone to hear while her stare Sty r d on Peach who looked shocked and upset Shipping her brows together, Peach looke the lawyer dead in his ryes, angry and hostile as tus expression grow numb and she stared unblinkingly Nerv Lrwyer Meeksclared his throul, planding toward Madam Jewel belore saying with thak, volte, Your wine is in your grandfather’s will, but the reason I couldn’t disclose it was that you were young at the time he pued.”

Von Wil could have been prandfather’s so-called wish that you couldn’t even teil mny

latter when he was berging on his knees for it. Teaches eyes narrowed furiously as thoucht, and it took ler all she had to control herself Ironi noi uttering those words harshly

Eyeing Madam Jewel, Lawyer Meeks shifted his gaze between the two ladies and said softly.” To keep this confidential, I couldn’t divulge the information regarding his will in the past However, I can provide you with this now. Your grandfather’s wedding gift to you is one of his comples.”

Damn, grandma’ Tyson thought, scoffing at the words Meeks had said, and then shook his

Mumbling aroused among the guests, many of them whispering amongst themselves while the rest of them started looking at Peach, wondering what her reaktion would be Atense expression settin on Melina’s face as she grabbed a glass of red wine from the tray of a servant, drinking it in one go as though she needed its calming effeci, unable to take her cold

“Is your rrandmother being Triolis, right now?” Tracy, her other friend, whispered in disbelich

Frowning slightly, Jessica Sheered, crossing her arm over her chest and looking directly al Madam Jercbefore Tumbling, “Wat does your grandma think she’s doing, Melina?

Il lowing in her eyes as she glared at Peach, Melina growled, “She’s nol going to survive a day in that hall dead company Dyway, so I don’t care or give a damn what she thinks she’s

T word Marriage” caused Elijal to flinci in shock, and he clanded over to see Peach’s

expression clarkaning as she clenched her in tightly and then shot aglare at Madam level

Your prandfather warned one that only when you were mature crough and married that I could discuss this with you and turn over the company in your hand,” Mr Merks explained slowly his eyes flickering from the left to ilien

Tieteexion hardened as Peach glared ulim. gritting her teeth tightly, her lists clenching

durclenching uncontrollably as she struggled to contain liersell and said, “I am not Ihred now, am 1?! So why are you here, lelling me this?!”

**Thul stie problem, Peacli. You are a twenty-four years old man and unwn. Touary is your grandfather’s terith death anniversary, and when how your other cousins 11. Surrated and you have not, I feel guilly and couldn’t jusi sit back anymore,” Madam Jewel uud quietly vertinter fazelirtefly, and then inting her licated state again

Awoff left Peach’s lips at the audacity of Madam lewc’s statement, feeling disgusted with hier kriowing that is is because of her children that ileir motel Isn’i successful as it should be

Weluvir your prandlather down a Int over the past years, and I don’t want that to cutlinu prially with the rumors spreading around aboul you, I think it’s time we put an

to this churade.” Macam Jewel told Peach calmly “Get nurried, take over your iruntatuts Noss, and restore the dignity to his last name.”


P VEIOUN ‘Elijaliihought, narrowthis p suspiciously as the comer of his mouth twitched ‘Why would they want Peach to get married so suddenly! His brown lowered as his eyes Traveled between M an fwel and Peach, studying het idee INetoupure out what she was planning, and theile blurted out. “Where in the di ultiiii!

of this will that states this was what Mr. Hates wanted of Peach?”

His words drew everyone’s attention as he gazed directly at Madam Jewel, a frown marring his forehead, and Peach’s gaze softened as she turned her gaze away, biting her lower lip. “This ass!’ Dean inwardly muttered angrily, glaring hard at Elijah. Focusing on him, Madam Jewel pursed her lips and looked hesitant as she scowled at Elijah before asking, “What’s your deal with my granddaughter?!” The mumbling around them caught Peach’s ears and she pouted when she heard someone say, “Don’t he have any shame… forcing himself to stay connected with the Hayes, even after Melina dumped his ass.” “I now believe what they say about him… that he is just a lowlife who takes advantage of women and gets what he wants,” someone else’s whisper got her attention. “If I was him, I would just hide in a rock and never show my face in public.” Gently Peach bit the inside of her cheek and tried to calm herself down as the comments made her seethie in anger, feeling sad for Elijah, that he was the victim of so much gossip when they didn’t know his true character. “I am sure you have the will that states this fact, huh, lawyer Meeks?” Elijah questioned him, raising his brows, challenging him to deny him answers as he ignored Madam Jewel’s question. “Where is the will?”

All members of the Hayes family had a look of anger and frustration written all over their laces as they glared at Elijah, except Peach.

“Who does this fool think he is?! Trying to intimidate us all?” Rebecca whispered to her sister, Causing Josh to tighten his sist, and he glared at Elijah in a warning Smirking, Jessica looked away from Peach and Elijah and said, “Well Melina, I guess your made -up story is coming to life Your ex seems clearly interested in your cousin.” When a laugh slipped from Jessica’s lips, anger instantly lared inside Melina’s body, and she said nothing, but her expression darkened as she glared at Elijah “I don’t answer you?!” Lawyer Meeks exclaimed, clearly offended. “But if you want me to believe the words that came out of your mouth, that it’s true, then you answer to him.” Peach replied in an equally annoyed tone of voice