The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 59

As ready as I will ever be

Shoving his hand into the sleeve of his coat, Elijah adjusted his cold embroidered black sit blazer over his broad chest, deep into his thoughts, his fingers traced down the edge of the button and pushed it through the hole For silent minute, le stared at his reflection, the three-piece black suit, shirt, and silk tie living him an elegant aura, and mumbled, “Let’s do this.”

The lobbyhus tense energy surrounding it as Matt waited for Elijah and Peach along with Rookie, Ryan, and Jalles,

“Keep in eye on himl. Please.” Jamnes finally broke the silence, eyeing Matt.

Looking back at James with a humble noc, Matt replied, “Will do.”

Thien silence took over as the sound of footsteps approached them, and everyone tensed immediately as Elijah walked into the lobby

For a moment, he shared at Matt’s black dress shirt with cold lapel pin, and then the sound of Jheel slowly hitting the files of his attention

When Elijah turned around, his g.uze rested softly on Peach in a long, dark black dress that hueced her curves perfectly. Her hair was tied loosely in a high ponytail, ew loose strands Waling over her shoulders, and the light makeup accentuated lier natural beauty

“Ready” Elijah murmured, unable to help himself from smiling tenderly at her

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Peach answered with a slight smirk as she slipped her hand into his The grand hall of the Hayes mansion was packed with guests, all dressed elegantly in black ind gold to meet the theme of the party

Their voices echoed throughout the large space, some laughing and chatting animatedly while others conversed politely

Have you seen teach” Madam Jewel asked Dean, and he quickly took a class of whiskey of! he waiter’s tray and chucged it down

And he crimaced slightly as the whiskey burned down his throat, and Madan Jewel raise an rychrow al him, and he said, “No, she is not here yet.”

“Should we call her_ ” Madam lewel whispered anxiously “Do you have her number”

“Mother mother calm down We have just gone lwenty minutes into the party Relax I’m Mite that she’s just a bit late some guests are just turning up as we speak.”

**You think #

nahing around the hall, Madain Jewel’s gaze rested on Melina Hayes, Jessica, and a few other girls with her chatting happily while holding champagne classes Then her eyes and to Martha, Tommy, and Patricia Hayes at the lar end of the large gold and bilak diorate il venue as they conversed before the narrowed lier jaar toward Josh and Iris, standing with Enns and Rebecca Hayes

Slowly, a smile made its way onto M.Adam Jewel’s lips as she shifted her gaze toward the door and saw Elijah walking into the hall with Peachi, hugcing onto his arm, and Mati beside liim

“She’s here,” Cora Hayes whispered to her sister.

Instantly. Amelia stared al where her sister was gazing, widening her eyes in surprise as her gaze landed upon Elijali’s face. “She brought him?! Melina is not going to be pleased.”

“Mother warned us before today la treat l’each with respect tonight, but Melina has always been top arrogant, and now, with all the recent events between the three of them, we should expect her not to follow that rule. “Cora stated quietly Whispering quickly began to fill the hall as people began to mumble among themselves, curious to see Peach with Elijah.

Every soul already knew the rumors Melina had circled through the media and the video of him carrying Peach out of the club only made them believe that sugas inight be true, but now that they showed up together, people were believing Melina’s lies to be the truth The number of cyes in them made Peach feel sliphtly intimidated, her grip on Elijah rightening is she swallowed nervously

“Gosh, Melina, does your cousin have no shame.” Jessica whispered under her breath, scowling at Elijal. “Aliending such a sensitive party with your ex husband. Damn, that’s low

Tightening her grip on the glass, Melina pouted as a look of anger swept across her lace before she looked down at the champagne in her glass and drank the rest in one pulp

At that moment, Elijah made eye contact with Melina, but his gaze with empty of emotions

he quickly averted his attention away from her

“That lowlife bastard. Is this his way of humiliating me by showing up in my face withi Peach!’ Melina seethed, trying to restrain herself from exploding and saying something that would make Madam Jewel inad, remembering the old woman warning to them

Drawing his attention away from his wife, Josh looked at his sister’s angry expression, and then shifted his gaze to Peach and Elijah, his eyes glowing with rape as he mumbled, “THIS underdog doesn’t know how to lay low, huh?”

“Why would she bring him to such a high class event. Even Melina knew to leave hlı liome when she would attend such occasions wtien they were inarried. ” Emma muttered, claring at Peach as if looking at hier is like staring at something vile

A voll left Rebeca’s mouth as she shared at Peace before whispering harshly. “Whala muiuance she’s not porn back into the family yet, and she’s causing such a ruckus!”

As Elijah walked past Tommy with Peach and Malt, he snorted as a thought crossed his mind, Why is this idler growing, bilier balls with our farnily – Wia’s his problem? His ignorance is Betting on my damn nerves!

Scolling Tyvon Hayes crossed his arins, eyed his uncle, and sneered, “What’s up with the chucks in this family hanging up on this cheap as dude)

“Good looks.” Eli Hayes muttered dryly, sinirking as he darted his gaze around the room

Where’s Elmer…? I thought you and your father cinc?” “Drowing his sorrow in a liquor bottle. He is quite pissed at grandma lor taking the company from him. I don’t blame him though Peach doesn’t deserve any inheritance” A faint lauch slipped from Eli’s lips asle stared at his step-niece, approaching Madam Jewel, and said, “You don’t know how wrong you are, boy.”

Sighing heavily, Mathew Hayes withdrew lus wine glass from his lips and said, “I can’t believe Morlier is doing this. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing this is going to get messy”

His wife, Evelyn Hayes gave him a weak smile and shook her head slightly, and mumbled,” The fact thal Elmer is not liere just proves your words correct, dear. I don’t like that Peach is pettine involved with this family again after what your father did…”

“Shut up. Evelyn! Do you not have a grip on your mouth to low what to say and what not to Sly!!” Mathiew whispered, yet his voice was filled with anger and frustration

“Honey, I’m sorr-”

“Sive your apolories and learn to control your lomue before you get us in trouble!”

The smile on Mudam Jewel’s face made the hair on Peach’s neck stand as goosebumps started to appear on her skin, and she tried her best to ignore the uneasy feeling that grew in the pit olher stomach

“Peach, my granddaughter!! I am glad you came Your grandfather would be glad because he loresaw this day ” Madam Jewel said, smiling: widely, extending her arms to hug l’eachi, who hesit.ctly burged the older I kdy back because of the eyes on them

Pushing herself gently out of Madam Jewells embroke, Peachawkwardly rubbed her arms and Clanced up at Elijah and then at the lit candles in front of her grandfather’s picture The last thing she wanted was lo misused Elijali’s generosity and keep him here for too long. kowing the kind of stares they were receiving from some of the guests, especially from all thyes

** sce, you brought him,” Macam Jewel mumbled, unable to liide the disgust and hate in her tone wild slujitly break lierowni nile.

The Siht of Eljali made her annoyu ad irritated, but she knew that she shouldn’t let the

rt slow because tonighi was about making Peach feel welcomed and secure with the

“Grandfather,” Peach mumbled, ignoring Madam’s words as tears brimming her eyes and the pain in hier heart increased, making her wish she wasn’t here “I just came to light a candle Irofiiy cranducher and then I will be on my way”

Eyring Eta, a look of bittemess crossed Duan’s face when their gaze locked, and Elijah’s jaw

wla thened is he remembered what he did to Peach

Why are you giving up such an intimidating aura, huh, dweebl’ Dean thought, taken back by ihlunge in Hljali’s demeanor

Asiah wall about to leave to light the candle for her grandfather, Madam Jewel suddenly Crabbed it wrist, using Peach to flinch ti sutprise, halting in her steps before looking al Ir locking eye with hers and Irowning slightly at the smile on her lips Malam welsaction immediately yol the leption of some of the guests, and they brg

whispering among each other.

Darting her gaze nervously at the guest, Peach felt her skin begin to tingle uncomfortably tinder everyone’s gazes, and she just wanted to yank her hand out of Madam Hayes’s grip and run away.

But Peaches’ determination remained strong, and despite the uneasiness that filled her chest as she faced her relatives, she still managed to maintain her composure and hold up her head high with dignity.

“What is it… grandinother?” Peach asked nervously, turning slightly to glance at Elijah, whose expression was filled with concern.