The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 57

What did she say? 

With messy morning hair, a yawning mouth, and sleepy eyes, Peach walked into the lobby in a large t shirt and shorts, and then smiled, not caring that James and Matt were there.

A month plus with these guys had made her so comfortable with their presence that she didn’t care for her look or to act formally anymore with them.

“James, what is for breakfast,” Peach asked softly, smiling as their eyes locked.

A warm expression graced his face as he grinned at her and said, “Pancake, muffins, toast, bacon, eggs…”

The Sound of the front door opening caused him to glance back and frown as Ryan let out, walking into the lobby. “Did someone say egg… I hope it’s not burnt.”

A wide smile spread against Peach’s face as her eyes widened and she shouted, “Ryan, Rookie!! You guys!!!”

“Peach!” Ryan replied, grinning as he turned away from James and looked at her.

As she was about to head over to hug them, Peach felt a presence behind her and immediately stopped in her tracks.

Turning slightly around, she saw Elijah standing behind her, and her face instantly flushed “Morning,” Peach said quietly, looking down and trying to avoid eye contact with him as she rubbed the nape of her neck.

Watching the two, Ryan gave Matt, who was standing by him, a side glance and whispered, “I wondered what happened between these two during the past month? Did they…”

Shrugging his shoulder, Matt sighed, darting his gaze away from Peach and Elijah and focusing on him, saying, “Seriously,” “Well, I need to know if I will be getting easy cash from you soon,” Ryan teased, patting Matt on the back and winking at him.

Shaking his head, Matt focused back on Elijah when he said, “Ryan, Rookie… Can we talk in my room?”

The two immediately nodded, leaving their suitcase behind and following Elijah, out of the lobby

When they saw Miss Grace, a sinile surfaced on Rookie and Ryan’s lips as she grinned at them saying, “You two are back from your business trip?”

A sense of confusion took over them for a moment at the word, “Business trip,” and then Ryan laughed it off and said, “Yeah, and everything went smoothly.” With a soft look in her eyes, Miss Grace shook her head and chuckled, “I’m glad. Good to see the two of you back.” Then she gave a quick smile at Elijah before saying, “I will let you guys be then.. Seems like! am holding up something.” After she walked nast them. Emlah headed to his room with Roolde and Ryan, and then shut

the door closed.

“I’m glad you both are back,” Elijah said as he turned around and leaned back against the door, crossing his arms.

Looking directly into his eyes, a sense of disappointment swept over Ryan and Rookie, and Rookie broke the silence and said, “But we didn’t find out why Checks has his father’s side of his family kept a secret and hidden-”

“No, Rookie,” Elijah interrupted, raising an eyebrow at him, “That doesn’t matter right now What I needed was to know if he is worth establishing a business with, and you guys have given med sense of confidence in him… The rest will be figured out later.”

After a brief pause, Ryan eyed Rookie and then stared at Elijah, saying, “So, you have decided To work with him?”

“Yes. A lot happened while you guys were gone, and I think it’s time I start to establish a connection in the business world.” Elijah said, half in his thoughts and half in reality.

Sitting in the back of her Mercedes, Madam Jewel kept her gaze on the front entrance of the parking lot of a twenty-four-story building, annoyed that she had been waiting in her car for two hours now.

The sense of humiliation she felt, just sitting and waiting in the parking lot of Bryan Check head office was almost unbearable for her pride and ego, but it had taken her one week of trying to book an appointment to see him and it was of no use since he was always said to be busy

As the seconds turned into minutes and she still hadn’t seen him, anger began to build up inside her, but it wasn’t long before a black Bugatti pulled up into the parking lot, and when its door opened, Bryan stepped out.

Getting over her frustration, Madam Jewel pushed her car door open and rushed out of the vehicle, hurrying toward him as she shouted, “Mr. Check, hold on for a second… please.”

Her voice caused him to stop dead in his tracks, a look of shock crossing his features as he slowly turned around and watched her approach him.

Immediately, he recognized her, and knowing Elijah’s history with Melina, he didn’t want any interaction with the Hayes that would ruin his chances with Elijah, so for the past one week, he had been ignoring her request to meet. He thought she would eventually give up, but now that she was in his face, he forced a faint smile and said, “Mrs. Hayes, what an unfortunate surprise… I have a meeting in like.” “I would not take up much of your time, Mr. Check,” Madam Jewel spoke quickly, cutting him off

“Okay. What is it that you need?” Bryan asked, his tone serious.

A sense of embarrassment crossed Madam Jewel’s face and then she glanced away, fidgeting lightly with her fingers, and then she said in a quiet voice, “I have a granddaughter that likes you and she even jokes about marrying you… unum… and I was thinking made you could think about

“That’s sweet, and all, but I don’t plan to take a wife any time soon and a serious relationship is not something I can get involved with now,” Bryan replled cahinly, glancing back at his

watch, annoyed that she would even have the audacity to ask such a thing A look of confusion crossed her face, and she blinked a few times before asking, “You are not planning to marry anyone anytime soon?”

“No,” Bryan stated firmly, getting irritated now that her persistence was starting to grate on his ferves

“I am sorry, it is just that as a young and successful man settling down with a woman would be on your

list of priorities, I guess…” “Mrs. Hayes, I really must apologize but I do not have time for this conversation now Marriage is not something for me and not important either… I hope your granddaughter can move on from her crush and find a man that’s interested in settling down with her…” The sound of his buzzing phone cut him off, and he reached into his pocket and grabbed the phone. Slowly, the frown on his face faded as he gazed at Elijah’s name, blinking on his screen, pleased at the fact that this was the first time Elijah had used his number, and he knew it might be something vital. “If that’s all you came to say, Mrs. Hayes, I would like to take this important call, so excuse me, “Bryan responded as politely as he could, hoping that she wouldn’t push her luck

As Madam Jewel watched him walk ofl, a smile slowly formed on her face and then a small chuckle echoed from her throat as a sense of relief passed through her.

After she stood in silence for a couple of seconds, she turned back and headed to her car, and then got into the backseat before reaching for her phone.

Once he saw his mother’s name appear on his screen, Dean dropped his pen, rested back in his office chair, and answered the call, saying, “What is it, mother.”

“I can finally breathe… You were right… Bryan is just a rude, rich jerk that doesn’t care about a serious relationship with a woman… He’s never going to marry Peach or care if she wed someone else.” Madain Jewel said, happiness lingering in her voice. A sneer appeared across Dean’s face at that statement, replying, “I told you so.” “Our plan for your father’s memorial celebration renains the same.”

“Well, if you say so, mother.”

When Bryan got into his office, he walked over to his desk and sat down, and then picked up las phone to call Elijah, but an incoming call caught his attention, and he paused his actions, smiling faintly

After accepting the call, Bryan leaned back in his seat and leased, “Two times in a roll. This might be my lucky day to be graced with your calls, not once, but twice. I thought you were mmad al me for ruining your favorite shirt with wine.” “Haha, mad. Umm… I wouldn’t call it mad.” Elijah’s voice echoed from the other line, causing Bryan’s smirk to fade a little. He cleared his throat, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his desk, as he said, “Then what would you call ghosting me for a month plus?”

The line was silent on the other end of the phone, and then he heard a quiet sigh, “A time I gave myself to think about your offers.” “Interesting, and is this called good news or bad news for me.?” Bryan asked, raising an eyebrow at his question.

The line went quiet for a while, which made Bryan shift impatiently as his expression changed into a concerned one, and then Elijah said, “It is good news… You and I are finally moving forward… I would like to work with you, Bryan.” “Yes!!” Bryan immediately cried out, elbowing the air excitedly. “Alright! Welcome aboard! You wouldn’t regret this.” There was a brief pause and then Elijah’s voice filled Bryan’s ears as he spoke, “I see you as a man of your word… Don’t prove me wrong by breaking your promise.”

There was a slight reluctance from Checks for a moment before he uttered, “Madam Hayes was at my company, and I know your history with her granddaughter…”

“What did she want?” Elijah asked, with no hesitation at all. “Something about her granddaughter liking me and setting us up.”

“Are you…”

“No, of course not.”

There was a long pause, during which Bryan shifted nervously on the chair until Elijah said,” Good… you can’t be involved with the enemy and be for me, so choose a side.”

“There were no sides in the first place, to begin with. If the Hayes family is your enemy, then count them mine.” Bryan stated defiantly, his expression changing to a more serious one.