The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 48

Chapter 48

My boy


My boy “Oh my God!!” Miss Grace cried in horror as the guy rushed for Matt with the blade aimed right for his neck and a wicked smile plastered across his face.

Not even putting much thought into it, Matt jumped in the air, swung his right leg, and slammed his foot into the exact spot he hit first on the guy’s chest, sending him flying off the ground and landing hard on the concrete floor in a heap. “He’s not waking up! Matt, he’s not getting up!!” Miss Grace panicked, turning around with a tear in her eye.

Silently Elijah walked over to the guy, kicked the blade aside, squatted, and placed his fingertip toward his bloodstained nose, feeling the warm air flowing onto his skin and exhaling deeply with relief as he whispered, “He’s still breathing.”

Glancing over at Matt, Elijah met his eyes and said, “Can you get my car key, and wallet from my desk. Let’s take this dude to a hospital,”

It was too early for him to start getting in such serious trouble, and Elijah wanted to prevent that from happening.

Hastily, Matt rushed back into the motel, and Elijah looked at Miss Grace, saying softly, “He’s going to be fine.”

The hold ordeal scared Miss Grace to death and she didn’t speak for a moment. Looking into his eyes, Elijah stared at her quietly and gave a reassuring nod. Finally, Matt came outside with the black leather wallet and key and handed it to Elijah, listening to the guy growling in pain, on the floor. Then he picked him up and tossed him over his shoulder, ignoring the knife on the ground, and walked after Elijah. When they got to the car, Elijah opened the back door, and Matt threw the guy into the back seat.

Silently, Miss Grace watched Elijah and Matt get into the front passenger and driver seats of the car and drove off with the guy. The state of shock that she was in still hadn’t faded yet as her eyes followed them until the black car disappeared around the corner, completely lost in her thoughts.

Finally, when she got over her fright and confusion, she walked back into the motel and saw Peach with James, staring back at her in concern. “Is everything alright, Grace?” James asked, standing up straight. “Who is Elijah?” Miss Grace questioned, her voice wavering slightly as she made eye contact with him.

A sense of worry suddenly washed over James, and he hesitated. His eyes darted behind Peach and towards Miss Grace as he thought of a believable lie.

My boy

“Well, he’s just a man trying to establish himself after hitting rock bottom with the divorce… We all are trying to start over after a series of life crises. I lost my job as a butler, Melina divorce Elijah, Ryan lost his partnership at his law firm…” After hearing those words, Miss Grace’s expression slowly softened, and James continued,” We all joined together behind Elijah to establish an investment company, and the loan that

some of what he used to help pay your hospital bill…”

Now Miss Grace was feeling a bit of guilt because of the harsh judgment she suddenly had in her head about Elijah because of the incident.

“The rest is what Ryan and Rookie are using to get out there to find a means for the company to kick off… We are all just trying to stand back up after life has crushed us.” Feeling bad about her thoughts now, Miss Grace sighed and said, “I’m sorry... it’s just that that guy took out a knife-”

“What?! Is Elijah alright!” Peach cried, tears instantly appearing in her eyes. “... And Matt…. What happened out there, mama!”

“They are fine. But your question is what I want to know too? Why did that guy want to hurt Elijah so bad?” Miss Grace said with a sigh.

Suddenly, her mind ran to the only reasonable explanation she could think that would make any sense.

“Is Josh… or Madam Jewel behind it…?” Miss Grace cried, clapping her hand over her mouth.

When she saw the fear in her mother’s eyes, Peach worried for her, and yet, she knew a part of the truth and willingly decided to not say it. She realized if her mother knew what happened and the violent story she heard, her love for Elijah would crumble into nothingness.

At the hospital, the nurses rushed to Elijah and Matt as they entered the lobby with the guy balancing on both of their shoulders as he struggled to breathe.

“What happened?” A nurse asked hurriedly as she approached Elijah and Matt. “Will someone beat him up, and we are helping him seek treatment…” Elijah lied, handing over the guy to the nurses and looking down at him, seeing anger flare in his eyes. “You guys know him.” “No, we are just helping him not to die.” “Oh!… Well, that’s so kind of you two. Omg, I can’t believe there are still good people and angels in this world…”

A big smile made its way onto her face as she looked between Elijah and Matt and then back at the guy on the stretcher.

“Well, that’s sweet and all, but who’s going to pay his hospital bill… from his injuries, it is clear that he would receive a series of medical attention.” Another nurse chimed in.

“I will settle his bill,” Elijah calmly replied, looking at the pain in the guy’s expression. Those words left him completely speechless and shocked because he expected Elijah and Matt

My boy

to abandon him after every time that had occurred between them. “Are you sure?” nurse asked again, sounding doubtful. Elijah looked back at the guy and nodded slowly, shoving his hands into his pocket as he said, ” Yeah, don’t worry about the cost, just make sure he doesn’t die.”

With such strong assurance, the nurses were finally able to let go of their fears and decided to roll the stretcher away, down the corridor. The nurse that stayed back eyed Matt bruised knuckles and forehead, putting two and two together, and he said, “How did he get beat up, again?” “Well, how should we know?” Elijah casually answered, giving him an annoyed look “Well, then please take a seat in the waiting room, and we will get his paperwork done.” “Okay,” Eyeing Elijah, Matt followed him down the corridor and didn’t say a word, even after they got into the waiting room.

The waiting room was awfully quiet as they sat on the metal bench, keeping a good distance between each other.

Neither one spoke a single word, until Matt raised his gaze off the floor, looked over at Elijah, cleared his throat, and began to talk, “Why are we saving him when he tried to hurt us… you!”

“Matt, just because power is in your grip, that doesn’t give you the right to abuse it… even if sometimes you are in your right to do so. You should know when to take a life and when to save one…” Elijah responded calmly, watching the boring news on the tv, even though it had no volume.

It took a moment for those words to sink in, but by the time they reached his brain, Matt had a sense of even more respect for Elijah, and he nodded, mumbling, “You are right, boss.”

The seconds turned into minutes and soon, one hour had passed since they came, but finally, a nurse walked into the room and approached them. She smiled when she saw Elijah and Matt sitting on the benches, “Hi! I’m Dr. Jones, I assume you must be the guy that brought in Jerome.” “If you mean the guy that was struggling to breathe and bruised up, then, ‘yes,” Elijah replied simply, standing up from the bench and stretching his sore muscles. “So is he gonna be okay?” Dr. Jones’ eyes softened as she met his eyes and said, “Yes, he’s going to be fine, and he was asking if you guys are still here.”

“Well Dr, please lead the way.” Elijah politely told her.

With a smile, Dr. Jones led him and James out of the waiting room and into another large hallway.

A moment later, she knocked lightly before opening the door to a private room where Jerome was sleeping peacefully in one of the beds, tubes, and cords connected to his arm.

When Jerome saw Elijah and Matt, he went into a state of trance, completely dumbfounded by

My boy

them showing up in his hospital room. “Doctor, can you excuse us,” Jerome asked the woman, pointing towards the door behind her as he kept staring at Elijah and Matt. “Alright, just remember that you suffered some major internal bleeding, so no stressing your head or chest, okay?” Jerome’s body suddenly relaxed and he gave a short nod, causing Dr. Jones to chuckle before leaving the room. “You are a man with dignity…” Jerome whispered, finally looking away and staring at the ceiling. “That’s hard to see in the world nowadays.”

“It’s good that you are okay… I will leave to settle your bill and then be on my way.” Elijah said, feeling relief that he didn’t have to deal with any more drama. “Where are you going?” Jerome asked emotionlessly, looking over at Elijah. “You guys can’t leave just yet… It would be troublesome for us to go over to the motel instead of meeting you guys here…”

sense of annoyance slowly crept through Matt’s, and he scoffed as he thought, ‘This traitor has betrayed my boss’ goodwill..!!

Silently, Elijah stared at Jerome, and then he turned when he heard the door open, scowling at the seven robbers they encountered on their first night back in the country, entering the room. “I made a call moments ago….” Jerome said when Elijah glared back at him.

Immediately, Matt stood his ground, ready to fight anyone who dared challenge his boss’ safety.

My boy, how’s your body?” The cab driver of that unfortunate night said, looking over at the hospital bed.

“Well, I just went under the knife, father…” Jerome said, looking between Elijah and Matt.