The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Go to hell! 

‘One week,’ Peach thought nervously, eyeing Elijah before picking at the green beans on her plate, feeling the silence around the table.

A loud sigh escaped James’ lips as he rested back in his seat and then let out, “I know I said that I won’t miss those two, but now I can only think about how much it’s annoying knowing they’re not here with us…”

A weak smile formed on Peach’s face as she focused on James and said, “Yeah, it just doesn’t feel right not having them with us… at least, one week has gone by, so we are getting closer to seeing them again.” How accurate she was with the time that had passed made Elijah’s eyes drift towards her, knowing that since the day Ryan and Rookie left he had been keeping his distance from her and trying his hardest to keep himself occupied.

They had been staying away from each other and even though it felt strange Elijah didn’t want to admit it; he missed spending time together with her, and he hated seeing the disappointment in her eyes when their gazes locked.

Brushing his thumb against his bottom lip, Elijah drifted into his thoughts with his focus solely on her and his mind blank.

As Peach’s gaze darted away from James, it rested on his steady eyes and the way they stared deep inside hers.

Uneasy, she pushed her plate, woke from her seat, and said, “I’m full.”

Worried, Miss Grace looked at the still fill plate and then at her daughter, feeling a pang of

guilt and heartache since she has watched the two struggle over the days to keep their promise to her and not spend time together. But she held back her tongue as she watched her daughter push the chair back and walk out of the dining room without another word. When Peach got outside the motel, she immediately noticed the filthy pickup still parked in their lot, and it took her memories back to the first night Elijah and the others booked rooms in the motel, the first night she looked into his eyes.

She sighed, feeling more upset than ever, before looking towards the sky and letting her fingers rub against her arm as she tried to calm herself down. “Hey, you there!!”A robust and masculine voice called from ahead of her. Startled, Peach lowered her gaze to see a sketchy and scruffy man approaching her, his hand shoved into his pockets while he grinned evilly. “Do you know who has that pickup packed over there!”

A look of fear came across her face as she shook her head vigorously. “No, I don’t.”

“Are you sure, love?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at her. Peach backed up slowly, her breath quickening as she tried to get as far away from him as possible, and mumbled, “I’m sorry… but no, I really don’t know.” A bitter and faint laugh came from the man’s throat, and he said, “Well, love, do you want to

tell me then how it ended up in your parking lot

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“Why didn’t you say something of get out of the way…” Peach whispered, her cheeks getting hot

Looking away from her eyes, Elijah stared at the man and said, “Why are you asking about that piece of junk!!

The man smirked at Elijah’s remarkas his eyes turned dark and he chuckled, “I am looking for the dicks that stole it, so is it you, thus, pal?!” “Matt!” Elijalı called out, looking back slightly before glaring, at the man, watching, the distance between them and him.

When the front door to the motel opened, Matt came into view and gave a cold nod to Elijah, and mumbled, “You called?”

“Get the key to this junk?” Elijah uttered in annoyance, A robust laugh left the guy’s lips after hearing those words and his expression grew darker as he replied, “So you are the prick that beat up my boss and his men and robbed them, leaving them on the filthy highway road!”

Hearing those words left Peach even more panicked as she raised her chin to look at him and pouted.

Even though Matt was nervous to leave Elijah with this junkie, who seemed dangerous, he obediently rushed back into the motel,

Arguing with a man that looked quite unstable wasn’t something Elijah wanted to do, and didn’t want an intense confirmation because he had better things to do, like saving his energy.

“Did you know that my boss was hospitalized after you beat his head with a wrench, you stupid little shit?!” The guy continued taunting him with his eyes narrowed and clenched fist. ‘Elijah did what…?!’ Peach mouthed, surprised by what she heard. Her eyebrows furrowed.’ Robbing, hospitalizing someone… Did I get involved with a bad boy… Is Elijah involved with criminals…?’

Sighing, Elijah knew this conversation was going to get out of hand, even if he stayed silent, and that would only make matters worse, “Look, I’m going to give you the key, and you can carry it back to your boss.” Elijah said in his most nonchalant tone, but he saw the man’s fists clench tighter at his sides as his eyes


“You don’t know who you have offended, do you?!” The guy exclaimed, his voice low and angry. Looking away from the man, Elijah looked down at Peach and said, “Get inside,” “Did you really do all those things,” Peach spoke up softly as she looked into Elijah’s eyes,” Did you attack a man with a wrench?” “Peach, go inside, now!” Elijalı repeated, giving her a harsh stare that was enough to show her that she should comply.

With one last look, Peach nodded and withdrew from his chest with a pout, whispering, “So bossy,” As she walked past him, Elijah sighed at her words and quickly turned back to watch her walking away. As soon as she disappeared through the door, he turned back towards the guy and said, “We both know what your boss did for me to beat his head with a wrench… If you are his men, then you know and I know, you are a robber, so please… just take the keys and run along with the pickup and go home.”

Taking a threatening step forward toward Elijah, he glared daggers into him and then snarled, “You just mess with a powerful gang that you shouldn’t be messing with, and it will end up with your skin black and blue… An eye for an eye!”

The door to the motel suddenly burst open, and Elijah’s attention shifted over to see Matt hurrying outside, saying, “I got the key.”

A sense of relief watched over him when he saw Elijah unharmed and alive as he said in a hushed whisper, “Boss, what now?”

Accepting the key from Matt, Elijah looked back at the guys and said, “Catch!” When he tossed the key towards the guy, the man caught it effortlessly as he chuckled darkly. “We are not done here, you bastard…” He hissed as he took a step toward Elijah, his finger pointed straight at him while staring at him with dark eyes.

One look at the madness on this guy’s face and Elijah knew that it was pointless to try and reason with him, so instead he decided to stand his ground and stay alert. The anger flashing in this guy’s eyes grew as he continued to glare at Elijah, his lips curling into a sinister smile.

“Look man, back off!” Matt warned him, taking a step forward and putting himself between Elijah and the stranger. But without holding back, the guy threw his fist right at Matt’s face, but his wrist got caught by Matt who pulled him close to him with one hand and then twisted it vigorously. And he then head bumped him square in the face before landing a blow in his chest, sending this dude immediately to the ground. An aggressive cough escaped his lips, and he began spitting blood while trying to catch his breath. Then he struggled to stand up, the force Elijah used on his chest caused him to stagger and fall onto his knees while clutching onto his chest, groaning lowly and weakly. As Matt rushed for him again, Elijah grabbed him by the arm and said, “Let him come to himself first, or else you will kill him.”

Both men watched him struggle to sit up on the dirty floor while coughing violently, and then he spat blood on the ground once he finally was able to get on his feet.

Seeing that he was now balanced, Elijah sighed and said, “Take the key and leave!”

With bloodstain in the corner of his mouth, he drew a deep breath, took out a knife from his pocket, and pointed at him, saying menacingly, ‘Go to hell!”

“What’s going on here?!” Miss Grace cried, looking at the knife, and then at Elijah who seemed stressed that things were getting out of control. Seeing that Elijah and Matt were distracted by Miss Grace, the guy smirked, tightened his grip on the blade handler.