The Marvelous Elijah’s Return by Rever Chapter 44

Make him regret crossing me

Eyeing Elijah, Peach wanted so desperately to read his thoughts because his expression was completely blank; there was no emotion evident on liis face. Nervous and uneasy, Peaclı reached for the glass of cosmopolitan cocktail, lifted it to her lips, and drank the entire thing down without hesitation.

And as soon as the liquor entered her mouth, she felt hot liquid fill her throat, and she could taste the vodka, and immediately, she started coughing violently, clutching her throat as she felt the burning sensation.

Instantly, Elijah stood up from his seat and placed his palm on her back to rub it soothingly,” Hey, hey, Peach, relax. Deep breaths. Take slow, steady breaths.”

Once Peach stopped coughing, her chest heaved with heavy breaths, and her hand clutched onto Elijah’s arm to keep her balance.

After waiting for her to finally regain control of herself and settle down a bit, Elijah mumbled, “You good?”

Peach simply nodded her head in reply while wiping a few stray tears away with the back of her hand.

A scoff left Jessica’s lips as she narrowed her eyes and said snidely, “Elijah, can we talk somewhere that is not here? I think what I have to offer is worth way more than this pathetic excuse of an act.”

A warm feeling spread through Peach as a sense of dizziness and fatigue hit her hard, and she felt the urge to lean into Elijah and rest her head on his shoulder, and just like that she found herself leaning against him, her head resting comfortably on his arm.

“Hey, little buddy…” Elijah whispered as he wrapped his hand around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him, allowing her to lean against his chest. “Do you even drink?”

“No,” Peach giggled softly as the alcohol buzzed inside of her, “I have never… never drink… Today is my first! A grin formed on Elijah’s face as he chuckled lightly and rubbed her back gently, “Yeah, I figured.” Suddenly, Peach raised her head, looking into Elijah’s eyes, pouted cutely, and mumbled,” Why am I giving all my first to you and doing it with you…”

Hearing those words, Jessica’s mouth lightly hung open, and she stared at Peach with bulging eyes full of disbelief.

‘How naive can you get?’ Elijah thought, looking into Peach’s eyes, unable to help the small smile that appeared on his face.

As if reading Elijah’s mind, Peach began to giggle again and leaned her head back against his chest, her eyes closed contentedly. ‘She’s adorable…’ Elijah thought as he watched her, still holding her tightly. A sneer tugged at the corner of Jessica’s lips, and she glared daggers at him before scowling at Peach instead, clearly upset that she had been ignored.

“Hey… I told you I am not carrying you out of here,” Elijah whispered, trying to hold back the laughter that was threatening to escape his lips. “We just got here, and you are already drunk. Wake up…” “Haha, the media was right, you are screwing your ex-wife’s cousin!” Jessica said, her voice suddenly changing and becoming harsh, her tone full of disgust. “My friend was right when she complained to me about you cheating on her with her cousin!” Immediately, stares from everyone present turned to look at them, and Elijah frowned deeply, tightening his grip on Peach, and glaring at Jessica. Soon people started taking out their phones and cameras to record, and Elijah knew that this was going to be bad.

“You’re a piece of shit,” Jessie spat as she glared at him. “Why did you hurt Melina like that, huh? Huh?! Why the hell do you care about someone else more than you cared about her when she was your wife?”

Slowly, opening her eyes to glare at Jessica, Peach muttered through clenched teeth, “Why is she so damn loud?”

The alcohol had its grip on Peach’s brain, and everything was starting to spin, making her feel extremely dizzy.

And yet Peach forcefully pulled away from Elijah’s arm, and slowly stood up, swaying side to side a little, her vision blurred, but she managed to look into Jessica’s eyes and said, “Are you done flirting with your best friend Ex, Jessica? Because that is over and done now… stop talking. It’s irritating.”

Looking around at the people watching them, Jessica grew embarrassed and snickered awkwardly, muttering, “What are you talking about? I never-”

“Oh… you didn’t say to him, ‘Damn, I can not believe… umm… Melina thought you were worth just two million, with that face and body… to me, you are a lot more desirable than a million dollars,” Peach cut in sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. “Is that how you talk to your best friend’s ex-husband?”

A silent laugh remained stuck in Elijah’s throat, and he tried to contain it while keeping his gaze locked on Jessica’s pale face.”

“You… you bitch!” Jessica shouted, standing up angrily as her fists balled by her sides.

“I guess the truth does hurt… and that’s why they call it being brutally honest,” Peach stated coldly.

Whispering for people around them grew in the bar, and Jessica couldn’t help noticing everyone’s eyes fixated on her, and that made her feel even more embarrassed and self conscious.

“Shut up!” Jessie yelled angrily.

“Make me,” Peach smirked, tilting her head to the side slightly, and taking a step closer to Jessica. “Or just walk away and stop spreading lies… about Elijah and me when you don’t have proof about anything!!”

Glancing around nervously, Jessica was thinking about her reputation and what her father would think if he found out.

So she took a deep breath and forced herself to take one last glance at Elijah before turning around and heading out of the bar,

A deep sigh echoed from Peach’s lips as her eyes rested on people still staring at her, and she let out, “None of you guys know the truth or anything… so stop the damn recording, and just leave us alone!!” Standing from the chair, Elijah pulled her into his arm and said, “T’ime to go home,” Sluggishly, Peach sat back in her seat and cried, ‘I want to sleep…” A look of disbelief crossed Elijah’s features as his brows furrowed together and his lips turned into a frown as he whispered, “I was serious about not carrying you out of here, Peach?” People’s attention was finally dying down on them, and he knew if he carried her out of the bar, they would start gossiping about them dating and that wasn’t something he wanted to deal with.

When Peach rested her head on the table and let out a soft moan, Elijah knew that she had enough for today, and she wasn’t getting out of this bar on her own two feet.

So he sighed out his frustration, focused his eyes on her, and picked her up bridal style, mumbling, “You are such a troublesome drunk.”

Just like he feared, people’s attention was attracted back to them once again and a few whispers could already be heard.

Shaking his head slowly and rolling his eyes in annoyance and frustration, Elijah headed towards the exit of the bar, carrying Peach in his arms as he held her tightly in his embrace and walked out without sparing a single look at anyone.

The living room was quiet as Madam Jewel eagerly waited on her son to come home, and the moment Dean walked through the doorway, her eyes darkened in rage as she thought of what

she went through at the motel.

“Mother,” Dean said quietly as he made his way inside and looked at her, a tired expression on his face.

“Elijah Darius..!” Madam Jewel seethed in fury. “What happened, mother?” “I want to know everything… absolutely all that is needed on that idler, Elijah Darius!!” “Mother,” The anger in madam Jewel’s expression intensified, and she seemed like she was imagining the replay of Elijah challenging her and threatening her. “That fool dares to disrespect me?!” Madam Jewel exclaimed loudly, slamming a fist onto the table in front of her and growling dangerously as she continued, “He thinks he can do anything he wants just because he’s using Peach to get close to Bryan Checks?!” The tiredness Dean felt immediately left his body as he told his mother, “Bryan invited a new member into the league club…”

Furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, the anger in Madam Jewel’s eyes faded into curiosity, and she questioned, “New member…? You don’t think it’s Elijah, do you?”

The living room fell silent again, and Madam Jewel looked over at her son expectantly, and then Dean suddenly burst into laughter, so robust that he couldn’t breathe properly.

“Elijah ?? That idiot could never be the new member..! He’d never make the cut, never!!” Dean laughed out hysterically, doubling over in his seat.

For a moment, Madam Jewel looked doubtful, and then she chuckled, “Ah yes, of course, you’re right… Elijah could never have made the cut. That idler has no status to be the new member… that’s ridiculous.”

“Also, rumors have it that Bryan is constantly changing women, so he and Peach are nothing more than a flinch and he would never keep her for too long. She’s nothing more than a woman he would soon get sick of.” Dean explained as he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with the back of his hand. For a moment, Madam Jewel looked deep in thought, and then she nodded at Dean’s explanation, before looking back to her son and smiling brightly.

“I see,” she commented. “Well, we better make sure she gets married to someone that is not Dean just to be on the safe side… very soon too…)

Those words made Dean slightly widen, and then he mumbled, “She hardly respects any of us… how would we get her to accept marriage..?” Smiling sadly, Madam Jewel looked away from her son and murmured, “There are always ways…” After a long pause, Madam Jewel finally looked back at her son and spoke, “And for that, Elijah fool, I need you to drag him down to the dust.” “How can I make a loser more than what he is… a lowlife,” Dean responded with a hint of annoyance. Annoyed by his words, Madam Jewel narrowed her eyes in anger, gritted her teeth, and glared at her son furiously. “It doesn’t matter if he’s a loser, Deam. Just make sure he’s humiliated enough. Blacklist him in every social circle, and make sure that he loses everything he has that is worth losing. I want him in the dirt, and to him regret crossing me ever,” Madam Jewel ordered in a deadly tone.